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Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review

 Audeze creates excellent quality headphones, so it is not surprising to want one of these. For a wireless gaming headset from this brand, our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review will discuss its Maxwell wireless headset.

The Maxwell Wireless is a gaming headset with plenty of excellent features. Two variants are available: one for the Xbox and the other for the PlayStation. But for our review, we will focus on the Xbox variant. 

This headset sports a removable boom mic and supports an LDAC codec to stream Hi-Res audio. Moreover, you can even pair the product with two other devices. 

But what makes Maxwell Wireless stand out from its competitors? Continue reading our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review to learn more about it.

Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Packaging

We love the packaging for Maxwell Wireless since Audeze ensured a premium-looking box for its product. The front showcases an image of the headset, its name, the company branding, and key features. It also displays which variant was purchased.

audeze maxwell review11 Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review audeze maxwell review12 Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review

The sides of the box show us the additional features of the product, while the back has more details about it. Inside, the Maxwell Wireless ships with extra accessories such as the following: 

  • Wireless dongle (USB-C)
  • Charging cable (USB-C) 
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • Quick start sheet
  • Warranty and information card

Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review – Design and Functionality

Let us continue our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review and discuss its design and functions. The product has a monochromatic and understated design, so it does not show off gamer vibes. 

However, we are glad that many premium and best gaming headsets are moving away from gamer aesthetics. Like the Maxwell Wireless, it has a dark, gunmetal grey-coloured frame with black leatherette parts. In addition, you can see Audeze at the top of the headband printed in light grey. 

The blue letter A for the company logo is on both sides of its headband. Specifically, these are just above each yoke. 

Additionally, Maxwell Wireless does not feature flashing LEDs, save for the LED indicator on its left earcup. Instead, it flashes various colours to notify you about its battery life and connection status. 

Build of the Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset

The headset is a large, sturdy product featuring an aluminium steel frame with glass-infused nylon earcups. Audeze also integrated plush leatherette foam earpads to add more comfort to the headset. Plus, it has adequate clamping force that lets you wear the product even during long hours of gaming. 

It weighs around 490g, so you will feel it once you wear the headset. But despite its weight, Maxwell Wireless is a well-built balanced, and comfortable headset, especially with its generous amounts of memory foam. 

Beneath the headband is a thinly padded area. However, it will not touch your head directly because of the suspension underneath. Also, a thick faux leather arch runs under the headband to lift the headset above your scalp. 

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The earcups swivel both ways; they can be flat for storage or tilted to provide comfort. However, the only adjustment point is its leatherette tension headband. You can shorten or lengthen it via three-notch settings on each side. 

All the controls and connections of the headset are on the left earcup. The mic-mute switch and power button are directly on the rear panel. 

The bottom edge of the earcup features a mic noise suppression button. In addition, it has a Shure-made removable boom mic connector and a USB-C port for the headset and for charging the product. Moreover, there are two volume wheels for the mic/headphones and a 3.5mm aux port.

You can easily adjust its headband without any screwdrivers and the like. However, the system is limited and only allows five lengths of adjustment. 

In the next part of our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review, we will discuss its key features.

Key Features of the Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset 

Unrivalled Audio

Maxwell Wireless has advanced 90mm planar magnetic drivers from Audeze, resulting in exceptional bass response and sound accuracy. These drivers are trusted by top-tier recording and gaming studios worldwide and incorporate patented technologies. 

Enjoy unparalleled high-resolution audio with up to 24-bit/96kHz quality, whether through a wireless or USB connection.

Optimised from Competition

Spot the enemies before they find you, and gain that edge in every match. Pro gamers use Audeze headsets for their detailed sounds and lightning-quick response. With that, you will always catch the call of teammates with the adjustable game chat mix on consoles and PCs/Macs.

Durability and Comfort that is Ready for Battle

Audeze built the all-new premium chassis of the Maxwell Wireless with aluminium wireless chokes and a steel headband. These solid parts make this headset highly durable, allowing it to withstand wear and tear through the years.

Although solid and durable, it provides excellent comfort with its contoured earpads and replaceable suspension strap. Plus, its reinforced dual-chamber earcups deliver passive noise reduction.

Superior Spatial Audio Experience with Dolby Atmos

The Maxwell Wireless lets you enjoy unparalleled and highly immersive audio. This headset has a Dolby Atmos licence that is ready for activation. You only need to download the Dolby Access application to personalise your spatial audio.

Ultra-Low Latency Wireless

The 2.4GHz Ultra-Low Latency wireless technology offers reliable stability and a wide range than its predecessor. As a result, you can confidently play while enjoying the lossless quality and high-resolution audio. 

This new technology used in the Maxwell Wireless is compatible with LC3plus, LE Audio, and LDAC. In addition, Bluetooth Multipoint allows you to switch between devices seamlessly. 

