Best Mobile Games To Play In 2023

As mobile technology advances and internet connectivity becomes ubiquitous, the way we use our mobile phones has changed dramatically over the last few decades. From marvelling at the ability to make phone calls from wherever you can get a signal, we are now able to check the news, do an online grocery shop, and even complete financial transactions all from our mobile phones.

Of course, with all the practical benefits of being able to access the internet wherever we are, one of the things that have also become more widespread is entertainment on the go. The appeal of on-demand services has been amplified by the ability to access them from mobile devices and being able to catch up on TV shows and films has brightened up millions of commutes over the last few years.

For those that prefer something a little more interactive, online gaming has proved hugely popular with billions of players now accessing their favourite games from wherever they happen to be. This surge in popularity has generated a multi-billion dollar industry that has seen game design evolve from simple games with basic controls into epic sagas that allow players to access a whole world of entertainment from their phones.

With so many games to choose from, there are new games coming to market every day, with a wide variety of options for those that want to try something new. Some of the best games for 2023 include:

Mech Arena

Fans of robots and fighting will love this fun game that is suitable for all ages and abilities. Players can kit out their mechs and upgrade them as they play with additional components available as they progress through the game.

This is an example of a game that is beautiful in its simplicity: the concept is super easy to pick up, and the gameplay is engaging but not prohibitively complex for those that want to have a little fun. There are several arenas in which to do battle and the combat is diverse enough to keep gamers of all ages engaged.

Forge of Empires

For those that like to get their brains working hard, this strategy game is an ideal choice and one that offers a real sense of satisfaction. Players must build an encampment and develop it according to their own personal taste using in-game resources that they gather as they play.

Players must invest in research to advance through history, before reaching the present day and then moving into the future to a tech-driven world of science fiction. Other nations may attack, so there are also strategic turn-based battles that allow players to indulge their competitive side.

Those who enjoy Forge of Empires might also enjoy the second game in the series, Rise of Cultures, which follows similar lines. The focus in this game is the evolution of human society, with players controlling individual workers to ensure that they are as productive as they can be while maintaining a good work-life balance!

Fishin’ Frenzy

This game is a new take on traditional slots, featuring a range of different aquatic accessories to match and win. This is another fun slot from Virgin Games, and players need to uncover the five pelican symbols to win the top jackpots in Fishin’ Frenzy, not to mention free spins and other bonuses along the way.

There are plenty of prizes of different sizes, meaning that anyone can win, whether they are complete novices or experienced slot players.

Epic Seven

Anime fans will love this opportunity to build themselves a top-notch team that will help them to win a series of turn-based battles in a story that is fun and engaging. The characters are so well-realised that they inspire strong feelings in many players who find that they are invested in how their team does on a personal level that goes beyond just winning battles.

The visual appeal cannot be underestimated either – the cut-scenes are a great reminder that anime and gaming are inextricably intertwined.

Monument Valley

It has been a long time since gaming and geekiness were synonymous, and this game really shows how far we have come in embracing gaming as mainstream entertainment. The popularity of Monument Valley is a testament to how even games that have a strong basis in maths and engineering have become popular worldwide, even among those that don’t consider themselves gamers.

Players must guide their character through complex mazes featuring optical illusions that include echoes of Japanese woodblock printing, M C Esher’s art, not to mention the hundreds of optical illusions that are floating around the web at any given time. Although the original game has been around for a while, expansion packs have been added and more are set to come, so new players will have plenty to keep them busy.

Call of Duty: Warzone

When Call of Duty: Warzone was first released in 2020, gamers couldn’t get enough of the latest instalment of this iconic franchise. The PC version proved so popular that plans were announced to release a mobile version of the game.

Eager players are expecting to see their favourite game go mobile around May 2023, and the footage that has already been released has only amped up their excitement. With news of the alpha and beta tests adding fuel to the fire of anticipation, many gamers are willing the time away until they can download one of the most eagerly-awaited games of the year.

Whether you like shooting, strategy, or both, there are plenty of games to choose from that will make 2023 another great year for gamers.

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