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ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review

We’re writing this ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU review to discuss ASUS’ new PC component. With their launch of the ROG Thor power supplies series, they’ve become a name that now offers everything you’d need. 

Their PSUs are unique products that sport an LCD screen that displays real-time power consumption.

Plus, they also come with the AuraSync RGB Lighting from ASUS which makes it even better.

With the success of this product line, ASUS released the Thor 1000 P2 PSU which has more wattage capabilities.

The company’s goal here is to successfully cater to different system builds that are available. So, they created their flagship PSU, the ROG Thor 1000 P2, with gamers and enthusiasts in mind. To learn more about its features, design, specs, and performance, just sit back, relax, and continue reading our review.

ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Packaging

The product for our ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU review arrived in your usual-looking ROG box. It carries all the classic colours, aesthetics, and branding you’d expect from the company. 

The front of the box displays a huge image of the PSU. Then, it comes with a list of its primary features. 

asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review1 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review2 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review3 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review

There’s a lot going on on the box’s rear and it’s crammed with useful details about the PSU. Other than those, you’ll also find information about its features, as well as a few images and performance data.

Inside the box, you’ll find an excellent presentation of the PSU along with other inclusions. The first thing you’ll see after sliding open the cover are cardboard inserts. One of these holds the PSU while the other keeps all the cabling and accessories. 

We also like that the cables are kept inside a durable and quality canvas bag. It’s a good place to store these when they aren’t in use. 

To note, here’s a complete list of all the items you’ll find inside the package: 

There are the PSU, a 24-pin ATX cable, two 4+4 EPS 12V cables, and four 6+2-pin PCIe cables. 

Other items in the box include two 6-pin PCIe cables, two Molex cables, three SATA cables, and 12-pin PCIe cables. There’s even an addressable RGB cable available. 

Of course, ASUS didn’t skimp out on any of the inclusions since you’re provided with other items. These are branded cable Velcro ties, regular zip ties, a product manual, cable management strips, screws, and a metal badge.

You’ll also get a 20% off CableMod voucher if you plan to invest in customised cables.

ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review – Design and Functionality

It’s a must that we check out the product for this ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU review. And by looking at its design and functions, we can say this PSU is definitely a premium and top-notch product.

It’s got that nice textured finish and design, and its product information sticker sports the same ROG style as before. You’ll get fan grilles that also have the same slanted signature ROG design. 

asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review8 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review9 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review10 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review11 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review12 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review13 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review

For its cutouts, they’re much bigger compared to your standard PSU grilles. These provide better and more adequate airflow.

The PSU features a monochrome LED display on its left that showcases voltage, real-time loads, plus thermal monitoring. There are addressable RGB LED illuminations that you can control using the regular 3-pin ARGB connection. 

What we like is that ASUS backs this product with a good 10-year warranty. This is something greatly appreciated.

Adequate Airflow for the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU

There’s good and enhanced ventilation on the rear portion of this PSU. It even comes with a large honeycomb-style cutout across the entire area. 

Aside from the power switch and the plug, the ROG Thor 1000 P2 has a 0db mode switch. This can be adjusted using a button next to the power switch. 

Once enabled, the PSU’s fans will switch on when the whole load goes over 50% or 500W.

Fully Modular Design

The ROG Thor 1000 P2 sports a fully-modular design. So, it has numerous cable connections that make it more than better for even the most potent gaming systems. Because of this, there are no pre-attached cables on the product, thus, making it easier to manage and organise. 

Cables of the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU

asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review5 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review4 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review6 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review asus rog thor p2 1000 psu review7 ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review

While working on our ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU review, we also checked the cables of the PSU. ASUS utilises a flat ribbon cable for the ROG Thor 1000 P2. Then, all its connectors are individually-sleeved cables except for Molex and SATAs. 

If you want to have a more premium aesthetic, the sleeved cables can be paired with the cable combs.

The PCIe cables have a fairly decent length which is good for most ATX cases even with varying setups. Its black sleeves make it more convenient to naturally bend the stiff PCIe cables for quicker cable management.

Keep in mind that the cable combs are vital when you’re running a highly exposed length. This is because individually-sleeved cables are difficult to group together compared to single-sleeved cables or flat ribbon cables.

Additionally, the Thor 1000 P2 PSU is the first PSU that has a 12-pin PCIe microfit cable. And that’s right out of the box. 

ARGB Lighting

There are some ARGB lighting effects on this PSU which are subtle and situated around the corner of the unit. Unlike other components with over-the-top RGB lighting, this one is simple, understated, but aesthetically pleasing. 

So, if you have a PSU shroud, the ARGB lighting won’t be visible. But with the right case, this subtle lighting can enhance your build’s appearance effectively. Also, this diffused design will be great for those who prefer sleek, premium-looking builds.

Key Features of the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU

Let’s find out what makes this power supply better than its competition by checking out all of its unique features.

The Most Silent 1000W PSU

The ROG Thor 1000 P2 is equipped with upgraded cooling components, allowing it to be an extremely quiet PSU. Aside from silent operation, the product also has a mirrored side panel. It frames the OLED display to add flair to your PC build.

