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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review

Today, we are writing our Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review, which will discuss everything about the M65 RGB mouse. The product is ideal for FPS gaming since it has low latency on a USB receiver or wired connection. It also features additional elements like decreased lift-off distance, a wide CPI range, etc.

The mouse has plenty of features, but are these adequate for your needs? Here in our Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review, we will discuss its design, build, functions, features, specifications, and performance. These will help you determine if the product is worth purchasing. 

But before we get to those, let us look at what is inside the box and what Corsair included.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Packaging

Our mouse arrived in the usual-looking Corsair box, which sports a black and yellow theme. The front shows you an image of the M65 RGB Ultra with the company branding and the product name. The mouse, optional weights, a quick start guide, safety leaflets, and a warranty card are what you will find inside the box.

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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review – Design and Functionality

Let us take a quick look at its design and functions in our Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review. If you favour palm grips than fingertip/claw styles, you will need to get used to the M65 RGB Ultra. 

The mouse has a stubby rear end that does not support the base of your palms. Instead, the mouse couches at the centre of your palm, providing a cradle-like grip.

The M65 RGB Ultra feels well-built because of its solid metal frame. We did not hear any wobbling or rattling from the pieces except for the L/R click buttons. These were slight wobbles, so you do not need to worry about them. 

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However, its side panels flex around the back where there is a gap between these and the palm rest. 

The mouse has a 1.8m braided cable which we think is adequate for most setups. Keep in mind that the cable material helps reduce drag. That means it looks good and guarantees it will not compromise your aim by friction. 

The friction occurs when the mouse cable comes into contact with the edge of your table/desk. Plus, you will love rubberised feet on the USB connection and enhanced cable strap for portability. 

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

If you are familiar with Corsair mice, you will notice the M65 RGB Ultra resembles the M65 RGB ELITE. However, it features a textured pattern along the thumb rest without RGBs on the scroll wheel. 

Also, there are eight programmable buttons and the gyro tilt gesture. Additionally, the mouse features forward and back buttons on its side and even a sniper button. The latter helps decrease DPI for placing accurate shots. 

Aside from these, you will get two reprogrammable DPI adjustment buttons and a scroll wheel click button. 

Here is an explanation of the gyro tilt gestures. Imagine these as virtual buttons that can be activated by moving the mouse forwards, backwards, or to the left/right. 

Customisable Weight

The adjustable heaviness of the M65 RGB Ultra is one of its main selling factors. For a more customised experience, it has weights you can attach to its base. 

The triangular positioning of the weight inserts can make the mouse a bit off balance. So, we suggest using all of them at once. If you prefer a lightweight mouse, do not use any of these.

The M65 RGB Ultra weighs just 97g without any weights fitted. It is a manageable weight for long gaming sessions and when you use it for both work and entertainment.

The mouse weighs 115g which is a bit heavy. However, it did not put much strain on our hands, wrists, or forearms. 

It is manageable to operate and portable enough to position around your desk. It is ideal for quick targeting, driving in-game, changing lanes, or moving the in-game camera to see enemy locations and goal markers.

Key Features of the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse 

The features of this mouse make the product stand out from its competition. So, we decided to discuss each of these in our Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review. 

An Iconic and Attractive Design

The M65 RGB Ultra features a tunable weight system while sporting an iconic anodised aluminium frame. The latter offers long-lasting durability while keeping a comfy, familiar shape. 

Optimised Enhanced Time with QUICKSTRIKE

The optical switches with QUICKSTRIKE technology allow the M65 RGB Ultra to deliver the fastest response times. With shorter travel, you can click and perform faster.

The QUICKSTRIKE buttons feature a spring-loaded design that eliminates the gap between the main mouse buttons and optical switches. As a result, it delivers superior responsiveness, speed, and consistency.


The advanced MARKSMAN optical sensor from Corsair delivers top-notch accuracy in tracking. You can also adjust its sensitivity by 1 DPI step.

