corsair sfx review Corsair SF750 SFX PSU Review

Corsair SF750 SFX PSU Review

Today, we’re going to focus on one of Corsair’s latest power supplies which is the SF750 SFX PSU. It is one of the company’s strongest power supply units that you can readily purchase in the market. It has 750 Watts which gives it an extremely high power density that can support strong systems that are rigged with power-hungry elements.

After the highly notable SF450 and SF600 Platinum models, Corsair once again strikes with their SF750 SFX PSU. This model addresses the needs of extremely demanding users and enthusiasts who require a strong yet compact PSU.

Some time ago, it would be considered crazy to come up with an idea about these kinds of powerful SFX units, but with Corsair and Great Wall – manufacturer of every SF model, they were able to create this power supply. These two names deserve high praise for all of their great effort.

This latest model will surely delight hardcore enthusiasts who are in search for a small form factor, high Wattage supply; the SF750 SFX PSU also sports a bigger 92-millimeter fan instead of the 80-millimeter ones. This also comes with the Zero RPM fan-mode to decrease the production of noise under low load situations.

What’s in the box?

The SF750 SFX PSU from Corsair is packed in a sturdy-looking box that sports a black and yellow theme. The front part of the package displays a huge image of the unit, Corsair’s name and its logo on the upper left corner, while the unit’s name is written on the lower right corner in bold white letters. The upper right part of the box shows the series this unit is categorized, as well as the Wattage that it uses which is 750 Watts.

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Along the sides of the box are some details about the SF750 SFX PSU, while the top portion of the box features a collection of the unit’s image with various information as well. The back part of the package provides you with more technical details about the power supply unit which is convenient for those who want to learn more about the product before purchasing it.

Inside the box, you will find a fairly extensive bundle. You will find the SF750 SFX PSU itself, a regional-specific power cable, a bag filled with cables, the user manual & literature, plastic & felt cable ties, as well as an SFX – ATX mounting bracket.

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The Corsair SF750 SFX PSU

The SF750 SFX PSU from Corsair is a solid power supply that isn’t among the extended units that we’ve seen in the past few years. For its measurements, the unit is only 63 x 125 x 100 millimeters (H x L x W).

Corsair utilizes a 90-millimeter NR-092-L rifle-bearing fan that has a design that allows it to circulate lubrication for a long life sleeve bearing. This will give you a lengthier and better fan life compared to the earlier sleeve-bearing fans.

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The company also claims that the blades of their fans have been improvised and adjusted to adequately move air through the unit while producing decreased noise compared to the classic design. Its bearing has been improved for decreased RPM airflow by adopting better windings and an improved motor core.

You will find the 90-millimeter fan behind a metallic grill that is located at the top portion of the SF750 SFX PSU. You’ll find a big sticker that is set on the case that explains the unit’s Zero RPM fan mode, where less noise is good. When you remove the sticker, you’ll see a panel with vents along with the button and power connector.

The other portion of the SF750 SFX PSU displays the modular bay which is clearly named and divided into different parts to make installation easier.

The platform is produced by Great Wall, and they utilized high-quality elements for it. Thing is, it would’ve been much better if an increased capacity bulk cap was utilized for the APFC converter, allowing for over 17ms hold up time.

On the secondary portion, you will find a small set of electrolytic caps; so with that, a majority of ripple-filtering is managed by polymer caps. This only means that there will be boosted tolerance to high operating temperatures and longer lifetime under similar conditions. Lastly, the unit’s cooling fan makes use of the rifle-bearing which is the same as those utilized by all the other SF models of Corsair.

PSU Cables

The company chose to increase the number of cables for specific connectors when it comes to their SF750 SFX PSU. This allows all their high Wattage SF series to be compatible with a larger selection of machines.

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One of the most evident changes to the unit would be the PSU’s utilization of 2 EPS connectors. This change is specifically designed to enhance the compatibility of the unit with systems that make use of increased Wattage PSUs. It also uses a total of 4 PCIe power connectors and 8 SATA power plugs which is a big upgrade compared to the 2 PCIe plays, as well as the 4 SATA plugs used for the SF600 series.

