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TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review – Next Level SSD Cooling

The product featured in our TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review is an M.2 NVMe SSD cooler. TeamGroup claims the product offers enhanced heat dissipation with its two copper heat pipes and active 40mm fan. Plus, the product has a ... View Full Article

TeamGroup Z540 Review – Blazing Fast Speeds

TeamGroup is a renowned Taiwanese hardware brand catering to enthusiasts and gamers globally. The company’s lineup consists of DRAM memory, SSDs, memory cards, and USB thumb drives. Today, our TeamGroup Z540 Review will discuss everything you need to know about ... View Full Article

ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review – One Of The Best CPU Coolers Available Today

This ASUS ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB Review is all about the eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing CPU cooler. The LC III 240 ARGB, the newest version of the ASUS Strix LC, integrates the finest elements to ensure quality. Of ... View Full Article

Gigabyte AORUS OLED Monitors – The Best Gaming Monitors for Serious PC Gamers

PC gaming has evolved significantly over the years, with advancements in hardware and display technology playing a pivotal role in enhancing the gaming experience. One of the most significant developments in recent times is the introduction of OLED (Organic Light ... View Full Article

Gigabyte G6 KF (2024) Review – An Affordable All-Round Laptop

Companies nowadays integrate and use AI with their products, and Gigabyte is one of them. Recently, it introduced a new collection of AI gaming laptops. Today, we will feature one of these in our Gigabyte G6 KF (2024) Review.  The ... View Full Article

ASUS PRIME Z790-A WIFI Motherboard Review – Prime Intel Gaming Performance

In this review, we will be taking a look at the ASUS PRIME Z790-A WIFI Motherboard. The PRIME series motherboards are designed to unlock the full potential of 13th Gen Intel Core processors, and the PRIME Z790-A WIFI is no ... View Full Article

Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max Review – Small Form Factor That Actually Performs

Today, we have our Cooler Master NCORE 100 Max Review, which discusses everything you need about this PC case. The launch of this mini ITX case marks an important event for SFF case designs. It combines top performance and a ... View Full Article

Elgato 4K X Review – 4K External Capture Perfect for Consoles

Elgato has a new external capture card, which we will discuss in our Elgato 4K X Review. It has several key upgrades and improvements like VRR and HDR10 content, plus support for recording until 4K 144Hz.  Elgato is a popular ... View Full Article

Elgato 4K Pro Review – 4K Streaming Made Easy

Our Elgato 4K Pro Review will focus on the latest PCIe capture card from the company. This new product is the upgraded version of its predecessor, the 4K60 Pro. What makes it impressive is it offers up to 8K60 HDR10 ... View Full Article

ASUS TUF Gaming B760 Plus WiFi D4 Motherboard Review – Affordable PC Gaming Excellence

ASUS never fails to use essential elements that they integrate into their products. Today, we will discuss one of these products in our ASUS TUF Gaming B760 Plus WiFi D4 Motherboard Review. The B760 Plus WiFi D4 has military-grade parts, ... View Full Article

ASUS ZenScreen MB166CR Review – Lightweight and Portable Monitor

Today, we are writing this ASUS ZenScreen MB166CR Review. We will look into this monitor featuring a sharp 15-inch full LCD HD IPS display. It sports the Eye Care technology to protect your eyes during hours of use.  The product ... View Full Article

Fractal Design North XL Review – High Performance and Modern Case Design

Some time ago, we reviewed the North PC case. So today, we will discuss another option in our Fractal Design North XL Review.  The original North was the only case in this series from Fractal. Thankfully, the company decided to ... View Full Article

Gigabyte AORUS Waterforce II 360 Review – A Sleek AIO CPU Cooler with Great Performance

Last year, Gigabyte released another noteworthy cooler, which we will discuss in this  Gigabyte AORUS Waterforce II 360 Review. It is the Waterforce II 360, a product that gives us various upgrades and enhancements that are notably eye-catching.  Gigabyte integrated ... View Full Article

ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming Wi-Fi II Review – High Performance White Motherboard

Today, we are writing this ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming Wi-Fi II Review to check one of the latest ROG offerings. The motherboard has a powerful VRM with a wide silver heatsink that powers the latest Intel 14th Generation Core processors. ... View Full Article

ASUS Dual Radeon RX 7600 OC Review – A PC Gaming Powerhouse

The graphics card in our ASUS Dual Radeon RX 7600 OC Review is an entry-level and mainstream product from ASUS. It offers an impressive build quality, cooling, and overall performance better than other products in this category.  Dual is a ... View Full Article