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Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review

Today, we will share our Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review and discuss all the vital details about its Free BYRD earbuds. If you are up-to-date, you will notice that Beyerdynamic was absent from the wireless earbuds market until now. 

With the Free BYRD, the company aims to offer their top-notch sound excellence to the latest portable headset. However, can Beyerdynamic deliver and provide us with the best? 

Read our Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review to see if it has all the elements you need for quality earbuds. 

Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Packaging

What we will discuss first are its packaging and contents. The earbuds came in a thick cardboard box to protect the items inside. 

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Beyerdynamic opted for a minimalist look for their package. So, you will only find a white strip that holds most of the details. These include an image of the earbuds, the company branding, the product name, and some extra information about the earbuds. 

Inside, you will find the Free BYRD, a Qi-compatible wireless charging case, and eight pairs of tips. The latter comes in different sizes and materials: five are silicone ear tips, and three are foam ear tips. The silicone tips have XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes, while the foam tips have S, M, and L. 

Lastly, you will also find a USB cable inside the box. 

Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review – Design and Functionality

The Free BYRD is a finely-built pair of earbuds that feels solid and premium. Each bud slots magnetically into its charging container, making it quick and convenient, especially when you are on the go.

There are two available colours you can choose from, and one of these is grey with hints of black. The product for our Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review is the all-black earbuds that give off a more premium look. 

The exterior of each bud sports a black capacitive touch strip. It features the company logo plus a status LED. Tap on the outer panel of any bud to play/pause audio. Tap on it twice to shift from transparency modes and ANC ON.

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On the left earbud, tap on it three times to skip back to the previous track. Or, you can tap three times on the right bud to skip a forward. Finally, tap then hold on to either bud to bring up the voice assistant. 

Its capacitative buttons are sensitive, so these can properly register touches. However, we noticed a few lags between taps and actions, which could cause misfires if you re-press during the delay. 

Its charging case is a bit bulky, yet its flip-top lid is easy to snap open. For its surface, it has a good finish for a good grip. 

The front portion of the case features a status LED, while the back houses the USB-C port for charging. Also, the case supports wireless charging using the Qi standard. 

The Free BYRD connects to your device through Bluetooth 5.2. The earbuds also support aptX Adaptive codec, which offers excellent streaming quality while dynamically scaling the bitrate. 

Theoretically, you get the advantages of “high-res” streaming at up to 420kbps with the benefits of low-latency streaming. Its wireless connection is ideal for playing games or watching videos.

Apple device users will also delight in excellent stream quality to the buds using the  AAC codec. Also, the earbuds support the standard SBC codec.

Bluetooth multipoint is not on the Free BYRD, so you can only link to one device. 

Key Features of the Beyerdynamic Free BYRD

What makes the Free BYRD stand out from its competition? Does it have everything you need for wireless earbuds? Here are the different features you can check out to see if the product is something ideal for your needs. 

A Striking Audio Experience with the Beyerdynamic Free BYRD

The Free BYRD uses powerful drivers and advanced codecs like aptX Adaptive and AAC to deliver excellent sound. Intelligent technologies like Qualcomm dual two-mic cVc for the best voice clarity on voice calls, whether on mono or stereo.

Voice Assistance and Other Smart Technologies

While writing our Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review, we saw that the earbuds feature voice assistance. It also has other unique elements that allow you to maximise the product.

With Google Fast Pair, you can connect the Free BYRD to a device within a few seconds. It is a Google-certified product that allows you to use Apple, Siri, and Alexa to assist you.

The Low Latency Mode ensures excellent picture and sound synchronisation. It uses the Light Guide System makes operating the earbuds easy via its coloured lights.

Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency Modes

Beyerdynamic offers the best tranquillity to combine with your outstanding audio. You can choose ANC to block distractions like ambient noise or Transparency Mode to blend in external noise.

Perfectly Tailored for You

The Free BYRD comes packed with eight pairs of ear tips developed by the acoustic experts of Beyerdynamic. These ear tips have assorted sizes you can choose from, so you can find the one that fits best. 

Five of these ear tips are silicone which offers a perfect fit. The other three pairs are foam, a material more suitable for workout sessions. Finding the pair that suits you most will allow you to hear excellent audio delivery.