AI Noise-filtering Microphones

The FILTER noise reduction technology from Audeze makes communication crystal-clear. It uses a dedicated AI processor to remove background noise automatically, regardless of the platform. In addition, the onboard beamforming array and detachable boom mic ensure your voice is always audible.

We will further discuss the performance of these microphones in the hands-on section of our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review.

Customise All Your Favourites

The Maxwell Wireless has a user-customisable multi-band EQ system, allowing you to acquire your ideal sound across titles and genres. In addition, you can enhance sound cues since it has presets for competitive & immersive gaming, plus bass and treble boosts.

With its four user-defined EQ profiles, you can create custom audio settings or try a community-sourced profile.



  • Transducer type and style: Planar Magnetic, over-ear circumaural closed-back  headset
  • Phase management: Fazor
  • Magnetic structure: Fluxor magnet array
  • Magnet type: Neodymium N50
  • Transducer size: 90mm
  • Diaphragm type: Ultra-Thin Uniforce
  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 50kHz
  • Maximum SPL: over 120dB
  • THD: less than 0.1% @ 1 kHz, 1mW
  • Spatial Audio: Dolby Atmos Xbox Version
  • Weight: 490g


  • Beamforming: Microphone voice noise suppression + AIR
  • Boom Mic: Detachable, Hypercardioid


  • Battery type: Lithium-polymer (1800mAh)
  • Fast charge: Full charge 2hr
  • Battery life: Over 80h wireless playback @ 80dBA


  • Bluetooth version 5.3 Support: Multipoint, LC3, LC3plus, LE Audio, LDAC, AAC, SBC
  • Wired (Digital): USB-C + dual-audio endpoints and game chat mix
  • Wireless: Ultra-low-latency
  • Wired (Analogue): 3.5mm TRRS active

Hands-on with the Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset 

We will now share our hands-on experience with the product in this section of our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review. It took us more than one week to see how the headset performs. From there, we gathered all the essential details to help determine if the headset functions as claimed.

Generally, planar magnetic drives have outstanding detail in the mid/upper ranges. However, the 90mm drivers of Maxwell Wireless pump out ideal low-end sounds. 

Its default sound profile is specifically in tune for gaming. So, it has punchy lows, boosted highs and slightly pulled-back mids. The headset has a wide soundstage, giving you excellent location awareness in games.

The Maxwell Wireless has a neutral sound profile when using the Audeze EQ, making it ideal for most uses. Effects like gunfire and explosions are present, while instruments and conversations are natural, clear, and accurate. 

You can opt for other sounds which you can get from their companion app. It offers graphic presets and EQ to customise audio to your preference. 

The bass precision is exceptional. While it may lack booming impact and deep rumble, the rest of the frequency range maintains a balanced response. It ensures that sound effects like footsteps and clinking weapons are distinct and prominent during your gaming experience.

These headphones exhibit remarkable mid-range accuracy, while their treble precision is excellent. The range is slightly subdued, resulting in a slight veil over dialogues and instruments and mellowing of sibilant sounds.

The soundstage of the Maxwell Wireless combines low latency response times with audiophile-level sound. In addition, the drivers offered adequate room to make the audio feel like we were stepping into a different world.

The directional audio of this headset was pinpoint-specific, making it ideal for games such as first person shooters. In addition, it offered more than left and right spatial awareness since it was wide with excellent detailing. Thanks to its sound quality, defining gunshots and footsteps became easier.

While testing the product for our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review, we were impressed by its performance. To our surprise, we quickly identified the source of gunfire and skirmishes. 

The Maxwell Wireless does not have active noise cancellation features. But despite that, the earcups offer a seal that effectively blocks most household noise. As a result, we focused on our game audio and enjoyed listening to music without hearing unwanted sounds.

The microphone of the Maxwell Wireless delivered clear audio. Our test recordings were clean with a dynamic range, but higher frequencies were fuzzy. 

Generally, the recording quality of this microphone is good. Plus, the AI-powered noise filters increase the clarity of the audio. However, getting a separate USB microphone is better if you are serious about content creation. 

Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review Summary

The Maxwell is one of the best choices for an audiophile gaming headset. It delivers impressive soundstage, balancing, and detailing, producing rich and brighter audio. Plus, it offers adequate comfort and has a durable build.

We enjoyed the sound quality when we tested the product for our Audeze Maxwell Wireless Headset Review. The headset worked excellently for gaming and made more details more audible. In addition, we adjusted the audio with the customisable EQ to make it ideal for music.

Overall, we highly recommend Maxwell Wireless to anyone who wants a high-quality gaming headset.

Learn more about the Maxwell Wireless Headset by visiting the official Audeze product page. If you are looking to get your hands on the Audeze Maxwell, you can do so over at Addicted to Audio.