Canada Continue to Cement Their Place as a Major Player in Esports

Short for electronic sports, Esports are centered around video games and are becoming increasingly popular. Competitors are often professional players that play in teams or as individuals. Canada is a major force in the Esports world thanks to its location. It’s home to several major Esports players and teams, as well as three Esports arenas and millions of Canadian fans. 

Watching Esports

With more and more Canadians becoming interested in Esports, it perhaps comes as no surprise that they tend to watch Esports at least once a month. Some may watch for enjoyment, willing their favorite teams or players to win, whereas others may want to place a bet on a tournament or game. 

There are many sites where this can be done, at anytime or anyplace. With Esports rapidly expanding, there are several games that can be chosen to place a bet on. For instance, the most popular games so far in 2022, are considered to be Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, and League of Legends.

Online sports betting sites will often cover these games, especially if they dabble in Esports, and the more the Esports industry grows, so does the amount of sites competing for people to place a bet with them.  In fact, there are so many of them that there are now comparison sites that will compare the special offers provided by the various online sports betting sites. For instance, if a sports fan was to visit, or another comparison site, they’d see a range of offers by different betting sites. This takes away the legwork for bettors and ensures they find the sportsbook most suited to them.

So how do fans watch Canada’s best Esports teams and players, as covered on Mainly online, which means their home setup has to be on point. Aside from making sure their internet provider is reliable and has fast download speeds, Esports fans also have to have the right equipment that can handle this. Speakers, keyboard, chair, and the all-important monitor, are just a few items that they may want to make their viewing experience more enjoyable.

Playing Esports

Many Esports fans also play video games that feature in competitions, with some popular ones including Fortnite and Dota 2. There are around 61% of Canadians that enjoy gaming, so it’s an industry that’s staying put for the considerable future. By upgrading games and regular new releases, players never know what’s in store for them when it comes to online gaming. 

Canada is a sports-loving nation. Whether sports fans are watching a favorite team or player physically playing in front of them or on a screen, showing support is great for their sports industry. As such, it’s expected to continue to grow well into 2023, with some nonprofits like, targeting local communities to bring people together and learn about this level of competition.