Longer Battery Life of the Beyerdynamic Free BYRD 

Listen to your favourite music for up to 11 hours when you fully charge the Free BYRD. You can refill its tank via the charging case when it runs out of power.

The charging case of the Free BYRD works with Qi wireless and USB-C charging.

IPX4 for Increased Reliability

It is not a problem if you get caught in the rain during outdoor workouts. With IPX4 certification, these earbuds are safe from splashing water. It uses premium-quality materials to increase its durability.


The MIY app lets you personalise your audio to the next level. Open the app and take the two-minute hearing test to adjust the sound based on your hearing.

Here, you can update the earbuds with the recent technology using over-the-air firmware upgrades.


We will not skip on the product specifications in our Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review since these are vital information. The Free BYRD sports a closed operating principle, while its wireless transmission is via Bluetooth. 

Without the cable, the earbuds weigh 7g per bud, and their charging case is 60g. Dimensions-wise, the case is 43 x 68 x 30mm.

The battery can run up to 11 hours while its frequency response is 10 to 22,000Hz. The Free BYRD uses Bluetooth 5.2 and is compatible with aptX Adaptive, SBC, and AAC codecs. 

Hands-on with the Beyerdynamic Free BYRD

Before discussing our hands-on experience with the product, our Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review will discuss the MIY app. We tested the app, and instead of having a fully-custom equaliser, it has a hearing test. 

The test evaluates how much you can hear the frequencies in your left and right ears. From there, it creates an EQ preset that will suit you. 

Generally, audiophiles might prefer having a customised EQ. But for the general audience, the interface is easier to manage and understand. 

The application provides some EQ presets, but you cannot adjust them or make customised profiles. To give you an idea of what presets are, these include warm, bass boost, smooth treble, etc. 

Aside from the sound profile feature and presets, you can shift between transparent and ANC modes. Or, you can switch these off and then enable the low-latency mode while gaming. You can even set Alexa as the default voice assistant, but you must download it first. 

True wireless earbuds are not necessarily our go-to for pro sounds. However, the Free BYRD delivered the closest in terms of the soundstage. The earbuds were not that wide, yet the organisation of sounds was exceptional. 

The layering on these earbuds, which gave us impressive performances in a dimensional space, is its most surprising feature. Its stage did not feel particularly open. However, its internal headspace helped sharpen the picture rather than muddling it with excessive resonance.

The sound filled in most empty spaces. However, the earbuds place all of the sound components in locations that are simple to localise. The Free BYRD is unique on this part since we do not find these in most wireless goods.

The Free BYRD has the potential to be a powerhouse once the full scope of the bass begins to emerge. Not only did it realise the bass in its entirety, but it also went quite deep. Whole bass sections of songs are rendered with excellent clarity and pack a satisfying punch.

It sounds warm because some bass frequencies pulse outward, which is pleasing. Additionally, the bass is dynamic in how much it offers based on the song, never overpowering with its tone.

The earbuds keep their power in the mids, offering enjoyable clear vocals and instruments. None of its fidelity was overpowered by extended bass, allowing the sound elements to breathe naturally in its sound signature. 

There is not much pop in its frequency continent, unlike the bass. However, its more relaxed nature gives off a realistic tonal balance.

We were impressed by the ability of the company to integrate their crisp treble into the Free BYRD. Because of this, we think the earbuds might have the most highs compared to similar products. It extended perfectly with shakers, vocals & cymbals, and we loved how it sounded. 

We can say that its sound signature feels the most open and natural, resulting in flavourful highs.  

The details also sounded delicate, which gave a subtle yet smooth sparkle.

Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review Summary

The Free BYRD is an impressive pair of earbuds, considering it is the first that Beyerdynamic released. It has unique features like touch controls and excellent Bluetooth technologies. 

Its performance satisfied us when we tested it for our Beyerdynamic Free BYRD Review.

With these earbuds, the company aims at those who prioritise sound quality. Since it is the first earbuds from Beyerdynamic, we were impressed with its overall audio. This product stands out from the competition, and we highly recommend it.

Learn more about the Free BYRD by visiting the official product page of Beyerdynamic