A Minimalist’s Guide to Buying Gadgets for Students

Minimalism is all about having fewer things but with more value. Although some might see it as a limitation, on the contrary, it is about living a free life with more space and insight. Minimalist principles work great for students because they often deal with limited space and budget. It can be applied to anything from your wardrobe to gadgets. In this article, you’ll learn about the latter aspect of it.

Technology and Minimalism in College

Technology in itself provides a lot of opportunities to live more sustainably. With one gadget you can have all your books, movies, and documents stored digitally. Instead of having all those things in physical form, you can safely store them online.

Technological minimalism is beneficial in several ways to students, namely:

  • It helps save money;
  • It promotes sustainable living;
  • It reduces clutter and decision fatigue that comes from too many things;
  • It gives more mental clarity.

The financial aspect comes first because it is pretty important for college students. A lot of them tend to live on a budget and have to be reasonable with their money. College is quite expensive and there are many more useful purchases than a new model of a smartphone that just has slightly different functionality.

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When It Makes Sense to Buy New Gadgets

One of the main issues when it comes to technology is that it develops quite fast. New devices and features appear almost every day, so it might be tempting to buy new things right away. However, it is important to be conscious not only of your budget but also of your shopping behavior.

Often people buy new gadgets they do not actually need and end up with a lot of old ones that just become clutter. To understand whether you need a new device, you need to know two terms – technical and functional obsolescence.

Technical obsolescence is when a new device surpasses the previous one with functionality. For example, a new phone is released with more features than the previous one. Functional obsolescence is when your gadget doesn’t perform as it is supposed to. For example, it is broken and the model is no longer supported by a provider for repairs and updates.

So when does buying new gadgets instead of old ones make sense? Here are four things to consider:

  • Your old device no longer works as it should and couldn’t be repaired;
  • Your device is lost;
  • The new device is significantly better in terms of functionality and solves problems your old one cannot solve;
  • The new gadget is a necessity in terms of performance for your needs.

When it doesn’t make sense to buy new devices? If it is something that is not significantly better than what you have. Or if your old gadgets work greatly and solve all the necessary issues. If a new smartphone comes with a slightly bigger screen or slightly better camera – is it really worth the hustle? The answer depends on your priorities and budget, of course. But it is important to always think strategically about the tech you are purchasing.

Another great practice is to not keep old gadgets as clutter. They can be used by others or can be repurposed by companies that collect details. If you are buying a new device, you can always sell or donate the old one to others. This is more sustainable and can be a lifesaver for those who cannot get a new gadget.

Essential Gadgets for Students

Taking all mentioned above into consideration, there are some devices that students need to perform great in college.

Laptop or PC

This is one of the must-haves when it comes to education. Surely, a lot of universities and colleges have computer classes. But it is much more convenient to have your own laptop or computer to do everyday tasks.

When you are looking for a laptop, consider what functionality you actually need. If you are not working with complex software, going for a more affordable model might be reasonable. Students’ basic needs include internet access, word processors, the ability to watch movies, and decent storage.

To be more minimalist with your tech, you might skip on television and watch all the TV shows and films on your laptop.


A smartphone is another necessity in the modern world. It is a way to stay connected, do routine tasks, and solve specific issues. Choose a well-performing and solid phone with essential features if you want to stay sustainable. And skip on those that you do not need.

For example, if you mostly use your laptop for entertainment, you can easily cut screen time spent on your phone and opt for a more affordable option. Or skip on additional storage space because you can save everything on the cloud.

With a good smartphone, you do not need to buy an e-book or a tablet separately – you can read and listen to them here.

Portable Charger

Having one good charger to take with you is a great idea. This way you can always charge up your phone or even laptop. It is better to buy one good one that can charge several devices instead of several cheap ones that perform badly.


Headphones are another gadget you do not want to skip. Besides the opportunity to listen to favorite music, having a bit more privacy on campus is important. Students might want to invest in noise-canceling ones to create a better study environment even in a busy space.

In Summary

Being minimalist with gadgets might seem challenging, but it is not that hard. And it comes with plenty of benefits. Students just need to know exactly what features they need and what they might skip. Also, it is essential to repurpose old tech when buying a new device.

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