strix lc iii 240 review banner ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review - One Of The Best CPU Coolers Available Today

ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review – One Of The Best CPU Coolers Available Today

This ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review is all about the eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing CPU cooler. The LC III 240 ARGB, the newest version of the ASUS Strix LC, integrates the finest elements to ensure quality.

Of course, ASUS listens to what its customers want. So, aside from excellent cooling, it ensures its coolers look stylish and attractive. Who would not want a build with a cool-looking AIO liquid cooling system? 

Since quality is also a top consideration of ASUS, it did not only focus on aesthetics for the LC III 240 ARGB. The company ensures the product consists of the necessary cooling elements. It means this cooling system can handle the demanding needs of current processors. 

But is this cooling system as good as what ASUS claims? Continue reading this review to learn more about its design, features, functions, and how it works. 

ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Packaging

ASUS ships the LC III 240 ARGB in a white or black box. Its package matches the product colour you choose when purchasing the product. The cooler for our ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review comes in a white box. 

asus rog strix lc iii 240 review1 ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review - One Of The Best CPU Coolers Available Today

It indicates that the cooler we have for testing is the white version. However, if white is not the colour of your build, there is a black option for you to go for. 

Its front displays the product image, name and several primary features. On the rear, you will find more details about its features and other important information.

The sides of the box show more features and images of the included components. The other side of the box showcases the specifications and package contents. 

  • LC III 240 ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler with pre-applied thermal compound
  • 2x 120mm ARGB Radiator Fan
  • 1-to-2 Fan Splitter Cable
  • 1-to-4 ARGB Splitter Cable
  • Accessory Pack of Screws and Brackets
  • ROG Sticker
  • ROG cable organiser
  • Quick Start Guide
  • ROG VIP card

ASUS separated the screws and cables by category and packed these in plastic bags, making things more convenient for all. You can easily find everything you need when building your PC.

ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review – Design and Functionality

The cooler for our ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review is white. It has a minimalist design without the lighting, making it suitable for any PC build.

This cooler has an aesthetically pleasing design. Its classic colour options make it easy to match with any theme.

The LC III 240 ARGB features an aluminium radiator measuring 272mm long, 27mm thick, and 121mm wide. You will find 12 channels across its entire width, and its fin density is identical to the 360mm variant./gallery

This cooler has 8mm external diameter rubber tubes running from the radiator at 40mm. A woven fabric keeps these tubes in place, while velcro strips keep the tubes in place for organised cable management when you install the cooler.

The water block of the LC III 240 ARGB is rotatable by 360 degrees and accommodates different mounting options. It has a 61mm thickness and 72mm diameter. Plus, you can find it at the end of the pipes. 

This water block has a Gen7 V2 pump from Asetek, which has more improvements than the V1. Its rotation speed ranges from 800 and 2,800 rpm to within +/-10%. The copper base is also enhanced for better performance and has pre-applied thermal paste for convenience.

The entire cooler has a classic form and design resembling most AIO kits. However, it has finishing details that make it distinct. The edges and the details discreetly showcase the ROG branding. With its subtle design, integrating it into any PC build aesthetic will be easy.

Cooling Fans

ASUS equipped this cooler with two ROG Strix AF-12S ARGB fans with the same specs as the non-RGB variant. This fan model features seven-blade propellers, providing adequate airflow.  The inclined blades generate plenty of static pressure on the radiator for effective heat dissipation.

The eight corners of each cooling fan have rubber inserts that absorb vibrations while reducing noise. Each fan has a 4-pin PWM cable and an ARGB cable for convenient PC building. Plus, you can use the accessories to connect the fans to a single connector.

Lighting and AURA Compatibility

One of the features we want to highlight in our ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review is the lighting. You can find these on the water block and the cooling fans.

These lighting zones are all customisable via AURA. If you have used AURA-compatible components previously, its interface will be familiar since nothing has changed.

You can select from many different lighting effects via AURA. These include Smart, Static, Rainbow, Breathing, Colour Cycle, Comet, Tide, Moving Flash, Neon, Wing, Twinkle, and AURA Sync.

