spons26sep2 1 5 Costumes to Wear if You Want to Ride a Hoverboard This Halloween

5 Costumes to Wear if You Want to Ride a Hoverboard This Halloween

On regular days, hoverboards are fun to ride and commute from one place to another. But with Halloween right around the corner, you might want to try something different with it.

Something that’d elevate your spooky game–getting applause from your buddies, earning extra candies, and scaring the grannies in the neighborhood (optional).

You can use a hoverboard to make some exciting and creepy costumes. Although these costumes may take some effort, we want to go unique and creep this Halloween! So here are five spooky costume ideas that you can match up with your hoverboard.

5 Hoverboard Costumes You Should Try This Halloween

Grim Reaper

If you have or can buy a long black leather coat with a hood, a black mask, and a prop scythe, you can harvest some lives this Halloween. This Halloween, become a Death on a hoverboard chasing people away.

Well, the Grim Reaper is a terrifying image for anyone to have. And if you add a hoverboard to your costume that makes you look hovering in the air, you won’t be receiving any candies from your passed-out victims!

Also, to add more fright, you can put red or blue neon lights under your hoverboard and make it glow.

Riding a Spider

If we all can unanimously agree on one thing, it’s our fear of spiders. Spiders may be cute to some people, but many would want to avoid these creepy specimens any time of the day.

So, are you also having the same cunning thoughts?

A spider the size of a hoverboard, you wearing black and riding it, what a freakily genius idea to scare the pants off of anyone!

To make this costume, you need a giant spider prop. You can either make it at home–going full DIY, or buy it online and save yourself some time and effort. Next, stick it on the top of your hoverboard, ensuring that it fully covers the board.

That’s it! Your spider hoverboard is ready to take you on a ride.

Green Goblin

We all know that famous villain from Spiderman 1 – Green Goblin. He was inevitable on his glider.

We might not be able to make our hoverboard glide in the air like in the movie, but we can make it hover on the ground, which is still a cool idea.

You can find the Green Goblin costume online, including its glider prop. Glue or stick the glider prop on your hoverboard just like how you’d make a spider hoverboard.

Wicked Witch of the West

Get ready to add some magical flair to your Halloween hoverboard adventure by embodying the iconic Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz.”
Paint your face green, add a pointy nose, don a pointy hat, and slip into an all-black outfit for instant recognition. Get on your hoverboard, hold a broomstick for added effect, and roam around while humming the classic tune for a whimsical and wicked experience.

Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or just cruising your neighborhood, this creative and eye-catching costume choice will turn heads and spark conversations. With the right costume and a dash of imagination, you’ll be the talk of the town and create lasting memories as you celebrate Halloween on your trusty hoverboard..


Last one of the day, Aladdin hovering on his magic carpet. This one is perfect for you if you have a date. Your partner can become Jasmine, and you–Aladdin. Put a purple carpet on your hoverboard and sing along with your partner – A Whole New World. But remember to test your “flying carpet” before you ride it on a street, because safety is a number one priority, even with a magic carpet.

Last Words

If you’re finding these costumes too heavy of work and want to do something easy–as a last resort–hop on your hoverboard with whatever costume you’re wearing. It doesn’t matter if it’s matching or not from any fictional character. Remember, if your costume is scary, hovering on your board would make you 10x scarier.