avermedia dual cam AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review

AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review

Since the pandemic, online schooling and meetings turned highly essential for everyone. So naturally, webcams ended up as standard repertoires for these activities. Today in our AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review, we’ll discuss the PW313D Dual Cam. 

It’s a product offering tons of notable innovation and its ability to have two people recorded simultaneously. It can also have you transmit your face, handwritten notes, images, diagrams, or work simultaneously.

Sounds like a product you need or want to have? Or are you just curious about what it’s all about? No matter the reason, our AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review will discuss everything you need about this dual cam.

AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Packaging

The PW313D arrived in a basic-looking cardboard box with an image of the product in front. Here, the upper-left corner displays the company’s branding, while underneath, it shows what the product is. Below the image are the different key features of the PW313D. 

avermedia dualcam review1 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review avermedia dualcam review2 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review

AVerMedia kept everything organised inside the box, and we appreciate the company for it. Aside from the PW313D, they included a tripod, USB-A to C cable, and a quick user guide. 

avermedia dualcam review3 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review avermedia dualcam review9 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review

AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s start getting in-depth with the product in this part of our AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review. For starters, we’re discussing its functionality and design. 

The PW313D is a fully matte black dual cam that relies on a simple-looking exterior. It’s about 15cm long, and you can fold it to under 5cm (height) and 5.5cm (depth) to save space. 

avermedia dualcam review4 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review avermedia dualcam review6 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review avermedia dualcam review7 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review avermedia dualcam review5 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review avermedia dualcam review8 AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review

The front portion of this product has two systems on the right and left. Its mic is outside while the lens is inside. And thanks to the hardware shutter, you can conceal both cameras using a screen to protect privacy.

You can rotate the left webcam upwards by 90-degrees and -15-degrees downwards via the mount. Though for its right camera, it’s more versatile. You can move it upwards up to 195-degrees and downwards until -75-degrees. 

These movements allow one PW313D camera to face forward while the right one captures images behind the notebook/monitor. The connecting mount for the PW313D is rubberised at the bottom and the inside. 

You can find a USB-C input on its rear for connecting the dual webcam to a notebook or PC. 

The AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam’s Tripod

We love the premium quality and feel of the product’s tripod, which sports three ribbed rubber feet for secure positioning. You can unscrew, rotate, or swivel the head via the screw on its side. And thanks to the folding out feet, you’ll get a total height of 23cm.

The PW313D’s build quality is good, especially with its massive mount. And speaking of its bezel, it works smoothly on both sides too. However, it sometimes slips over the lenses. 

Key Features of the AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam 

Let’s look at the different key features of the product in our AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review. These are the elements that make the product click among many users. 

An Ingenious 2-in-1 Webcam

With its innovative design that’s portable and lightweight, the PW313D is easy to carry and use with HQ communication. You can easily show yourself while sharing documents or other materials during video calls or remote teaching.

Adaptable Setup + Mounting

Mount the product on any laptop or monitor with its universal mounting clip. Or, you can attack it on a tripod to find the best setup angle for your needs. 

Always Secure and Protected

The PW313D has an integrated privacy shutter to keep yourself safe and prevent unnecessary captures. 

Dual Mics with AI Noise Reduction

The PW313D has two integrated microphones found on each of its sides. These capture a more immersive and expansive sound field. And with AI noise reduction, the microphones amplify the speaker’s natural voice while eliminating ambient noise.

The microphones can capture audio naturally and clearly up to 3m in all directions.

Plug-and-Play Design

Once out of the box, plug the PW313D into your computer’s USB 2.0 port and start recording.

Powerful CamEngine 4

CamEngine 4 is a free software for video and audio optimisation. Here, you can access the PW313D’s features like video rotation, picture-in-picture, annotation tools, and keystone connection. These tools will help enhance any video call and online lesson.

Look Your Best, Wherever You Are

The PW313D’s video settings allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other elements to achieve your best look.

Convenient Hotkey Function

Customise keyboard shortcuts with the convenient hotkey function. Assign these to start/stop commands of switching Image Filter, Image Effect, AI Noise Reduction, Auto Focus, and Keystone Correction.

