10 Tips for a Winning Slots Strategy

Ever since they were first invented by the young electrical engineer Charles Fey back in the late 19th century, slots have captured the imaginations of millions.

But we’ve come a long, long way from the original Liberty Bell machine that was Fey’s brainchild. In fact, comparing this with today’s online and digital slots is like making a penny-farthing bicycle take on a 200mph supercar.

Slots are so popular for a number of reasons including the fact that they are exciting and easy to play. But to give yourself the best chances of winning when you play slots at Monopoly Casino it pays to be aware of these ten top tips. They can’t guarantee you’ll make money, but they may well tip the odds slightly in your favour.

Choose a theme you like

The explosion in the number of slots available has meant one thing: there are themes that appeal to all tastes and interests. Into Marvel movies? Then you’ll find endless titles featuring characters from that universe. Do the mysteries of Ancient Egypt grip you? We’ve lost count of the number of slots featuring the treasures of the pyramids. So find a game that ticks the boxes for you and you’ll find yourself 100% engaged in playing it.

Start low

The way online slots calculate standard pay-outs is simple: they come as multiples of the stake you’re playing with. If your eye’s on the big prize it can be tempting to go in with high stakes play, but this is a mistake.

By starting with a lower stake it will give you time to get a feel for the game. As your confidence and knowledge grows, then it will be time to up the stakes.

Beware of progressive jackpots

We all like the thought of winning a life-changing sum and the widely publicised progressive jackpots of some slots seems like a good way of achieving this. But you need to be aware that the odds of winning one of these huge prizes is really pretty small. After all, you’ll be competing with who knows how many other players on countless other versions of the slot.

Look for the highest RTPs

It’s easy to see just how much an online casino will profit from a particular game. That’s because each game should have a publicised Return To Player. This is the average amount of stake money returned as prizes over time. So if this figure is 96% then the site stands to make a 4% profit.

It also means that you should always go for the slots with the highest RTPs to maximise potential winnings. 

Seek out the slots with more bonus features 

While many people like games with simple features – as we’ll look at in our next tip – games with many bonus features like special lucky dip rounds, free spins and prize multipliers can give you more ways to win.

There’s usually a description of what these bonus features are on the online casino site so you don’t even need to start playing to discover what may be in store for you.

Simpler games can sometimes mean bigger pay-outs

As we’ve said, online slots can be incredibly complex today. In some cases they are developed with almost as much care and attention to detail as a video game. This means that the developers need to recoup considerable costs incurred in creating them. 

This, in turn, means that the RTP will be far lower than in other more straightforward games. It could also means that the prizes themselves will be lower, It’s not true in every case, but it’s well worth bearing in mind and perhaps it will point you towards simpler games.

Decide on which level of volatility you want

The volatility of a slot is something that’s often mentioned, but not always understood. A high volatility game is one that pays out relatively infrequently, but pays out big when it does. A low volatility game will produce frequent, lower value wins. It is all programmed into the random number generator that runs the game and is a feature that is often included in a game’s description.

Consider Megaways slots

There has been a trend in recent times for slots developers to create megaways games. As the name suggests, these offer multiple ways to win which can even extend into the tens of thousands. Many of the wins may be small but it certainly adds to the excitement and adrenalin when they happen so often and in so many different ways.

Forget superstition

It can be tempting to start believing that there are certain lucky games out there – ones that will give you an extra chance of success. But it’s simply not true. 

The random number generator that controls all games means that you’re always on a level playing field with the spinning of the reels being genuinely random and nothing to do with luck or good fortune.

Set your limit and stick to it

The one hard and fast rule to stick by is to decide just how much stake money you’re going to play with. Then, when it’s run out, it’s time to stop playing. With luck you’ll be in profit over the session and you can invest some of these winnings the next time you play.

So, hopefully, these ten tips have given you some pointers. Now it’s time to put them into practice for real!