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Corsair RM1000x Review

PSUs regularly appear to satisfy the needs of consumers. In our Corsair RM1000x Review, we will discuss a product that is powerful and efficient enough to handle heavy power demands.

The RM1000x is a distinct and innovative product, unlike others. It sports a side connector cable interface to make PC building more convenient. This PSU is also a fully modular unit with an 80 Plus Gold rating, among others. 

Generally, the product is aimed towards mainstream enthusiasts and gamers. It is also ideal for those with specific capacities for today’s most demanding PC upgrades. 

Continue reading our Corsair RM1000x Review to learn more about the PSU. We will discuss its design, features, functions, specifications, and whether it performs adequately for your needs. 

But before we look deeper into it, what is inside the box? 

Corsair RM1000x Packaging

The product ships in a sturdy, durable box that protects the PSU during shipment. Generally, its packaging is almost similar to other Corsair items, and the RM1000x is no exception. 

corsair RM1000x Review1 Corsair RM1000x Review corsair RM1000x Review2 Corsair RM1000x Review

The front of the box displays an image of the product, while the back shows its features and dimensions. Inside, you will find the following items that Corsair included: 

  • RM1000x PSU
  • DC Modular Cable Set 
  • AC Power Cord
  • Corsair Case Badge
  • Cable Ties
  • User Manual

Corsair RM1000x Review – Design and Functionality

This section of our Corsair RM1000x Review will focus on what the product does and how Corsair designed it.

Like the usual style from Corsair, the unit stands complete in a tactile ebony finish. Its input/output specifications label rests atop the power supply. 

On either side of the RM1000x, you will see an identical logo. The bevelled edges of its power supply add a practical dimension when assembling your system. It helps simplify the installation process.

Beneath the product is a wire mesh grille integrating with its lower surface. Here, the 135mm fan in a subtle shade of grey takes centre stage, providing active cooling for the RM1000x.

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This product is a PSU with three EPS connectors and cables with six PCIe connectors. Plenty of peripheral connectors are available, but their distance is too short at only 100mm. Ideally, these should be around 159mm away from others. 

Looking at the rear side of the PSU, you will find proper ventilation sporting traditional honeycomb mesh cutouts. Here, an on/off rocker switch for the AC input is present. Corsair also thoughtfully affixed a sticker, which you peel off before firing up the unit.  

The sticker informs you that the fan remains dormant until the PSU reaches a certain level of warmth. This design guarantees silence until necessary. 

Interior of the Corsair RM1000x

The company always use clean interior layouts for their products, and we can prove that in our Corsair RM1000x Review. The PSU sports this design aesthetic, providing excellent airflow. 

Corsair consistently delivers a pristine interior layout, ensuring exceptional airflow dynamics within the unit. Three sleek black heat sinks handle the passive cooling needs of this power supply.

The RM1000x power supply board uses the highest-quality components, featuring exclusively Japanese-grade capacitors. 

If the unit increases its temperature sufficiently to necessitate cooling, Corsair relies on the NR135L fan. This fan boasts the incredible longevity of Magnetic Levitation bearings to withstand even the most demanding operational temperatures. 

It is widely recognised as one of the finest fan-bearing technologies. However, it comes at a premium cost and is not simple to manufacture. A vertically oriented board houses the controller and the supervisory IC, ensuring efficient cooling when needed.

The CWT or Channel Well are the OEM options for this PSU. It is a long-term partner of the company concerning its PSUs. 

Its CWT design is simple throughout. Plus, it features several heatsinks to guarantee that components are cooled adequately. Moreover, it has adequate soldering abilities without any real noticeable issues.

Key Features of the Corsair RM1000x 

What makes the RM1000x better than previous PSUs from Corsair? Is it also better than products from other manufacturers? Let us learn more by discussing its primary features.

80 PLUS Gold Certification for Excellent Efficiency

The 80 PLUS Gold certification guarantees superior efficiency. It means the PSU works with reduced heat and lower operating costs. 

100% Japanese 105°C Capacitors 

The RM1000x uses premium internal components to guarantee adequate and stable power delivery. These are essential for high-performance and demanding PCs that need highly reliable components.

Zero RPM Mode for Silent Operation

Thanks to the Zero RPM fan mode, the PSU operated quietly when we tested it for this Corsair RM1000x Review. It remains silent at low and medium loads to reduce noise and only spins when reaching specific temperature levels.

 Solid Reliability and 10-Year Warranty

The RM1000x is a highly reliable PSU that will last across several PCs. Plus, it has a 10-year warranty for convenience and peace of mind.

Fully Modular Cabling of the Corsair RM1000x 

The fully modular cable design makes installation and PC building faster. It allows mounting the PSU in the chassis before attaching the necessary cables. 

With this feature, upgrading your build with new components is more convenient. Plus, you can keep your PC build neat and clutter-free.


  • Protections: UVP (Under Voltage) | OVP (Over Voltage) | OTP (Over Temp) | OPP (Overpower) | SCP (Short Circuit) 
  • Compatibility: EPS12V 2.92 standards and ATX12V v2.4
  • ATX12V Version: v2.4
  • Continuous Power: 1000 Watts
  • Fan-bearing Technology: Rifle
  • Fan Size: 135mm
  • MTBF: 100,000 hours
  • ATX Connector:
  • SATA Connectors: 11
  • PCIe Connectors: 8
  • EPS Connectors: 2
  • Floppy Connectors: 2
  • Intel C6C7 Sleep State Compatibility: Yes
  • PSU Form Factor: ATX
  • 80 PLUS Efficiency: Gold
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 180mm
  • Weight: 2.1kg

Hands-on with the Corsair RM1000x

While testing the product for our Corsair RM1000x Review, it positively displays top-notch performance at all times. Even with its voltages below 5% tolerance, it is stable and barely shows changes from low to full load.

It is good to note that the load regulation of this PSU is exceptional. All the power rails demonstrate minimal fluctuations under load, maintaining superb stability.

The RM1000x does not become noisy, even when running at maximum power output. Plus, its premium quality components, like the Magnetic Levitation fan and Japanese capacitors, efficiently prevent temperatures from increasing.

The RM1000x is a superior power supply unit from Corsair. It is highly efficient and compatible with the ATX spec (2.52).

This product also supports Microsoft Modern Standby for fast wake-from-sleep. However, this function requires a compatible motherboard.

Corsair managed to improve the performance of the RM1000x. Thanks to its enhanced features and efficiency, it delivered excellent results in our tests for this Corsair RM1000x Review. 

This PSU had superior efficiency, especially when running at light loads. It also had a tight load regulation on minor rails and suppressed ripple excellently.

With these test results, we can attest the RM1000x can cover the needs of power-hungry systems and components. It is ideal for gaming, video editing, and other modern demands.

Corsair RM1000x Review Summary

The RM1000x is an impressive PSU for anyone who needs a system running at 1000W power. It performs impressively while keeping the noise, temperatures, and costs lower.

This PSU is a comprehensive package that delivers solid load regulation and can handle cross-loads easily. In addition, its efficiency levels and ripple suppression are impressive. When we tested it for our Corsair RM1000x Review, it did not have issues or technical weaknesses.

Aside from handling power well, we highly appreciate it for maintaining low noise output and temperature levels. Corsair made an excellent move by adding a top-notch ML fan to dissipate heat effectively, even at maximum loads. Plus, its 91% efficiency at full load was a solid result.

Corsair also simplified this PSU by using a fully modular design for cables. It made installation faster and more convenient. It will suit DIY PC builders who demand easy-building features for components they need to install.

Visiting the official Corsair product page will help you learn more about the RM1000x.