With AURA Sync, you can enjoy synchronised lighting throughout all compatible components. Plus, you can take your lighting customisation to the next level with AURA Creator. It lets you customise the lighting of all AURA devices to the last LED. You can make detailed and multi-layered effects to add uniqueness and personality to your PC build.

Key Features of the ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB

We learned many things about this product while writing our ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review. With all these features, one thing’s for sure: this cooler is a top-notch and quality product.  See why this cooler is worth considering. 

Over-the-top Cooling Capabilities

This cooler consistently keeps temperatures low, thanks to the quiet and new Asetek Gen7 V2 pump. It has an updated cold plate technology, allowing an additional 100W cooling. Plus, it can reduce temperatures by 0.5°C lower. 

Enjoy improved and unparalleled cooling efficiency under intense workloads with this cooler. It will deliver efficient cooling performance for gaming and other demanding tasks.

Experience the Freedom

The water block is worth highlighting in our ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review. It is an innovative element since it is rotatable by 360 degrees. Plus, it has a magnetic design for unparalleled flexibility. 

Lighting Brilliance

Enhance your gaming rig with many different AURA lighting effects for a vibrant display. The Smart mode adds dynamic lighting that reflects various hardware loads. 

This cooler also supports Aura Creator. This feature lets you customise your unique lighting effects, making your setup unique and personalised.

ROG Strix AF-12S ARGB Fans

The ROG Strix AF-12S ARGB is a high-performance fan designed for gaming. They measure 120mm and feature seven-blade propellers, adjustable speed, and customisable lighting. Like all ASUS products, these fans are made from high-quality materials, making them adequately durable to withstand heavy loads.

Strong Air Pressure for Consistent Cooling Performance

The blades of the ROG Strix AF-12S ARGB fans feature an inclined design for increased static pressure. As a result, these fans can deliver consistent performance to maintain low temperatures and optimal system operation.

Aura Sync Gen 2 LED for a Unique and Personalised Build

The ROG Strix AF-12S ARGB fan can immediately determine the number of LEDs available on addressable Gen 2 RGB devices. The best thing about this technology is it can adjust the lighting effects accordingly.

0 dB Technology for Silent Operation and Efficient Cooling

Your components will not need cooling fans rotating at high speeds when temperatures are low. Therefore, the fans of this cooler drop to 0 RPM when your PC is in low-load mode. With this feature, you can enjoy more convenience.

Anti-vibration Rubber to Reduce Fan Noise

The included fans with the LC III 240 ARGB feature anti-vibration rubber on every corner to minimise resonance noise. These keep the fans quiet during operation.

We also checked the fan noise when we tested the product for this ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review. Aside from its cooling performance, we wanted to find out if it can work quietly under various operating conditions.

Stylish White or Black Aesthetic of the ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB

This cooler features subtle details, making it stylish and easy to integrate into your PC build. Its design does not emphasise the ROG Strix branding and also does not compromise form and function.

Cooling on Display

With the LCD screen of this cooler, you can enjoy various display options. Show the live system stats or customised animations to make your personalised gaming build.

Extensive Compatibility

Earlier in our ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review, we mentioned this product comes with brackets. These accessories allow the cooler to work with Intel and AMD motherboard platforms, making it highly flexible.

You can use your preferred processor or swap these when necessary. The cooler is compatible with Intel by default, including LGA 1700, 1200, and 115X CPU sockets. You must use the other bracket when installing it on an AMD PC.

Six-Year Warranty of the ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB

ASUS provides the LC III 240 ARGB with a 6-year warranty, offering peace of mind and reliability. This extensive warranty ensures you can rely on the performance and durability of the cooler in the long run. 


