Best Offbeat and Alternate Platforms for PC Gaming

When you’re looking to do some PC gaming, you’ll invariably turn to the Steam platform as it has become the go-launcher for almost every game developer. However, many people have complained about the oversaturated nature and lack of curation on Valve’s PC platform.

Steam’s most public competitor, the Epic Games Store, has been a breath of fresh air to the scene, offering an alternative and less-cluttered way to play PC games. That said, at launch, and to this day, it still lacks in many core features that PC gamers have come to expect.

But the world of PC gaming is far greater and far more diverse than just two big-name launchers. So here, for anyone looking to experience a new way to play, we’ve found a few of the best alternate PC platforms for you to enjoy some offbeat gaming.

Kicking back to the classic way to play on your PC

Browser-based gaming has been the underpinning staple of online PC gaming for decades. Everyone who enjoys video games will recall going onto educational, work, or library computers to try and find free browser gaming platforms.

Founded back in 2007, Kongregate has been at the pinnacle of browser-based gaming for a long time. Their website boasts highly-rated games which span many genres, including Epic Battle Fantasy 5, Bloons TD 5, and Animation Throwdown. With more and more games added regularly, Kongregate upholds the value of browser gaming in the modern space and offers a quick and easy way for anyone to have some fun.

The home of the wave of pop-culture-themed games

One of the largest emerging sectors of computer gaming is iGaming, with there being more and more online casinos popping up with brand new games all the time. The browser-based game platforms offer hundreds of titles in their game libraries, with the most appealing being those that draw from pop-culture.

The platforms with the most recognizable titles tend to earn greater acclaim. Casino comparison sites like BonusFinder New Zealand have rooted out the casinos that are taking full advantage of our love of familiar pop culture. Offering titles including Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Paranormal Activity, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, and Highlander, it’s clear that gaming platforms are keeping up with gaming trends.

Retro, indie, and lots of CD

Good Old Games has been around for quite some time, specializing in offering retro DRM-free PC games that came with the applicable software to run the unique titles. It has since evolved substantially, becoming a very indie-friendly storefront that occasionally brings in one or two of the big-hit triple-A games. Most notably, on the triple-A side, is the collection of CD Projekt Red games, made possible by the Polish company owning Good Old Games.

GOG offers a refreshing look at a PC storefront, with lower-cost games taking the spotlight and indie games with fun gameplay rising to the fore. Of course, those who use the launcher can also buy highly-anticipated games like Cyberpunk 2077 on their website. But perhaps the most enchanting aspect of Good Old Games is GOG Galaxy 2.0, which allows you to connect multiple platforms to unite your scattered PC games and friends libraries.

The PC gaming experience spans far beyond that of using the Steam launcher, with thousands of games available across many other web-based platforms.