Stay on Focus

Adjust focus in three modes through the menu: Manual, Auto, or Fixed Focus. Manual adjusts the camera focus based on your preference. Auto provides clear video at all times.

Finally, Fixed Focus retains focus on yourself or an object at a distance. It keeps the webcam focused without adjustments.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP), Best for Online Classes

PiP allows teachers to be present to students in a small window while displaying online lessons. Since it’s a dual cam, students can also use the PW313D to participate while showing their homework.  

Keystone Correction for a Tabletop View

Point your camera at the document, and don’t worry about distortion. Cam Engine 4 will adjust the image to make it appear like there’s a webcam above. Note that this feature is only for the right camera.


This section of our AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review is the PW313D’s specifications. These are vital to determine if the product will work adequately for your needs. 

This dual cam has a dual-mono omnidirectional mic and can autofocus too. Its left camera has a 2MP CMOS sensor, while the right has a 5MP CMOS sensor. 

Maximum resolution for the left camera is 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps while the other has 2592 x 1944 @ 30fps. The left camera has a 71-degree (D), 63-degree (H), and 38-degree (V) field of view. Then, the right has a 76-degree (D), 67-degree (H), and a 52-degree (V) field of view. 

Operating and Hardware System Requirements

The PW313D works with Windows 7, Windows 10 or later versions. For Mac, it goes with the macOS 10.15 and 11 or later (this includes M1). 

Lastly, it requires the Intel Core 2 Duo 2.7GHz (or better) and 2GB RAM (or higher). 

Hands-on with the AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam 

The most important part of our AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review is where we discuss how a product performed. We used the PW313D for more than a week to see how it would fare during our tests. 

AVerMedia CamEngine 4 Software

To manage and better set up the product, you can use this particular software from AVerMedia. The CamEngine 4 has various features that allow you to adjust the image quality of both its cameras separately. You can even tweak the contrast, brightness, etc. 

You can add a blur filter when necessary or provide different filters for an image. Remember that some of its functions are accessible only when you have an account. One example would be creating a virtual background to conceal your surroundings. 

If you need this specific function, create an account on CamEngine 4. The software’s keystone correction is acceptable, but remember that it’s only available for the dual cam’s right lens. 

It works for scanning documents and cropping them. The angle gives you an idea that the product is directly above these. 

Performance of the AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam

During our AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review tests, we saw how quick and user-friendly the PW313D was. We only positioned the camera and then worked on connecting it to our PC using the included cable. 

Since it’s a plug-and-play dual cam, it was immediately recognised and installed tougher with the drivers. So, it was immediately ready to use. But again, we suggest you install the AVerMedia CamEngine 4 software to take advantage of the PW313D’s full potential. 

The right side’s 5MP CMOS sensor’s field of view was good, but we can’t say it’s outstanding at 76-degrees. The left lens was slightly weaker with a smaller field of view. 

Despite the high resolution, the picture looked noisy, lacked detail, and was weak in contact. Even in good lighting conditions, details were lacking. However, its autofocus was quick and reliable, making the PW313D excellent for unboxing videos, product presentations, etc.

With a bit of fine-tuning, we used the software to improve the image and optimise the quality. For its integrated omnidirectional dual mics, these worked adequately, and recorded sounds were clear while spoken words were understandable. 

The PW313D reproduced our voices nicely and filtered ambient noise well. That’s thanks to its AI noise reduction feature. However, its recording lacked dynamics, and its max volume was on the lower side. 

AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam Review Summary

After our tests for this AVerMedia PW313D Dual Cam review, we can conclude that this webcam is an excellent product. It has a decent build quality, innovative features, and satisfying performance.

The PW313D is an all-around dual webcam that has lots of great features. One of the most notable is its two cameras that capture yourself and other objects. Its image and audio quality are good, and it does the job for online lessons and meetings. 

Overall, the PW313D is an impressive webcam. It’s not flawless, but it has innovative features that outweigh its drawbacks. Although this webcam is not ideal for content creation, it works excellently for video calls, online lessons, and conferences.

To know more about the PW313D Dual Cam, check out AVerMedia’s official product page for additional information.