Best Tablets for Online Gaming in 2021

There is no better time for those who love mobile gaming. This is because developers are focussing as much on bringing AAA games to mobile devices, as the latest generation of consoles and PCs. But it wasn’t long ago that titles such as Elder Scrolls, Fortnite, and PUBG could only be dreamt about in terms of being available on mobile platforms. But with the continual advances in technology for pocketable devices things have changed very quickly. Such is the speed of growth for this sector of gaming industry, that GlobalData have predicted it will be worth over $200 billion by 2030.

Another indication of the popularity of mobile gaming is that there are more and more peripherals being developed for the player who prefers the smaller screen experience. Well known companies such as Razer, are making controllers specifically for mobile devices so they can play titles like Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is a huge draw for mobile gaming now, so much so that it has its own eSports competition, the COD: Mobile World Championships. Online gaming’s popularity in modern pop culture is so huge now that many franchises have tied themselves to some form of mobile gaming. This trend is most obvious through online slots which now incorporate advanced imagery and immersive gameplay that is ideally played on smart devices like tablets. The recognisable brands in the immersive online slots from Ladbrokes include Superman and The Terminator. This shows how today’s gaming fans expect an immersive experience no matter the game. With the importance that companies and developers are putting on mobile gaming, and the genres of games now available, it’s definitely the future of gaming.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best tablets to buy so you can get your mobile gaming on.

Apple iPad Pro 2021

Now, this is at the higher end of the market in terms of price. But as soon as you load up a game it’s easy to understand why. The immensely powerful M1 Chip in the tablet runs the most complex titles with ease. The 8-core CPU handles things without a hint of struggle, whether playing games on the device or online. The iPad Pro has a quality microphone, good audio, and a very good battery life for longer gaming sessions. With so many games available and the constant support and optimisation of apps from Apple, if you’ve got the finances to get this, there’s nothing better for the tablet gamer. It’s that simple.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

For those who prefer the Android operating system and the Google Play Store to Apple products then this is the tablet for you. Again, this isn’t the lowest priced device but to get the best specs you have to spend the bigger bucks. The screen on this is fantastic, the Super AMOLED display is a real stunner. It has good battery life, has a swift Snapdragon 865 plus processor, which when tied with the special Game Booster feature built within the tablet really shows off its capabilities as a true gaming device. Online gamers are also catered for very well with the Tab S7 Plus too, as there’s a link to the in game communication platform Discord, with a chat features in the game launcher.


The standard iPad from Apple is a very capable device for gaming. Whilst it might not have the all-out grunt of its bigger sibling we’ve already mentioned; its lower price point doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of gaming. Being more affordable does mean there’s not as much high-end tech in the device but it will run the newest games. It can be connected to an Xbox or PlayStation controller, and of course there’s still the same huge library of games on the App Store to choose from too.

NVIDIA Shield K1

This is the cheapest tablet on the list but it doesn’t mean it’s the worst out there. It’s made by a gaming giant, so you don’t have to guess what its primary function is. Although it’s a little bulkier than the others it has a good weight to it. It feels well built, has a solid sound from its front facing speakers and has the full catalogue of games from the Google Play Store available. It can also access Gamestream which can stream games from your PC to the tablet too. It’s a nice device, simple and sleek in design, it does what it’s meant to do and does it well.