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BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review

When we mention BenQ, people automatically think of monitors. But for the past few years, the company continuously appeared in the gaming market with their Zowie brand. Today in our BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review, we’re focusing on one of their Zowie products, the FK2-B mouse.

Before we get more into details, we’ll discuss its packaging and contents.

BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Packaging

The first section in our BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review is where we focus on what’s in the box. Like the other Zowie mice, the unboxing experience was the same and pretty basic. We think it’s good since it fits the image that the company’s trying to portray.

benq zowie fk2b review1 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b review2 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review

You won’t find over-the-top marketing lines or promises of high DPI counts. BenQ kept its packaging simple: a black box with the product’s outline in front, plus some essential details.

Inside, everything is organised and in place. The FK2-B had a couple of inclusions, like the usual documentation, stickers, and replacement mouse feet. 

BenQ continues to include these replacement feet for all their mice, and it’s something we appreciate. It would be a plus if other brands did the same thing. 

BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

While writing our BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review, we saw the mouse’s size difference compared to its FK siblings. It’s the smallest within the group, while the FK1 and FK1+ are the massive options. 

The FK2-B is small, but it seems long when you hold it. The mouse is ambidextrous, and the company didn’t alter its lauded shape, so it’s a nice element to see again.

benq zowie fk2b review3 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b review4 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b review5 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b review6 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b review7 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b review8 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b review9 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review

The mouse feels flat and long despite its size. It gives off a subtle flare on its rear, and you won’t feel sudden curves anywhere.

This form is the safest for a mouse, provided you prefer flat types over bulky ones. All mice from Zowie feel natural and comfortable, allowing you to hold them in various ways. 

The FK2-B sports a standard black Zowie coating favoured by people who love the brand. 

Of course, BenQ made some changes to the mouse to optimise it for use. What changed is the side buttons on the right side of the mouse. BenQ completely removed these from the product. 

Removing this feature may be bad news for left-handed users, but it’s good news for everyone else. And as a bonus, the buttons’ removal resulted in a lightweight body. 

All the Zowie mice we’ve tested never disappointed us, especially when we speak of their build quality. The FK2-B didn’t creak, it didn’t have shell flex, plus the mouse remained silent even when we shook it. 

There’s something about BenQ’s mice that make them solid and durable. That means the FK2-B can withstand rough travel and “gamer rage” during LAN events or tournaments. 

BenQ Zowie FK2-B White

The BenQ Zowie FK2-B is also available in a limited white colour as well. It looks completely stunning and would be a perfect mouse for someone that is looking for a sleek and modern gaming setup.

benq zowie fk2b white review1 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b white review3 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b white review2 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b white review5 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowie fk2b white review4 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review

Key Features of the BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse

We’ve seen the difference between the FK2-B from its other FK siblings. But what are its key features, and why is it better than other mice on the market? 

Let’s find out in our BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review and see if it’s worth adding to your setup. 

Low Profile and Symmetrical Design

When using the FK2-B, you can experience comfort during prolonged gaming sessions. This feature makes it an excellent mouse for competitive events.

Its body features a symmetrical low-profile design that offers more space between the hump and your palm. This design allows for micro-adjustments and accommodates both claw and palm grip styles.

The widened front portion of the FK2-B provides added support to ensure a secure grip when you lift the mouse. Its concave design offers support for the fingers, allowing for claw grip users to easily lift the mouse.

Plug-and-Play for Ease of Use and Convenience

One of the things we liked about this mouse is its plug-and-play design. When we removed the product from the box, we immediately tested it for our BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review. It doesn’t require you to download drivers or install software to customise its settings.

You can find all the adjustment buttons on the mouse and easily access these. Cycle through four different DPI levels from 400 to 3200 to set your preferred sensitivity. 

There’s also a button for adjusting the polling rate to achieve better precision and accuracy. You can choose from 125, 500, and 1000Hz. 

You can link hotkeys and other abilities with the two programmable side buttons for quick access.

Prevents Cable Dragging

With its mouse cable attachment raised at an angle, there’s less cable dragging on the mouse pad. This feature also provides a low-resistance glide which is essential for tournaments.

Smooth and Seamless Movement from the BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse

Most gaming mice have protrusions and jagged edges for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, these elements often cause discomfort when using the mouse.

BenQ solved this issue on their FK series mice with a smooth and seamless design. As a result, you can use the mouse comfortably even under long hours of gaming sessions. Even without the jagged edges, the FK2-B’s classic design still looks great.

