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5 Tips When Streaming on Twitch

To stream on Twitch can be a daunting task at first. It’s due to the tons of aspects to consider before you click ”start stream”. After all, you’re technically producing your entertainment channel by yourself.

There are a lot of elements you can work on to create an excellent stream. It doesn’t have anything to do with the hardware or software you use to stream on Twitch.

With that, we’re giving you five tips when streaming on Twitch for it to be a successful streamer.

Find Your Niche

A common mistake that streamers make when starting is feeling obligated to stream only popular things.

Streaming focuses on engagement. So using up your experience across only the famous themes make it nearly impossible to get noticed.

That’s the reason why we recommend identifying then narrowing down your niche.

So before you stream on Twitch, determine your limits when it comes to engagement. That’s unless you’re considered the ”best of the best”. 

Streaming a couple of less mainstream niches makes it easier and better to establish tons of groups of followers. From there, you can test the waters for the bigger themes.

Stream What People Watch, but Don’t Stream

If you plan to stream games like Minecraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, or League of Legends, drop them. You need to stream something that lots of people watch. Do not stream something that lots of people stream.

You can go to Twitch’s list of games then skip the first 10 to 20 games there. Once you get down the list, choose the games you like then see how many others are streaming.

If there are at least 30 streamers for that game, try looking for something else. 

The whole point here is to make yourself appear on the game’s front page so everyone will see your stream. When you’re on the first page, you’re likely to get ”buried viewers”. These are viewers below other people who stream on Twitch.

Build a Twitch Online Identity

All online personalities have an online identity, so if you’re streaming on Twitch, you should have one too. When streaming, it’s vital to think of the brand you want to establish. 

There are thousands of streamers on Twitch, so think of what sets you apart from the rest. Then, create your brand around it. 

You can come up with a Twitch profile photo or gaming logo that you want to be known for. You can include the channel’s name, plus a mascot that others will identify as part of your brand. 

Also, part of this branding can include a banner for the Twitch channel.

Always Interact with the Viewers

Keep refreshing your viewer list. When someone new joins the stream, welcome them and ask some questions. Talk to them like you would talk to a friend in person.

Don’t argue with people in your stream. If someone is annoying you, simply mute them to end things fast. 

Be Consistent

Last but not the least, be consistent with streaming.

Stick to your schedule and make your audience know when you’re live on Twitch. It’s comparable to people knowing the schedule of their favourite TV shows.

Also, make sure that your schedule is displayed on your Twitch page and social media profiles.


The key to keeping your audience engaged in your streams is to be engaging, unique, consistent, and clear. Let them know what you’re doing and why you’re doing this. 

For example, if you’re completing a weekly mission in a game, explain that you want to obtain items or unlock something. 

By doing these, you’ll definitely have a loyal audience who will always look forward to watching you live on Twitch.