Cooler Master Announces New Case Products Cooler Master Announces New Case Products

Cooler Master Announces New Case Products

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, MAY, 2019 – Cooler Master reveals a variety of new case designs this year at Computex 2019. From minimalistic cases to sinister Black Edition variants, each model features the latest technology and innovative design. New cases are tailored to specific functions, lifestyles, and preferences ranging from professional to enthusiast demands. One series, in particular, revamps its legacy with leading-edge technology.

Silencio S400 (mATX) & Silencio S600 (ATX)

The Silencio set a precedent for quality in silence-optimized cases when it first debuted in 2011. From noise reduction technology to practicality and usability, the newest iteration was developed by evolving the strengths of Silencio predecessors through rigorous testing. Decibel meters may measure sound levels but there are more elements at play that needed to be studied. For further insight, Cooler Master collaborated with Sorama in the development of the new Silencio.

Sorama offers unique high-resolution acoustic cameras to visualize sounds in order to analyze noise and vibrations. The precision of this information equipped our R&D team with enough data to optimize noise reduction by frequency, while balancing thermal performance. Some frequencies are more noticeable than others. The application of specific types of sound dampening material target particular ranges in frequency, improving the quality of sound that could potentially escape to the user. The result is an experience that is noise-optimized without compromising the Silencio’s thermal capabilities.

COSMOS C700P Black Edition

Computex 2019 marks the launch of the latest COSMOS. The COSMOS C700P Black Edition extends further than its matte black coating, comprised of internal and external advancements upon the original. The PSU Shroud, flat radiator brackets, fine mesh panels, cable cover system, and an extra rear panel are all included to extend the COSMOS’ modular origins. While the panels and bars exhibit a pitch-black theme, the curved tempered glass possesses a lighter tint in comparison to its predecessor. Builds are displayed in full panoramic view through the dual-curved tempered glass, showcasing an arsenal of accessories at hand. Raising the Bar(s) in the COSMOS C700P Black Edition means more out-of-the-box parts to build an out-of-this-world rig.

MasterCase H100

The MasterCase H100 remains fiercely loyal to the H Series, unwilling to part from the 200mm RGB fan despite its mini-ITX form factor. From its industrial design elements to its generous use of mesh, the H100 fits neatly in the series as a travel-sized variant. Mesh makes up the entire front panel and part of the top panel, offering just enough room for a built-in handle to add to its portability. Compatibility for an ATX power supply ensures efficient power to the system for on-the-go gaming; ideal for LAN parties and events. Whether you’re saving desk space or looking for a portable alternative to the H Series, the H100 houses powerful mini-ITX systems in a tiny amount of space.

MasterCase SL600M Black Edition – Prototype

The top and front aluminum panels are anodized in black, bringing forth the MasterCase SL600M’s sinister side. The original silver finish is the suit-and-tie version of the SL600M, now donning battle armor with no intention of pleasantries as the Black Edition variant.

Availability and Pricing:

COSMOS C700P Black Edition: 28th May. $299.99

Silencio S400: 18th June. $79-89.

Slencio S600: 18th June. $89-99.

MasterCase H100: 9th July. $59.

MasterCase SL600M Black Edition: TBD $199