Best Board Meeting Software for Leading Meetings

The subject of meetings and relevant reactions to this is interrelated. CEOs of many companies believe that it’s excess. When the manager calls meetings on every issue, the composition of the participants is always redundant. Conscientious employees are resentful. They have no time to perform professional tasks because they part in ten or more meetings daily. The manager is satisfied: he creates an illusion that everything is good.

Everything is under control. The result is extraordinary. Often meetings as a management tool are not used with no final results by managers. Some people think the events are successful when there are a lot of participants. This event itself lasts some hours. Parley is devoted to a problem, opportunity, or strategy with specific members.

Typical problems of the board meeting software:

  • Participants are busy solving minor issues and don’t have time for strategic ones (low-level organization).
  • Meeting participants generate new tasks at the meeting.
  • The meeting is in the “monologue leader” format: the other partners are superfluous.
  • An excessive number of participants got invited. The last meeting was likely a farce.

Extremely low effectiveness of meetings turns from a management tool into a burden and a demotivator for conscientious employees.

About the Effective Leading Meetings Tools

Read what’s an effective management tool. You must complete the complex problems/tasks. Do this:

  • Determine who will conduct the meeting.
  • Formulate goals, problems, and opportunities (we need to achieve up to $500,000 in revenue from store operations).
  • Prove the existence of a solution (exchange views on the problem, elaborate on problem conditions, analyze data).
  • Find the options for solving the problem/problems. Make the list of the most hopeful variants.
  • Discuss a scheme of a concrete variant of the problem solution (crash-test: search for weaknesses and possibilities).
  • Present the developed solution model, collect feedback, and involve those who will implement or use the solution.
  • Discuss tasks and issues of the implementation solution (usually relevant to the group regularly participating in the event).
  • Train employees (conduct a master class).

The meetings are classic things. Sometimes they don’t need to be supplemented with anything. After formulating the goal, you need to consider whether you may be able to solve the task or if you need one person to do it.

3 Most Popular Board Meeting Software

We present the board meeting software solutions to simplify your work.

  1. Brainloop

The board of directors portal will help you run more inclusive events. Your team will know what’s going on. Meeting partners will be online, and you’ll have more time to complete the tasks. Collaborative teamwork is now a reality. Hold fewer meetings! You will seriously save your time.You can organize a remote on short notice. For example, you regiment the online conference a week before the event.

  1. iDeals Board

Meeting members can increase efficiency through more productive teamwork with board document management. Record the decisions made at the event, and increase accountability! With iDeals Board, you can request feedback after the meeting is over.

Save yourself time preparing for the meeting as well as other events. The search and tagging features work in all meeting notes. 

  1. Boardtrac

The virtual boardroom functionality includes audio recordings and transcripts. Start workshops and training/coaching with Quick-Start. Your meetings will be more productive! Teams will be able to work faster and more efficiently. Measure the performance of the event!


Virtual boardrooms are becoming an increasingly popular way of communicating today. The approach to online meetings is slightly different, but the responsibility to prepare for this is unchanged. During virtual meetings, you need to maintain eye contact at all times. When you’re communicating online, there’s no need to do that. That’s why online events are more beneficial than real meetings.

Everyone wants to be persuasive and showy. Encourage people to prioritize their opinions. Experiment and involve participants as you can. Online meetings are a means to an end. A well-organized meeting, if implemented professionally, is a very costly act. Count the time employees spend preparing, familiarizing themselves with the topic, the meeting itself, and possible follow-up work. It’s enough to organize a conference with only one person (a similar script). Remember: productivity is more important than the number of meetings.

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