beyerdynamic byrd review Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review

Today, we’re sharing our Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review which discusses everything about their 2nd generation Blue Byrd wireless earbuds. It has an enticing price point and aims to disrupt the category of best budget wireless earbuds around. 

The company opted for a neckband design for their 2nd generation earbuds. It’s because they wanted to encase the Bluetooth, battery, and other electronic elements for the product.

Beyerdynamic also designed the earbuds to work for a wide selection of uses. 

And, it doesn’t only offer powerful sounds, but also provides outstanding microphone performance for the best voice transmission. 

So if you want to keep your flow going anytime and anywhere, continue reading our Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review. It will provide you with more information about the product while also helping you decide if it’s something for you. 

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Packaging

The Blue Byrd earbuds for our Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review arrived in a very clean and minimalist-looking cardboard package. It gives off a premium and sophisticated vibe which is something we find greatly appealing. 

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The front showcases an image of the product, along with Beyerdynamic’s branding and “Blue Byrd”. On the box’s side, you’ll find what devices this product is compatible with. 

Flipping the box, you’ll find another image of the product being showcased along with a few other details about it. Plus, the company’s tagline is also present which is “Your Flow, Your Sound”. 

Inside the box, you’ll find the Blue Byrd earbuds along with extra accessories and inclusions. There are five pairs of silicone ear tips of different sizes to fit your ears perfectly. The sizes included are extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

There’s also a USB cable for charging or data transfer, a hard case, plus a quick start guide for reference. 

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review – Design and Functionality

The 2nd generation Blue Byrd earbuds sport a design that is comfortable enough to be worn and used anytime. Its ear tips are flat and almost disappear entirely once worn. That means, you can wear it even when lying down since nothing presses uncomfortably. 

The Blue Byrd also comes with a flexible neckband that can be folded and stored easily. We love how Beyerdynamic designed the product to be conveniently practical. That’s because it won’t be a hassle, especially when using it while on the go. 

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Furthermore, it even sports a cable fastener to keep the earbuds together and in place while hanging along your neck. Its ends are made with glass-blasted metal to give off an entirely premium package. 

We continued inspecting the product for our Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review. Here, we saw that it has a separate power button and is positioned along the left end of its neckband. It’s actually an interesting approach since most neckband products utilise a multi-function button for their power button. 

When we speak of its in-line remote, it lets you control all aspects of your music playback. These include changing tracks, play/pause, and volume controls. It can even fast-forward and rewind your tunes, which is a rare feature. 

Additionally, you can trigger your smart assistant simply by pressing the multi-function button for two seconds. 

Key Features of the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 

This time, let’s look into the earbuds’ key features here in our Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review. 

Multi-functional Sound Experience

These earbuds are ideal for a wide selection of uses. And, it makes use of an enhanced mic for the most ideal voice transmission. 

Thanks to the newest Qualcomm aptX Adaptive plus AAC audio codecs, it incorporates the newest 5.2 Bluetooth connection. So, it’s able to deliver a highly-refined sonic presentation. 

A Load of Connectivity Options Available 

With its 10-metre range, the Blue Byrd allows you to enjoy freedom of movement. Plus, it can be utilised with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablets, smartphones, or computers. 

It can even be linked to compatible players via USB. And while charging, you can continue listening to your favourite tunes for continuous audio enjoyment. 

Stable Connectivity

The company uses Bluetooth 5.2 which gives you fantastic connection stability.

Passive Noise Cancellation

Although ANC isn’t available, its silicone ear tips can still provide adequate seal for some passive noise cancellation. 

Multipoint Feature 

We gathered tons of details about the product for our Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review. To note, the Blue Byrd comes with the Multipoint feature which makes it possible to connect with two compatible devices. 

Sidetone Function + 8th Gen Qualcomm cVc

Its mic can easily reproduce your own voice signal using the earbuds. This is with the help of its sidetone functions. This allows for a natural flow of conversation during calls. 

The Qualcomm cVc works by allowing the multi-directional mic to focus on voices while decreasing any disturbing background noises. This ensures great speech audibility which makes the Blue Byrd a great companion and communication device.  