100% Pure PTFE Feet for Smooth Gliding

The FK2-B uses PTFE feet, a classic material used in various industries. It has a low coefficient of friction, making it one of the best choices for mouse feet.

Fast and Accurate 3360 Sensor

The FK2-B uses the 3360 optical sensor that provides pinpoint accuracy and swift control, which are necessary features for gaming. With this mouse and its precise sensor, you have the advantage.


Let’s see the different specifications of the mouse here in our BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review. We’ll determine if these are adequate for your preferences and requirements. 

The FK2-B is a medium-sized, low-profile product sporting a symmetrical right-handed design. It’s compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac systems. 

The mouse has a PixArt 3360 optical sensor, allowing you to choose from four DPI levels: 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200. It utilises 2.0 and 3.0 USB connectivity, making it a plug-and-play mouse. The product’s report rate is adjustable, and you can choose from three levels: 125 / 500 / 1000Hz. 

The FK2-B has a USB-A connection and a cable measuring 2m (6.6 ft) long. 

Lastly, the FK2-B has a total of five buttons on its body. 

Hands-on with the BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse

After unboxing the product, we immediately did our tests for this BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review. We test our products to see how well they perform so we can share our experience with you. It’s to help you determine if it can deliver the performance you need.

One of the best things about the FK2-B is the newer sensor. When BenQ launched this product, people looked forward to this specific feature. Previously, the company used the 3310 sensors for the older FK mice, but for the FK2-B, they used the 3360. 

This sensor effectively worked when we tested the FK2-B for gaming. It was entirely flawless, making it an ideal mouse for FPS. 

Aiming at targets and executing commands was easy since the mouse had excellent motion tracking. Also, it was faster, more precise, and more responsive than the previously used sensor.

We didn’t notice signs of acceleration, angle snapping, smoothing, or any other issue while using the FK2-B. 

We also liked its extra simple features like the seamless, low-profile design and raised cable attachment. These helped improve our overall in-game performance and kept our hands comfortable while using the mouse. Of course, its pure PTFE feet allowed for smooth and swift gliding, which is essential in most games.

The FK2-B is a highly reliable mouse that delivers excellent gaming performance. Although simple, it has all the necessary features that can step up your game and improve your experience.

BenQ Zowie Mouse Fitting Kit

benq zowiemouse kit1 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowiemouse kit3 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review benq zowiemouse kit2 BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review

One of the most unique services that BenQ offers gamers is the Zowie mouse fitting it. One of the biggest problems for gamers when it comes to choosing which mouse to buy is finding a mouse that fits the hand perfectly. Most computer retailers don’t have all of the mice that they sell on display which makes it difficult to be able to try out the mouse for size in the store.

This is the problem that the Zowie mouse fitting kit solves. Gamers are able to order a mouse fitting kit from BenQ. Once ordered, BenQ will send out a box that contains the different Zowie mice available, allowing gamers to not only see how the mouse feels in their hand but also try it out on their computer whilst gaming.

Gamers are able to try out the mice for 2 weeks and once they have decided which mouse is perfect for them, they can then place an order for it. If you are not able to find a mouse that works for you simply send the kit back to BenQ.

This truly is a unique and innovative way for gamers to be able to choose their perfect weapon when it comes to gaming mice.

BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse Review Summary

The FK2-B may not be an exciting product for people looking for cutting-edge designs and the latest features. It’s not the lightest mouse and doesn’t have a paracord cable that numerous manufacturers use today. But BenQ doesn’t follow these trends for their Zowie mice, and they don’t have to use these innovations.

The FK2-B is mainly about performance, so professional gamers worldwide use this mouse. It’s ideal for those who prefer controlling heavier mice that are more robust. 

BenQ’s target audience for their FK2-B is the eSports community and FPS players. That’s why the mouse has a low-profile shape to provide comfortable use. Plus, it has a better sensor for improved accuracy and performance.

While testing the product for our BenQ Zowie FK2-B Mouse review, we noticed its excellent design and build. Although it’s the minimal-sized mouse in the FK series, its design makes it suitable for different grip types. Also, it feels durable and has low latency, making it an ideal choice for gaming.

The FK2-B is an excellent mouse, so we highly recommend it. Even if the market is a sea of cutting-edge lightweight mice, the FK2-B is still ideal for unparalleled performance. It’s simple yet time-tested, making it something you should consider if you don’t mind not having software or RGB.

To learn more about the Zowie FK2-B Mouse, visit BenQ’s official product page to get more information on the product.