Cooler Master Hyper H410R Review

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This Cooler Master Hyper H410R review talks all about the essential details about the cooler. It’s a helpful guide to provide you with information to let you decide if it’s something necessary for your needs.

Most of the time, you’ll see coolers that are for the more high-end CPUs around. The thing is, not everyone wants or even needs to have these types of coolers for their rig.

With that, we’re taking a look at an entry-level cooler from Cooler Master. It is the Hyper H410R designed to replace stock heatsinks.

Cooler Master Hyper H410R Packaging

This part of our Cooler Master Hyper H410R review is all about the product’s packaging and the included contents.

The cooler comes in a dark-themed cardboard package that’s sturdy and durable enough to protect the cooler inside. The front displays an image of the H410R at the centre.

For Cooler Master’s logo, you can see it on the upper left corner of the box. Below the image, you’ll find Hyper H410R written.

The rear of the box displays more details about the cooler, and these are written in different languages.

Beneath the details, you’ll find three illustrations of the cooler in different angles. It’s to give you an idea of how it looks.

Inside the package, you will find the cooler itself, a user manual, a universal mounting backplate, and two mounting brackets. The latter has a wide range of compatibility options to fit almost every AMD and Intel socket.

You’ll also find a bag of screws and fasteners inside. It’s good that Cooler Master included a Master Gel Pro thermal paste in the package. With that, you won’t have to purchase extra thermal paste when setting up the cooler.

Cooler Master Hyper H410R Review – Design and Functionality

This time, we’ll focus on the design and functionality of this cooler in our Cooler Master Hyper H410R review.

The Hyper H410R is one of the latest members of the Hyper Series. It’s a cost-efficient, high performance, and compact air cooler that’s excellent for small form factor systems.

With its DC (Direct Contact) technology and four heat pipes, the H410R delivers excellent cooling performance. Interestingly, it outperforms the Hyper 103, its predecessor, when it comes to heat dissipation.

Its special fan design enhances the airflow going through the heat pipes. For the 92mm PWM fan, it features a wide fan-speed range that’s fine-tunable for increased airflow. It’s also for setting it up to have silent operations and excellent cooling performance.

Hyper H410R Tower Cooler Design

The Hyper H410R features a single-fan and single-tower design. And with its compact design, the tower cooler is perfect for fitting it in tight builds.

However, remember that having a little cabinet with huge graphic cards will give you a challenge when fitting it in. If you own those legacy cabinets that don’t open both ends of its tower covers, removing the motherboard is necessary.

It’s because the backplate has to be installed at the back of the motherboard.

Fins and Heat Pipes

At the top portion of the Hyper H410R, we can see both ends of the four heat pipes. Aside from that, you’ll also find the Cooler Master logo.

The fins and heat pipes’ design adds to the cooler’s aesthetics. This makes it a great addition to your build if you have a see-through or glass chassis.

Base Plate and Fan

The base plate of the Cooler Master Hyper H410R features four direct contact heat pipes for unparalleled efficiency. It’s made of aluminium, and it also acts as a heat sink to enhance cooling performance.

The base plate features four direct contact heat pipes for greatest efficiency; also the aluminium base acts as a heat sink for more cooling.

In front of the cooler, you’ll find the 92mm 4-pin LED fan. It’s powered by a 4-pin PWM fan connector.

Key Features of the Cooler Master Hyper H410R

This time on our Cooler Master Hyper H410R review, we will focus on the cooler’s key features.

Air Flow Precision

The stacked fin array on the Cooler Master Hyper H410R is precise to reduce airflow resistance. As a result, cooler air flows into the heatsink, offering better thermal performance.

XtraFlo PWM Fan

The Cooler Master Hyper H410R comes with white LEDs and wide speed range that can be adjusted. With that, you can achieve maximum cooling performance and silent operation.

Intuitive Snap and Play Design

The Cooler Master Hyper H410R features an intuitive fan bracket design. It allows you to upgrade or remove its fan with ease. The cooler also has a tool-free mounting system for easy installation.

Additionally, the universal retention brackets are compatible with the newest AMD and Intel socket CPU.

Direct Contact Technology

The four copper heat pipes of the Cooler Master Hyper H410R feature Exclusive Direct Contact Technology. These provide efficient heat dissipation through the funnel-shaped aluminium fins.

Small Form Factor and High-Performance

The Hyper H410R is a compact tower cooler with a height of 136.5mm, designed to fit in small builds. Although small, it delivers outstanding thermal performance. It’s the ideal solution for Mini ITX and Micro ATX boards.


This part of our Cooler Master Hyper H410R review deals with the specifications of the cooler.

The Cooler Master Hyper H410R is compatible with a wide range of CPU sockets. For Intel, these include LGA 1150, 1151, 1156, and 775. When it comes to AMD, these are AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM2, and FM1.

The cooler’s dimensions are 102 x 136 x 83.4mm (L x H x W). The heatsink measures 90 x 136 x 63.5mm (L x H x W) and weighs a total of 358g. When it comes to the heat pipe, it measures Φ6mm.

For the PWM fan, its dimensions length and width are 92mm, while its height is 25mm. Its speed ranges from 600 to 2,000rpm while airflow is at 34.14 CFM ± 10%. For the air pressure, it’s 1.79mm H2O ± 10%.

The Cooler Master Hyper H410R has an MTTF of 40,0000 hours. Its rated voltage is 12VDC, while its rated current is 0.2A. The cooler’s safety current is 0.4A, and its power consumption is 2.4W.

The Cooler Master Hyper H410R comes with a limited 2-year warranty.

The next part of our Cooler Master Hyper H410R review will focus mainly on the performance of the product.

Hands on with the Cooler Master Hyper H410R

On this section of our Cooler Master Hyper H410R review, we will get hands-on with this air cooler.

The Hyper H410R delivered excellent cooling performance. Although it’s small, its copper heat pipes perform excellently. While using this cooler, our CPU’s temperature never went beyond 57°C.

Also, it was inaudible during operation and was more quiet compared to other coolers we’ve used.

Since the cooler only uses aluminium and copper, it should last long and deliver excellent performance consistently. It’s best to maintain it by keeping it clean to extend its life. Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to dust can affect its performance and lifespan in the long run.

The Hyper H410R delivers excellent cooling performance while operating quietly even in full load. In fact, it can also handle minor overclocking without any issues.

Overall, the Cooler Master Hyper H410R is an impressive CPU cooler and is the best choice among affordable coolers today. Because of that, we’re giving a thumbs up for its performance.

Cooler Master Hyper H410R Review Summary

The Cooler Master Hyper H410R delivered more than what we expected from a budget air cooler. It’s an excellent replacement for your stock cooler since it offers better thermal performance that is almost silent.

Although it’s not ideal for overclocking, it’s an affordable cooler that can keep the temperature low at all times. Most importantly, it’s highly affordable, making it an excellent choice.

Aside from its performance, it has a great build quality that’s sure to last for a long time. It doesn’t use plastic, and as mentioned, it only makes use of aluminium and copper to ensure its durability.

In conclusion to our Cooler Master Hyper H410R review, we highly recommend this product for gaming and office use. If you want to purchase this cooler, you can find a shop via the company’s store locator.

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