cooler master mm710 review Cooler Master MM710 Review

Cooler Master MM710 Review

When it comes to gaming mice, we immediately think of interchangeable side grips, RGB lights, and weight adjustment systems. The thing is, not all the best mice come with these features. With that, we’re showing you one of the most notable mice today here in our Cooler Master MM710 review.

The MM710 is among the most innovative and creative mice today that does more with less. Together with a ton of top-notch features, this mouse from Cooler Master becomes a deadly accessory in combat.

The company also integrated a new shell design and a lightweight, sturdy Ultraweave cable for the MM710. It’s a necessary element to help lessen the MM710’s weight. With that, it results in longer gaming hours, quicker movements, lesser fatigue and wrist pains linked to constant stress injuries.

Cooler Master MM710 Packaging

This section of our Cooler Master MM710 review focuses on the mouse’s packaging and its contents.

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Our black MM710 came in a sturdy and compact package that featured an image of the mouse in front. On the upper right corner, it highlights the mouse’s critical features while below the picture has “MM710” written. Under the product name, a brief description of it is present.

There isn’t much information displayed on the box’s sides, but the rear has all the essential features for everyone’s convenience. There’s even an image of the MM710’s bottom portion displayed at the centre.

Below the features and image, a list of features is re-listed, but in eight different languages. Other information on the box’s rear includes the support address, serial/model number sticker, and system requirements.

Inside, the MM710 is surrounded by hard, folded cardboard for added protection while in transit. To guarantee that the product is safe, Cooler Master wrapped the mouse in a thin foam material. Aside from the mouse, other items in the box include the information card and additional PTFE mouse feet.

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Cooler Master MM710 Review – Design and Functionality

Our Cooler Master MM710 review now focuses on the functions and design of the mouse. It sports an ambidextrous design while its shell has a specific style to decrease its weight as much as possible. Simultaneously, the design maintains the mouse’s durability as well.

Notice the honeycomb exterior of the mouse resembles Cooler Master’s logo, which is an attractive touch blending with the brand. Another notable aspect of the mouse is that most of its internal components are water-resistant. Its PCBA has water and dust-resistant coating to help prevent any major damages from spills.

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The front portion of the MM710 shows that its cable directly links to the middle section of the mouse. This specific layout guarantees accurate tracking for both right and left-handed users.

Both the left and right-handed buttons feature Omron switches that are rated over 12 million clicks. The left portion of the MM710 features two side buttons. Its palm rest’s height isn’t too low or high, which makes the mouse suitable for most gripping types.

The right portion of the mouse appears similar to the opposite, except for the side buttons which it lacks. The top portion of the mouse comes with a rubberised scroll wheel, plus another button that’s closer to its centre. This button can also toggle between various DPI levels, and there are a total of 7 to go through. These are 400, 800, 1200 (default), 1600, 6400, and 16,000.

The bottom of the mouse holds the PWM-3389 optical sensor, which is close to the mouse’s centre. Plus, three PTFE feet are present for easier tracking and gliding.

The next section of our Cooler Master MM710 review will be about the mouse’s key features.

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Key Features of the Cooler Master MM710

Durable, Efficient, and Lightweight without the Gimmicks

The Cooler Master MM710 sports a new creative exterior that’s more than just that. By utilising a honeycomb shell design, Cooler Master created a mouse with equal durability and lightweight features. They successfully trimmed down the total weight of the MM710 to no less than 53g. With its lightweight body, users won’t have to suffer from wrist pain and fatigue after long gaming sessions.

Ultraweave Cable

The MM710 features the Ultraweave cable, which is made of a highly flexible material. It helps make aiming and shooting easier for FPS players.

Provides Comfort And Delivers Performance

The MM710 has an ambidextrous shape optimised for left and right-handed users. On one of the sides, customisable keys are present. With the perforated design, the mouse allows for more airflow to prevent sweating on the user’s hands.

Optical Sensor For Pro-grade Gaming

With its 16000 DPI Pixart optical sensor, the MM710’s lag and stutters are minimal. Also, it’s highly accurate due to its reduced weight. Users can also adjust the mouse’s precision and speed via the DPI in real-time.

Omron Switches For Top-Tier Durability

With the top-notch Omron switches, users won’t have to worry about their sidearms quitting during mid-battle. These switches are standard elements for the MM710, and they’re set beneath the right and left buttons. They’re rated for 20 million clicks or about a million rage quits.

Special Protection Against Elements

A lightweight mouse such as the MM710 needs heavyweight protection, especially with its perforated design that’s vulnerable to exposure. Its PCBA has a dust and water-resistant coating that protects the mouse from spills, dust, or sweat.

Do note that the switches and encoder don’t have a coating, yet they still work perfectly and accurately. But since this is the case, it’s best to avoid soaking the mouse in liquid.

Glide Like A Pro Skater – the PTFE Feet

The MM710 comes with PTFE out of the box, which is a standard modification in pro-mousing circles. They’re considered as skates since they provide users effortless glide and premium responsiveness for the mouse.

The next portion of our Cooler Master MM710 review talks about the specification of this gaming mouse.


The mouse is made from ABS plastic while it uses the PixArt PWM3389 for its sensor. The mouse has 7 CPI/DPI levels which are 400, 800, 1200 (default), 1600, 3200, 6400, and 16,000.

The MM710 has a tracking speed of 400ips while its lift-off distance is less than 2mm. Polling rate is at 1,000Hz while mouse acceleration is at 50g.

When it comes to the mouse’s process, it uses the 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ and has a 512KB memory. It also utilises OMRON switches with 20 million clicks for its lifespan. For its buttons, there are a total of six on the mouse which are all efficient, especially for gaming.

MM710 measures 116.6 x 62.6 x 1.8m (L x W x H) and weighs less than 53g. For its cable, the fixed Ultraweave cable measures 1.8m. Additionally, it comes with a 2-year warranty from the company.

In the next part of our Cooler Master MM710 review, we’re getting more hands-on with the MM710. Plus, we’re going to see how well it performs.

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Hands-on with the Cooler Master MM710

We had this mouse for a fair amount of time, and all we can say is that its performance is excellent.

For a mouse with this price, it’s great that it features a top optical sensor such as the 3389. Together with its smaller form, it allowed us to play seamlessly and comfortably. It didn’t put too much effort and fatigue on our hands or wrists, which was excellent.

As expected, the mouse’s sensor didn’t display any angle or acceleration snapping. Its lift-off distance was also low, and its reduced weight made the MM710 extremely easy to control.

Overall, this is an excellent mouse for FPS gaming since its click latency is impressive. Plus, its overall sensor was perfect, which makes it an even better mouse to use. Furthermore, users are allowed to customise both the CPI and polling rates to suit their preferences. Also, it’s a comfortable mouse to use for gaming marathons.

The Cooler Master MM170 is a perfect mouse for gaming, it’s durable and adequately-designed, plus it’s lightweight too. With that, we’re giving it five stars.

Cooler Master MM710 Review – Summary

After using the Cooler Master MM710, we can say that it’s an excellent, ultra-light mouse that’s durable and efficient. It’s one of the most lightweight mice we’ve tried, and it’s all thanks to its honeycomb pattern for its exterior.

The mouse is excellent for gaming because of its low click latency, polling rate, and customisable CPI. To conclude our Cooler Master MM710 Review, we would highly recommend it to users. Plus, we’re also giving it five stars for its performance, build, specifications, features, and excellence.

If it’s a mouse that’s necessary for your gaming needs, you can get your hands on it from their official site. If you want to get your hands on this gaming mouse, it’s available via Cooler Master’s online store. You can also check out the company’s store locator to find a shop near you.