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CleanShot X Review

Everyone that uses the macOS for their devices needs a good screenshot and screen-recording app, and that’s the CleanShot X. We’re going to discuss everything about it: from its features, specifications, and design, and all the way to its performance. You’ll get all the necessary information you need to know about it here in our CleanShot X review.

Today, macOS already allows you to take screenshots in multiple ways. You can take the whole screen, a part of it, a window, or a dialogue box within its scope. Not only that, but it lets you make time captures, as well as directly open screenshots into the “Markup” feature. 

These may be enough for some people, but if you’re not one of them, then CleanShot X is the solution. It has all the enhancements you’ll need. Plus, it builds on familiar actions and keystrokes that offer more control than the macOS. 

Not only that, but it has a scrolling capture that grabs non-visible parts of the scrolling window. There’s a lot more in store for you. So if you want to learn more about these, just sit back, relax, and continue reading our CleanShot X review.

CleanShot X Review – Design and Functionality

This is one of the best screen-capturing applications for macOS. And with its rich toolkit, it feels like you have a total of six apps in one package. 

You can utilise it to easily capture your screen without any desktop icons present. Plus, you can record, trim videos, save screenshots to the cloud, annotate, and a lot more. 

While continuously gathering details for our CleanShot X review, we learned that it’s among the best third-party screenshot utilities around. The app is user-friendly and couples cloud storage with sharing capacities as part of prices of the standalone purchases/subscriptions. 

It has an integrated editor which helps you hide or highlight certain parts of your screenshot. Or, you can add the necessary annotations instead. 

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Another important aspect we have to look into is the product’s plans and subscriptions. So of course, we’re discussing this here in our CleanShot X review. 

You can get the basic version of this service for a single-time payment of $29.00. This will provide you with one year of software updates plus 1GB of cloud storage.

For as low as $8/month, you can instantly upgrade to CleanShot Pro and experience what it has to offer. This option lets you have unlimited cloud storage, custom branding, and custom domain for sharing. Plus, it even offers extra advanced features for teams and users. 

Key Features of the CleanShot X

Our CleanShot X review will list all the key features that will be available to you when using the software. These are also the elements that make it a sought-after application among many. 


CleanShot X has a built-in editor that lets you hide or highlight specific parts of your screenshots. Aside from that, you can add necessary annotations too.

Quick Access Overlay

This feature is a little pop-up that appears when you take screenshots or record videos. It’s designed for viewing, annotating, and sharing things you’ve captured. Plus, it’s also for instantly saving, copying, and dragging/dropping files to other apps. 

A small pop-up appears in your screen’s corner when you take a screenshot or record a video. This is the Quick Access Overlay. It’s made for annotating, viewing, or sharing what you captured. 

You can also instantly save, copy, and drag/drop the files to other applications. 

Screen Recording

This app is not only for screenshots. CleanShot X lets you record audio. Whether it’s a quick recording or an entire video tutorial, it will work excellently. Plus, you can choose from recording a video or GIF and capturing a part or your entire screen.

Integrated Cloud

With CleanShot Cloud integrated in the Cleanshot X app, you can save your screen captures. From the Quick Access Overlay, upload screenshots or videos and get a ready-to-share link.

Text Recogition (OCR)

CleanShot X makes capturing non-selectable text from images, videos, scanned documents, etc. easier so manually retyping is no longer needed. Since it recognises text, you can just select the area with the text and it will be copied to your clipboard. This feature is completely performed on-device only so it’s privacy-friendly.


You won’t really find much in this section of our CleanShot X review. But despite that, you only need two things to make use and take advantage of Clean Shot X is macOS 10.14 or newer, and your device. 

Hands-on with the CleanShot X

Of course, we’re sharing our hands-on experience with the application in our CleanShot X review. And first up, let’s talk about the layout of the CleanShot X and how easy it was to navigate. 

From the menu bar, we were able to easily access the app’s tools. Plus, it’s also where we found the setup screen.

All our captured content was kept in a little quick access overlay. It popped out after we recorded a video and took a screenshot. 

The overlay’s buttons were used for copying and saving our files to the computer or file. We also utilised its annotation tools and a lot more. 

Basically, it was easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Everything we needed was served right on a silver platter. Also, those we had to access via other tabs were easy to find. 

Capturing Your Screen with CleanShot X

We were able to effectively capture our Mac’s screen in a variety of ways using CleanShot X. We first snapped an image of one area/window successfully and we didn’t have problems doing so. That was also the case when we took screenshots of the entire screen and scrolling window. 

There was a task where we tried snapping a pull-down menu. We had to use both sets of hands for it, but we were able to successfully use the CleanShot X. How? We simply used the timer tool to successfully take the shots that we needed. 

The most interesting option for us was the scrolling window. That’s because it allowed us to perfectly capture things that didn’t fit right on our screen. Examples of things that we took include chat logs and computer codes. 

We also utilised the classic screen capture tool to display a magnifier/crosshair then froze a moveable screen. We appreciate that each of the screenshots we made was saved in either JPG or PNG formats. 

CleanShot X’s screen recording tool was good since it let us overlay recorded audio effectively via our computer’s integrated mic. It also successfully hid clutter from our desktop while recording, so we don’t have any issues with it. 

CleanShot X Review Summary

CleanShot X is a great tool for macOS that makes taking screenshots and recording videos easier. It’s fast, versatile, has a lot of features, and works flawlessly. As a result, it gave us an improved work setting when we tested it for our CleanShot X review. 

This software combines actions on different apps into a single interface, making everything more convenient. And since it comes with fairly priced plans, we highly recommend it.

To know more about the software, check out CleanShot X’s official product page for more details.