Convenient Pairing + Voice Assistance

Other than enhanced sound and voice quality, the 2nd generation Blue Byrd earbuds come with more excellent features. Google Fast Pair is one, and it allows for quick and convenient pairing. 

And since it’s an Amazon-certified product, access to Alexa is possible in addition to Siri and Google Assistant. 

Great for Travel and Exercise

You can use the Blue Byrd freely while travelling and exercising since it has the IPX4 certification. This means it’s protected from rain and moisture. It also has a universal 3-button remote control that allows you to easily control media playback and calls.


Now, our Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review will give you a list of the product’s specifications. And, you’ll get to see what makes it better than the rest. 

The Earbuds and Mic

These dynamic in-ear earbuds sport a closed operating principle with a frequency response ranging from 10 to 25,000 Hz. Its T.H.D. is <0.069% at 1kHz and is compliant with EN-50332.

The earbuds weigh 32g while the cable between both earbuds is 0.84m. It’s a good product since it’s digital-wired audio transmission-possible. When it comes to its mic, it’s an MEM omnidirectional mic with a signal-to-noise ratio of 66dB.  


It makes use of Bluetooth 5.2 with a frequency response of 2.402 to 2.480 GHz. It has a class-1 10 dBm transmission power and can pair a total of eight devices which is pretty neat. When it comes to range, it can reach up to 10m. 

The supported codecs include aptX Adaptive, AAC, aptX, and SBC. For the smart assistants, it works with Google Fast Pair and Amazon Alexa. 


The Blue Byrd uses a lithium-ion 125 mAh battery that allows up to 14 hours of music listening. If you charge it for 10 minutes, you can get up to two hours of audio listening which is great. 

The total talk time is 11.30 hours while its charging time is 1.40 hours. For maximum charging voltage, it’s at 4.35V while 105 mA is its total charging current. 

The Blue Byrd makes use of a USB-C charging socket. And, its USB cable is a type-A (straight) to C (angled) cable that measures 1.0m. 

Hands-on with the Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd 

Now, we’ll look at how the earbuds performed, and we’re sharing our experience in this Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd review.  

Audio profiles can be customised via Beyerdynamic’s MIY app for smartphones. It has a 2-minute hearing test that personalises the audio according to our hearing sensitivity. The original settings were fine, but when we finished the test, our audio’s upper frequencies sounded brighter which was great.

Aside from sound customisation, the app allowed us to choose a preset equaliser, change voice prompts, enable Sidetone, and more.

We’ve reviewed a lot of Beyerdynamic headphones previously and their tuning varies for each product. But generally, these have neutral and balanced sounds that usually focus on musical details.

For the Blue Byrd’s second-generation model, it featured a neutral tuning with clear treble. The bass had enough impact to support the overall sound, and the instruments were detailed too. Plus, the overall profile had no uncomfortable peaks which made it even better. 

Although the bass had a lot of impact, it wasn’t overpowering. Its intensity and kick were just right, resulting in a comfortable sound stage. Since the instruments were detailed, the sound profile was excellent for analytical listening.

Overall, Blue Byrd delivers quality music that can be tweaked with the preset EQ profiles on the app.

For calls, the Blue Byrd performed well too. We enabled Sidetone and enjoyed using the earbuds even more. 

It made us hear ambient sounds without excessively amplifying our voice. So during conference calls, our voices were clear and audible. When we tested the earbuds in a busy supermarket, it minimised most ambient sounds, except for high-pitched noise. 

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Review Summary

Beyerdynamic added all the necessary details and accessories to improve Blue Byrd’s second-generation model. With that, this product makes it a better purchase than other neckband earphones on the market.

The Blue Byrd has an excellent design that offers comfort and convenience. It also has an impressive audio quality that improves calls and music listening experience. Plus, it comes with a user-friendly app that allows audio customisation based on your listening sensitivity.

Overall, we were satisfied with this product and we highly recommend it. You can grab your own Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd from the company’s official website.