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ASUS ROG Chakram Review

Today, our ASUS ROG Chakram review focuses on this gaming mouse from ASUS. It’s ideal for PC gamers who struggle choosing between controllers or a mouse & keyboard.

This wireless ROG Chakram mouse is equipped with a joystick. The company hopes that the idea and style inspires everyone to come up with different ways to play PC games.

But is it a performer and is it efficient enough for gaming? Is it as good as what ASUS claims it to be? We’ll find out in our ASUS ROG Chakram review, but first, let’s check out its packaging and what’s inside.

ASUS ROG Chakram Packaging

This part of our ASUS ROG Chakram review is where we check the design and contents of the package.

When we received our mouse, it came in a dark-themed cardboard box with red highlights to it. The ROG logo is seen on the upper-left corner, while the mouse’s name is written at the bottom.

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There’s an image of the mouse itself at the centre of the package’s front portion. The rear features a few brief details about the mouse that’s useful for people buying from physical stores.

Inside the box, you’ll find the ROG Chakram itself, together with a USB dongle, and cable for wired use. You’ll also find a USB wireless extender, a user manual, travel pouch, ROG stickers, and an accessory box.

This accessory box has two Omron D2-F D1F switches which can be utilised instead of the installed primary button switches. There’s a cover for the joystick, a varying stick for the joystick, plus a pair of tweezers.

These are included to make the switch removal easier and quicker. The USB dongle is beneath the detachable back cover. If you want, you can also replace the logo plate.

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Asus ROG Chakram Review – Design and Functionality

Now, we will take a look at the design and functionality of ROG’s mouse in our ASUS ROG Chakram review. Let’s begin with the mouse’s buttons.

The Chakram is a right-handed mouse featuring a short thumb wing. Its five-button Chakram feels slightly like an FPS mouse that has a knobby twist to it.

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The mouse has two primary click buttons, plus a scroll wheel at the top. There are also two macro buttons on the left side. When you look at the portion where your thumb rests, you’ll find the removable analog stick. Here, you can add four additional inputs – pushing down, up, left, and right – if you prefer incorporating regular joystick controls.

The bottom portion of the mouse has three extra, non-customisable controls. There’s a power switch toggling between 2.4GHz modes and Bluetooth, DPI preset select buttons, plus a Bluetooth pairing button.

The mouse’s ergonomic profile is comfortable, and it easily fits large hands. The positioning of its side buttons provides outstanding accessibility while its right and left buttons slightly cup your fingers. This setup makes it feel extremely natural, allowing for easier and seamless clicking.

Its solid black plastic is broken by the RGB LEDs. These light up the mouse’s front portion, as well as under its buttons. It also lights the sides of the mouse wheel, and even underneath the ASUS ROG logo.

Grips along the sides feature ribbed plastic that’s integrated into the sides. It provides outstanding control and traction for people who tend to have sweaty hands. With that, you won’t worry about glue holding rubber traction strips to the sides. It’s because these usually get peeled off from the mouse.

Analog Stick

The highlight of this ROG mouse is its analog stick. The stick’s default and short version appears more like a disc that fits perfectly against the mouse’s side.

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Technically, it can function like a four-way directional pad. Or, it can work like a 360° control stick that’s similar to that of a gamepad controller.

When using the analog stick mode, you’ll get that natural and fine movement in third-person games that usually require controllers.

Key Features of the Asus ROG Chakram

On this part of our Asus ROG Chakram review, let’s see the mouse’s key features.

A New Twist on a Gaming Mouse

ROG Chakram is a 16000-dpi mouse that features a programmable and removable joystick. This provides you with superior control when playing different kinds of games.

Additionally, it has fast charging, wireless Qi, detachable magnetic covers, pivoted button, and DPI adjustment on the scroll. With that, the Chakram becomes your ultimate weapon.