The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse, Powered by Axon

The Corsair Axon is a hyper-processing technology that translates your clicks and movements to your computer. It can do this up to eight times quicker than standard gaming mice with 8000Hz hyper-polling. 

Six Weights to Find Your Balance

The M65 RGB Ultra comes with six weights, allowing you to adjust its weight and centre of gravity. It can be as light as 97g or as heavy as 115g.

Sensor Fusion Control

This mouse has a six-axis gyro and accelerometer to deliver the lowest lift-off distance. It always keeps the cursor steady. Also, the programmable tilt gestures allow mapping actions like weapon reload or simple mouse movements.

M65 RGB Ultra + iCUE

Use Corsair iCUE to configure the M65 Ultra. Enable quick DPI adjustments, button remaps, custom macros, and light syncing across the iCUE ecosystem. iCUE software offers an intuitive way to control your mouse and other compatible products. We will let you learn more about its interface and features later in our Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review.


We listed the various product specifications in our Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review. 

Corsair included a 2-year warranty for the M65 RGB Ultra, which is convenient. On its body, it features eight programmable buttons plus a 2 ZONE RGB backlighting. Also, it has a report rate ranging from 125 to 8000Hz. 

It has a 26000 DPI, the 26K MARKSMAN sensor, an optical sensor, and one onboard memory profile. This wired mouse utilises the Omron buttons, which make it even better. 

The mouse is ideal for medium-sized hands and claw-grip types, thus, making it perfect for FPS Battle Royale games. 

Lastly, the mouse measures 97g without the accessories and cable, which is 1.8m-long with a drag-reducing paracord. 

Hands-on with the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse 

We used the mouse and tested it for over two weeks. In our tests, we could see how the M65 RGB Ultra performed in different situations. So, we will share our experience with it in our Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review. 

But before we share how it performed, let us discuss its Corsair iCUE software.  

The iCUE software suite offers a range of customisation options. We created profiles, remapped keys, and set macros. Plus, the onboard memory can save one profile, allowing you to use it without launching the iCUE.

This software suite includes tutorials for button assignments and saving profiles, so do not worry about difficulties in using it.

iCUE software has always had a simple interface since its first release. It has always been user-friendly, so even new users can easily configure peripherals.

The M65 RGB Ultra offers a perfectly balanced speed and control. Although it is lightweight, it is not feather-like and not difficult to control. It is a directly tuned mouse that worked excellently on FPS based on our tests.

We played numerous games with this mouse which was as good as expected. All buttons were highly responsive, and it allowed for smooth aiming. Each click offered good quality feedback, and its shape provided an exceptionally comfortable experience.

In FPS, the mouse had adequate precision and impressive tracking performance. The mouse layout was also good since we maximised each programmed button.

When we used it for MMOs, it performed even better than other mice, thanks to reprogrammable buttons and gyro gestures.

It took us some time to get used to the gyro gestures, but they were convenient for gaming. Unlike physical switches, gyro gestures were slower. However, this feature was excellent for pulling up menus in MMOs or performing non-critical actions.

We found gyro gestures excellent for reducing the use of hard-to-reach keyboard actions.

The gyro also has the added benefit of being quicker at detecting surface lift-off. It offers enhanced responsiveness and precision, which was helpful when we frequently flicked or repositioned the mouse. Additionally, we could select the lift-off height from five different settings that suited our preferences.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review Summary

The gaming mice market is abundant with an array of options today. You will find minimalist lightweight mice, models designed for MMORPG or FPS, and more. Some mice have many programmable buttons, while others have adjustable weights.

What makes the M65 Ultra from Corsair is it offers most of these features. You can adjust its weight, program its buttons, and enjoy its efficient performance. Plus, it has a user-friendly software suite for customising the mouse.

Based on our tests for this Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse Review, this gaming mouse works well for most games. It is also comfortable to hold and use for long periods, so we highly recommend it.

Visit the official product page of Corsair for more information about the M65 RGB Ultra Mouse.