Listed here are all the power output options provided by the SF750 SFX PSU, all of which are modular pieces. These include a 24-pin ATX power connector, two EPS / ATX 12-Volt connectors (8-pin / 4 + 4-pin), four PCIe connectors (6 + 2-pin), three peripheral / molex connectors, and eight SATA power connectors.

It’s really good to see two EPS connectors in this SF750 SFX PSU, and it’s actually the first time we’ve seen a compact PSU that sports these connectors. In addition, the unit has adequate PCIe, as well as peripheral connectors that can readily back a strong system. Finally, all of the included cables are sleeved individually and there are also no in-line caps present.


The SF750 SFX PSU from Corsair supplies a continuous and combined output of up to 750 Watts – 50c. This is based on one single rail design that can readily deliver up to 62.5A. Corsair utilizes Great wall as their partner for this specific power supply design; its construction, layout, and the overall design is quite similar to their SF600.

All electrolytic capacitors found in the unit are Japanese-made which is something really good. Its main bulk capacitor is produced by Nippon Chemi Con and is rated for 420C, 470uF, and 105C. Aside from having the 80 PLUS Platinum certification, the SF750 SFX PSU has been certified by Cybenetics where it was able to achieve the LAMBDA-A & ETA-E certifications in noise and efficiency.

The company also offers a 7-year warranty on all of their SF Platinum power supplies which guarantees a reliable operation that will last for a number of system builds. Corsair also states that if you ever need assistance with their products, their customer service and technical support are always around to help.

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Features of the Corsair SF750 SFX PSU

Unparalleled 750-Watt SFX PSU

The Corsair SF750 SFX PSU is the most powerful unit in the market, which is ideal for the most power-dense PCs with small form factors.

80 PLUS Aluminum Certified

The power that the SF750 SFX PSU brings has an efficiency of up to 92%, which reduces noise, temperatures, and energy consumption. As a result, your electricity bill will also decrease.

105-degree Japanese Capacitors

With top-quality electrolytic capacitors, you can rely on the SF750 SFX PSU with its unwavering power. It delivers the long-term reliability that you expect and demand from any Corsair power supply.

Zero RPM Fan Mode

This PSU comes with a 92-millimeter cooling fan that doesn’t spin until it’s needed. This allows for near-silent operation for low to medium loads.

92-millimeter PWM Low Noise Cooling Fan

Instead of utilizing a basic DC voltage control, the SF750 SFX PSU makes use of a PWM.  This keeps the noise low while maintaining precise fan speed. The PSU also features a copper alloy heatsink to deliver the best thermal performance.

Completely Modular Cables

The power supply units under the SF range are all equipped with high-end cables that are individually sleeved cables that have a flexible paracord sleeve. These cables are designed to be ready for your newest high-end PC, and it also makes routing and cable management easier with flexibility and lower profile.

Comes with an SFX to ATX Bracket

The SF750 SFX PSU will be shipped to you with an SFX to ATX power supply adapter bracket. This enables you to install the PSU into any ATX compatible case.


Corsair’s SF750 SFX PSU is another impressive showcase from the company. It has a ton of power packed in a small form factor, and its high output contributes to the company’s growing status.

One of the best things about the SF750 SFX PSU is its Japanese capacitors in the primary and secondary stages. These make operation stable even under heavy load conditions, which is why the PSU becomes more reliable for long periods of time. With this supply in your system, it’s likely that there won’t be any noise at all when doing general work. The fans will start spinning under higher loads, but it will not be audible until the loads reach 80%.

Without a doubt, the SF750 SFX PSU is one of the finest power supply units in the market. Although it takes a lot of money to own one, it’s the best PSU that you could ever have. With its warranty that’s good for seven years, you can just sit back and relax while using your top-quality power supply unit.

Where you can Purchase the SF750 SFX PSU

Check out Corsair’s store locator to see the authorized resellers that offer the SF750 SFX PSU around your area.