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RODE Unveils The Interview Pro, Phone Cage and Magnetic Mount

RØDE has announced three brand-new products today at the 2024 edition of NAB in Las Vegas. Introducing the Interview PRO, a broadcast-quality wireless handheld microphone for use with RØDE wireless systems, and two premium smartphone filmmaking accessories, the Phone Cage ... View Full Article

ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova Review – The Best True Wireless Headphones for Gaming

ASUS recently announced its true wireless headphones, which we will discuss in our ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova Review. It is an upgrade to the Cetra True Wireless and introduces the low-latency Speednova 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connection.  It has ... View Full Article

Sennheiser Accentum Plus Wireless Review

A year ago, Sennheiser gave us a new collection of consumer-grade headphones – the Accentum Wireless. It is a more affordable line than the Momentum series but is as efficient and quality-made as its pricier sibling. Today, we will look ... View Full Article

Wicked Cushions for Audeze Maxwell: Ultimate Comfort

A large number of headphone users report discomfort after prolonged use, a statistic that highlights the importance of choosing the right ear pads. Enter Wicked Cushions for Audeze Maxwell, a game-changer in enhancing your audio experience. We are going to ... View Full Article

JBL Quantum Launches 360X and 360P

JBL strikes again with the expansion of its new JBL Quantum Series headsets specifically designed for XBOX and PlayStation consoles. The JBL Quantum 100X/P and 360X/P, where X versions are compatible with XBOX and P versions with PlayStation, enable gamers to have ... View Full Article

ASUS ROG Carnyx Review – Premium Audio for Streamers and Content Creators

You will need quality gear for the best audio to get the job done when gaming, streaming, or creating content. So, this ASUS ROG Carnyx Review will discuss a notable microphone to consider. The Carnyx is a pro-grade condenser USB ... View Full Article

SteelSeries Announces 20% Off All Products In Australia

SteelSeries has announced they will be offering savings of 20% across their entire range of SteelSeries products in Australia during a limited sales period starting in March. Running from March 26 until April 10, the sales promotion will apply to all SteelSeries’ ... View Full Article

Audeze LCD-GX Review – An Audiophile Gaming Headset For Gamers That Want The Best Audio Quality

Several gaming headsets have appeared with optimised performance, aesthetics, and overall quality. So, we will look into one of the products of a trusted brand here in our Audeze LCD-GX Review. The LCD-GX is a high-calibre planar dynamic headset featuring ... View Full Article

Audeze MM-100 Review – Affordable Headphones That Offer Premium Performance and Sound Quality

Today, we are writing our Audeze MM-100 Review to discuss everything you need about the headphones. It is the second pair of headphones joining the MM Series with the MM-500.  The difference between the two is that the MM-100 is ... View Full Article

Corsair Virtuoso Pro Review – Elevate Your Gaming with Premium Sound Quality

Today, we are writing our Corsair Virtuoso Pro Review to discuss what you need to know about this headset. The Virtuoso series is known for its sound quality and has optimised features for user enjoyment.  This symphonic headset sports enhanced ... View Full Article

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for Xbox in 2024: Ultimate Guide

In the realm of gaming, where every millisecond counts and immersion is key, settling for a mediocre audio experience can feel like running a marathon with weights tied to your feet. Enter the best wireless gaming headsets for Xbox – ... View Full Article

FiiO Q15 Review

FiiO expanded their series of DAC/Amps towards the latter part of 2023. And in this FiiO Q15 Review, we will look at what they included in their collection.  The FiiO Q15 is a portable DAC/Amp with an output power of ... View Full Article

JBL Tour One M2 Wireless Headphones Review

Who does not know JBL? Their name is on almost every audio product on the market, and they are known mostly for their Bluetooth speakers. Today, our JBL Tour One M2 Wireless Headphones Review will discuss a pair of notable ... View Full Article

Beyerdynamic MMX 200 Wireless Headset Review

Beyerdynamic is a staple name in the world of audio peripherals, and it is offering a new product for us. In this Beyerdynamic MMX 200 Wireless Headset Review, we will check its MMX 200. It is a quality wireless headset ... View Full Article

Corsair HS80 Max Wireless Headset Review

Today, we are excited to share our Corsair HS80 Max Wireless Headset Review to discuss this amazing headset from Corsair.  Corsair had been quiet since it released the HS80 RGB Wireless. But last year, we were introduced to its HS80 ... View Full Article