Optimised Tri-Mode Connectivity

You can connect the ROG Chakram in three different ways: wired USB, Bluetooth LE, or dual-wireless 2.4GHz. You can maximise the mouse’s battery by using wired connectivity or Bluetooth LE. To connect instantly, utilise the included USB dongle for dual wireless connectivity.

Excellent Performance

The ROG Chakram has a high-end optical gaming sensor that offers the speed and accuracy you need. Its DPI sensor ranges from 100 to 16000 to accurately track movements by up to 400 inches per second.

With this DPI, you’ll enjoy using a highly responsive mouse with no lags. For wired and 2.4Ghz connectivity, it has a polling rate of 1000Hz incredibly smooth gaming experiences.

Programmable Joystick

The highlight of the ROG Chakram is its built-in joystick, so you won’t need a gamepad anymore. You can also configure the joystick in analog or digital modes.

Aside from that, you can choose between a short or long stick since both are supplied in the package. If you don’t need to use this, you can completely remove it.

Easy DIY

ROG Chakram has easy DIY features like its screwless magnetic buttons, customisable badge, and cover to exclusive push-fit switch sockets. With these, you can freely customise your Chakram.

Aura Lighting

Make your Chakram more stylish by fully customising it via Aura Sync. With an endless colour spectrum and dynamic lighting effects, you can make your mouse look stylish and unique. Through this software, you can also sync illuminations with other hardware that are compatible with Aura Sync.


Now in our ASUS ROG Chakram review, we will focus on the gaming mouse’s specifications.

The Chakram makes use of both the wired and wireless connectivity technology wherein wireless is RF 2.4GHz + Bluetooth. It comes with optical tracking and is supported by the Windows 10 operating system.

In addition, the mouse has a USB interface and a resolution of 100 dpi to 16,000 dpi.

The ROG Chakram measures 132.7 x 76.6 x 42.8mm and weighs 121.6g without the cable.

ASUS also included a 2-year warranty for their ROG gaming mouse.

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Hands on with the Asus ROG Chakram

This part of our Asus ROG Chakram review focuses on the mouse’s software and performance.


ARMOURY II Software is a configuration utility that offers extensive controls for customising your ROG Chakram. You can adjust its surface calibration, adjust its performance, program buttons, and customise the joystick input, and more.

Aside from configurations, you can monitor the mouse’s stats during gameplay if you need to analyse data.

To set up ARMOURY II, you’ll need to download the software and wait a few minutes for installation. After that, the system will restart, then provide the full functionality of Chakram.

This software provides access to various profiles. Also, you can create, customise and select different settings for specific games. You can program each button for any function, except for the left click button.

Aside from that, it enables you to record and assign macros to the extra side buttons.

Moreover, you can set the lighting to notify you when the ROG Chakram is running out of power. It will warn you after 60 to 80 hours of use, depending on your usage and power settings.


When it comes to its build, the ROG Chakram is excellent. It’s a finely-built mouse made with grippy materials, crisp buttons, top-notch mouse feet, and a high-quality scroll wheel.

Another aspect we loved is its DIY approach. You can customise the joystick with various sticks, or you can even remove it entirely. It’s possible to swap the primary button switches, and you have a set of quality replacement switches available.

Its right and left buttons are clicky and firm. The two additional buttons along the thumb presses easily to get the job done. For the mouse wheel, it rolls smoothly with slight ticking feedback on your fingers. It gives you that additional sense of control which is great.

All in all, the ROG Chakram was amazing, and we didn’t see any faults with it. Not everyone will need all its features, but it works extremely well with what it does.

ASUS ROG Chakram Review Summary

Ergonomics is one of the best-selling points of the ROG Chakram. It’s lightweight and has a balanced shell, plus its design fits most gamers’ needs.

The Chakram is definitely an impressive mouse, and its joystick works impressively. If you’re into driving games and simulations, this new feature comes in handy. What makes it even better is that it’s fully programmable for your preferences.

In conclusion to our ASUS ROG Chakram review, we highly recommend this gaming mouse. If you want to purchase this, check out the store locator for authorised dealers of ASUS products.