ROG Heatsinks for Better Efficiency and Longevity

ROG heatsinks have twice the volume of conventional designs. Since the ROG Thor 1000 P2 uses an ROG heatsink, the PSU will offer extended 0dB operation, lower temperatures. Plus, its components will have a longer lifespan.

80 PLUS Platinum Certification

With low-ESR Japanese capacitors, the ROG Thor 1000 P2 received the 80 PLUS Platinum certification. This ensures efficient operation, guaranteeing 89% efficiency at maximum load, and 92% efficiency at 50% load. Increased efficiency results in lower temperatures, less fan noise, and more reliable performance.

Axial-tech Fan Design

The 135mm Axial-tech fan that features PWM control delivers lower noise and maintains thermals at acceptable levels.

0dB Technology

For less noise output, the PWM-controlled fan’s rotation stops entirely when the PSU’s load is at 50% or lower. This technology is also used for ROG Strix GPUs.

Lambda A++ Certification

With the cooling upgrades of the ROG Thor 1000 P2, this PSU receives the Lambda A++ noise rating. When we tested it for our ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU review, the product really operated with minimal noise.

OLED Panel of the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU

The ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU features an integrated OLED panel that allows you to easily tune your system. This makes achieving better performance and efficiency easier than ever.

Sleeved Cables

The ROG Thor 1000 P2 comes with a set of sleeved cables. Also, ASUS provides a 20% CableMod discount if you want to customise your cables.

Ready for the Latest Graphics Cards

Since the ROG Thor 1000 P2 comes with a 12-pin PCIe cable, it can pipe up to 450W power. That means, you can use this power supply with PCIe Gen 5.0 graphics cards.


Here’s the part of our ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU review that looks into the PSU’s specifications. This is to let you know if it will work with your system and if it meets all your needs.

It measures 190 x 150 x 86mm, weighs 2.37kg, and has an efficiency of 80 Plus Platinum. AC input range is100-240Vac then DC output range is +3.3V/+5V/+12V/-12V/+5Vsb.

The maximum load it can handle is 25A, 25A, 83A, 0.3A. 3A. Then for combined load, it’s 125W, 125W, 996W, 3.6W, and 15W. For its total output, the ROG Thor 1000 P2 reaches 1000W. 

The PSU has several connectors including one MB 24/20-pin, two CPU 4+4-pin, and a PCIe 12-pin. There are also eight PCIe 6+2-pin, 12 SATA, and six peripherals. 

Lastly, the power supply comes with a 10-year warranty. Note that the PSU’s operation is guaranteed for 10 years and the RGB LEDs are subject to a three-year warranty.

Hands-on with the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU

Earlier, we’ve seen that the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 looks great and is equipped with impressive components. But how well does it perform? 

It’s vital for us to know how efficient and good this PSU works. That’s why we took the time to test it for our ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU review. Here, we’ll share our experience with it, and if there were any problems or issues when in use.

Using the power supply was delightful since it offered real-time power consumption through its OLED display. Not only that, its RGB lighting looked great which gave off a nice touch to our PC.

Regardless of the power output, the ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 remained consistent during our tests. When the PC is under load the PSU is hardly audible and runs incredibly quiet.

With its low noise output, the ROG Thor 1000 P2 is an excellent choice for super-quiet system performance. Also, we didn’t have any unwanted shutdowns and system stability issues. That’s definitely good and a huge relief. 

We really appreciated the OLED display since it allowed us to monitor the system’s overall power consumption with ease. It also delivered reports with the same values as our power metre.

With our tests, we can attest that the ROG Thor 1000 P2 is a high-quality PSU. It was able to deliver seamless performance even when we used the latest high-end components. The product performed excellently despite heavy loads unlike PSUs that become unstable when there are spikes in power draw.

Overall, the ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU delivered outstanding performance since it’s a well-designed product inside and out. This PSU offers stable PC power which makes it best for the most demanding tasks.

ASUS ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU Review Summary

The ASUS ROG Thor 1000W P2 is an ideal power supply for extreme gaming systems. In fact, it’s the best for overclockers who want their system to deliver maximum performance. Plus, its premium design is one of the best we’ve seen in PSUs.

Aside from superior performance, it comes with sleeved cables that allow for easier installation. Plus, it has an OLED display for more convenience when tracking your system’s loads, voltage, and temperatures.

With 1000W output power, a fully modular cable design, and 80 PLUS Platinum rating, this PSU ticks all the boxes. 

We really appreciate that it’s ready for the latest graphics cards since it makes upgrading your rig more convenient.

If you’re looking for a premium-level power supply unit, then we highly recommend the ROG Thor 1000 P2 PSU. For its price, some argue that it should offer 1200 to 1600W. But as you can see, it comes with additional features that make it expensive.

The ROG Thor 1000 P2 is clearly designed for gamers and overclockers since it will meet their demands. But since it comes with great features that offer unparalleled performance, it’s truly worth spending for this high-end product.

To get your hands on the ROG Thor 1000 P2, check out ASUS’ store locator for authorised dealers near you.

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