Build a Video Editing PC: Components and Details

There are many ready-made solutions for different purposes for PCs. You can get a PC designed to provide the best game performance if you’re a gamer. As a musician, you can get one suitable for music production.

It’s difficult to choose a video editing PC, but you can build one with the right hardware components and video editor software. If not, you can always go for a ready-made system and we’re going to suggest those as well.

Hardware Components

Apart from having great video editor software or using a video editor online, it’s imperative to have good hardware components to build a PC for video editing. So, we’re going to discuss the components you should pay attention to.

  1. Motherboard

The motherboard is the key component of your PC. It glues together the key components necessary for video editing. Now, it’s difficult to determine the best motherboard on the market, but if it’s like the aourus master motherboard, it’s probably very good.

It’s the hardware component that’s going to ensure communication between other components. If you don’t have a good motherboard, the process becomes much more difficult. So, consider these details when getting one:

  • Chipset: Whether you choose Intel or AMD, this will be the compatibility for the processor. You need to keep in mind that you’ll also get a processor to make a custom video editing PC.
  • RAM slots: The motherboard should have slots that can accommodate the DDR4 RAM dimensions. This means that you’ll be able to place 6.50mm by 162mm in the slot with ease.
  • CPU socket: The type of socket needs to be compatible with the type of processor you get. So, you’ll either get a motherboard with LGA 1200 or LGA 1700 sockets for Intel CPUs or you’ll get AM4 sockets for AMD CPUs.
  • Video connectors: Always check which video connectors are supported by the motherboard. The most important one is the HDMI connector, it’s present everywhere, and it should be on your motherboard as well.
  1. RAM

With Random Access Memory (RAM) it’s never enough. Also, the capacity depends on how much the operating system can support. The 32GB will grant you video editing freedom. Everything above just gives better performance.

  1. Processor

Much like RAM, the processor will let your PC work smoothly. It’s important to pick the right CPU when building your video editing PC. In the current market, where we have Intel and AMD, it’s quite difficult to choose. That’s why you should compare two things:

  • RAM support: Get a processor that can run flawlessly supporting DDR4 or DDR5. The DDR5 has a lot of potential at the moment and is still a young bit of technology, so we recommend going with DDR4.
  • GPU integration: Opt for a processor that has a graphical processing unit integrated, because you’ll be doing a lot of video editing, so you’ll need as much raw power as you can get.
  1. Sound System

If you’re creating any multimedia content, then you need an excellent sound system. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when getting a sound recording setup like which microphone to get, the audio interface, speakers, etc.

You can always go with the RODE RODECaster Pro II ready-made solution, but you’d still have to get a few features installed. The emphasis is on the mic and speakers if you need them, you can always opt for recording headphones.

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  1. Graphics Card

The last component that’s going to put everything together is the graphics card. We’ve all heard about NVIDIA graphics, and they’re a brilliant choice for gaming and an even better one for video editing.

But, if you’re looking to build a unique PC, and you want it to support all kinds of video editor software, we recommend going for the GIGABYTE RTX 3050 EAGLE OC Graphics Card.

Software Components

When you’re done with the hardware, there are some software components you should think about. There’re a lot of video editor software varieties available and coupled with royalty-free video, you can do almost anything with them. However, here are some we recommend:

  • iMovie: They boast the app as you don’t require a degree in video editing to edit videos and make them look professional. But, if you don’t have a Mac, what’s the point? Let’s leave iMovie for Mac. Or choose a great video editing alternative if you’re among Windows users. It’s safe to use iMovie on Windows
  • AVS editor: The AVS video editor is a suitable alternative to both, and it takes up so little space on your hard drive. It can work on Windows only, and it has all the basic functions like trimming, cutting, merging, etc.

Ready-Made Video Editing Systems

The last thing that we want to mention is that you also have ready-made systems you can already use for video editing. The current top on the market is the Mac Pro because of its amazing rendering speed.

Not only does it work seamlessly when you’re editing the video with any video editor software, but it also supports iMovie, and you can do almost anything on it. Plus, when you’re done making videos you can play games or do something else.

If you’re not looking to make your PC for video editing, the Mac Pro is the ready-made system that includes all the specs for video editing. Plus, you can configure them on your own, and you can visit their website to see what goes where and how much can go in which slot.


A great PC build for video editing requires a great motherboard that connects the processor, the graphics card, the RAM, and the other components necessary for the PC to work. With good video editor software and the mentioned hardware, you have a great system.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of configuring your PC and getting all these components separately, you can get the Mac Pro and choose your configuration online. This is something that works well for video editing.

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