Water Block

  • Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 61 mm
  • Material (CPU Plate): Copper


  • Solution: 7th Gen V2 Asetek Pump
  • Motor Speed: 800 – 2,800 RPM ± 10%


  • Dimensions: 272 x 121 x 27 mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Tube: Sleeved Rubber
  • Tube Length: 400 mm


  • Model: ROG STRIX AF-12S ARGB
  • Size: 2 x 120mm Fan Slots
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Speed: 800 – 2,200 RPM ± 10% (0 RPM Support)
  • Static Pressure: 3.92 mmH2O
  • Air Flow: 70.38 CFM
  • Noise Level: 36 dB(A)
  • Control Mode: PWM/DC

Special Features

  • AURA Sync Support: Yes


  • Intel: LGA 1700, 1200, 115x
  • AMD: AM5, AM4

Hands-on with the ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB 

The installation process for the cooler is straightforward, even for those who might not be seasoned PC builders. ASUS provides a comprehensive Quick Start Guide that walks you through each step, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

The inclusion of pre-applied thermal compound on the copper base of the water block is a thoughtful touch, saving you the hassle and potential mess of applying it yourself.

The mounting brackets for both Intel and AMD CPUs are included, which adds to the cooler’s versatility. The water block’s 360-degree rotatable design is particularly handy, allowing you to position it in a way that best suits your build without compromising on hose routing.

Once installed, using the LC III 240 ARGB is a breeze. The cooler integrates seamlessly with the ASUS AURA Sync software, allowing you to customise your lighting with ease. Whether you prefer a static colour to match your build’s theme or a dynamic effect that reacts to your system’s performance, the AURA Sync interface makes it simple to dial in your preferences.

The two ROG Strix cooling fans are not just about aesthetics; they play a crucial role in the cooler’s performance. These fans are designed to provide high airflow and static pressure, ensuring that your radiator stays cool even during intense gaming sessions or heavy computational tasks.

The anti-vibration rubber corners also ensure that these fans operate quietly, which is a big plus if you prefer a quieter setup.

The ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB excels in keeping your CPU temperatures in check. During our testing, we pushed the system through various scenarios, from everyday computing tasks to more demanding applications like gaming and video rendering. In all cases, the cooler performed admirably, maintaining low temperatures and preventing thermal throttling.

On average we experienced temps of:

CPU Temp at Idle: 27 degrees C

CPU Temp Under Load: 63 degrees C

Despite its powerful cooling capabilities, the LC III 240 ARGB manages to keep noise levels to a minimum. The fans are whisper-quiet at low speeds and only produce a subtle hum at maximum RPM. Thanks to the 0 dB technology, the fans stop entirely when the system is under minimal load, giving you a silent computing environment when you need it.

Using the ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB is a satisfying experience, from the ease of installation to the exceptional cooling performance. It’s a well-rounded product that not only meets but often exceeds the demands of modern CPUs.

ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review Summary

So, what’s the final word on the ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB? Well, it’s a top-tier choice for anyone serious about cooling their rig while adding a dash of style. This cooler isn’t just about keeping your CPU from overheating; it’s about doing it with flair and sophistication.

Let’s face it, looks do matter when it comes to building a PC. ASUS gets this, which is why the LC III 240 ARGB sports such a sleek, minimalist design. Whether you go for the white or black variant, it seamlessly integrates into any build, complementing your setup rather than clashing with it.

And those ARGB fans? They’re not just for show. The customisable lighting via AURA Sync means your PC can shine just the way you want it to, adding a personal touch that makes your rig truly yours.

But aesthetics aside, the performance of the LC III 240 ARGB is where it truly shines. The radiator, coupled with those two high-performance fans, ensures your system stays cool even under heavy loads.

The Gen7 V2 pump from Asetek, with its enhanced cold plate technology, means you’re getting efficient cooling that can handle the demands of today’s powerful processors. It’s like having a mini Arctic in your PC case, keeping everything frosty and running smoothly.

So, is the ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB worth it? Absolutely. It combines top-notch cooling performance with eye-catching design and unparalleled customisation options. It’s a cooler that not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it a fantastic choice for both hardcore gamers and casual builders alike.

If you want a cooling solution that offers both function and form, look no further. The LC III 240 ARGB is ready to keep your system cool and your setup looking hot.