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Creative Stage V2 Soundbar Review

Sometimes, a bad sound system can take away the enjoyment of a movie or a game. This is an issue in many homes that have poor sound systems. In our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review, we’ll discuss a sound system that focuses on bringing life to your home.

The Creative Stage V2 contains two products which are the soundbar and the subwoofer. These products go hand-in-hand to bring in the best quality and sound through Sound Blaster’s audio technologies.

By that, you can fully immerse yourself in entertainment with the excellent audio features the Creative Stage V2 offers. With that, let’s get right into our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review.

Creative Stage V2 Soundbar – Packaging

Before we proceed with our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review, we should go over the items that come together with the package.

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The Creative Stage V2 Soundbar comes in a large white package that weighs significantly heavy. You will see the product’s image on the front of the package and some information regarding its features.

At the back, you will find several descriptions regarding the functions of the product in different languages.

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Upon opening the box, you will find the soundbar first on top, wrapped in plastic. To its sides is styrofoam which holds the product in place. This helps ensure the safety of the product as it reduces movement inside the package.

Under the soundbar, the subwoofer will be found there, also wrapped in plastic. Plastic wrapping is common to use as it shields it from unwanted substances that may damage the product.

Other than those items, there is a medium-sized cardboard box containing all the cables and the instruction manual and remote.

Creative Stage V2 Soundbar – Design and Functionality

Now let’s take a look at the product’s design and functionality in our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review.

The Creative Stage V2 Soundbar is Creative’s newest model for the soundbar family. It’s black in colour, and it styles a modernistic aesthetic touch to it. The soundbar itself spans 680 millimetres to fully extend the sound range.

For the subwoofer, it stands 423 millimetres tall. This makes it much easier to create and reproduce low-pitched frequencies such as the bass. Due to this, you can feel every beat and sound that comes out of the Creative Stage V2 Soundbar.

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It offers Clear Dialog and Surround sound features which are powered by the Sound Blaster audio expertise. This device is focused on creating an extraordinary experience of being like in a cinema even when at home.

Other than that, the soundbar and subwoofer contain the best sound drivers for converting sound files to match the quality of the movies or games. You will truly enjoy the experience of this product.

Thanks to its expansive range and quality surround sound, it is able to deeply fill your living room with rich audio sounds and impactful bass. Besides that, it provides a variety of connectivity choices you can utilise.

The Creative Stage V2 Soundbar uses Bluetooth features to help connect you and your sound system. This makes it ultimately easier for you and your device to connect so you can enjoy a quick entertainment session.

Key Features of the Creative Stage V2 Soundbar

Turning away from the product’s physical properties, we now head towards the features that help it stand out in our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review.

Hear It and Feel It

The Creative Stage V2 provides a minimalistic design that will blend easily with your home’s environment. It seamlessly hides into the room design interior and does not steal any of the attention away from the TV set.

Other than that, it makes its presence known through its sound and provides clear quality regardless.

Sound Blaster

Sound Blaster powers the Creative Stage V2, which gives it the edge it needs to boost acoustic details by not drowning it out by the powerful bass. It provides the Clear Dialog and Surround audio features that help improve vocal intelligibility and wide surround experience.

You can rest easy and fully experience sound like never before as it keeps you locked and immersed in the movie or game.

Surround and Clear Dialog

Let’s talk a bit about these distinct features as it helps create the cinematic atmosphere desired.

The Surround audio feature focuses on bringing a wider soundstage experience to your current media. Thanks to its capabilities, it is able to identify and enhance the spatial information of the incoming audio due to the built-in filters.

This, in turn, optimises for you the listening experience for both two-channel and multi-channel source content. These features work with Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

The Clear Dialog feature protects the delicate and intricate sounds from being overpowered by the bass.

Clear Dialog gets the vocals and spoken dialogue through an algorithm and brilliantly enhances and amplifies them. All the while without compromising any of its ambient effects.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about not being able to hear the voices of the characters during intense moments. The Creative Stage V2 allows an equilibrium between explosive bass and fragile ambient and vocal sounds.


The Creative Stage V2 provides multiple connectivity options on its table, ready to be used by anyone or anything. There is a connection for TV, Optical (game consoles), USB, Bluetooth and AUX-in.

This extends the variety at which you can connect and makes it easier for anyone to use. Whether it will be used for gaming, home entertainment, movies or more, the Creative Stage V2 makes it only easier to use.

Added Convenience

The Creative Stage V2 offers an IR remote control that allows more than the usual options. It also allows the user to shift between input audio sources, adjust treble and bass settings and toggle the Clear Dialog and Surround features on or off.


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Our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review also takes on the systematic interior components that make up the product.


Our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar has two main parts. The soundbar and the subwoofer. The soundbar goes 78 by 680 and 100 millimetres, and the subwoofer goes 423 by 116 and 250 millimetres.

In addition, the soundbar has to be elongated horizontally to maximise the range of its capacity to fully encompass the room.

Furthermore, the cables provided are distinct for each part. The subwoofer cable is around 2 metres. Tethered to the subwoofer is the USB Type-C to Type-A cable, which spans 1.2metres.

For the 3.5 millimetres AUX-in Cable, it reaches 1.2 metres and lastly, the power cable goes 1.5 metres.


Our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar only weighs 2 kilograms for the soundbar and 3.3 kilograms for the subwoofer. This makes it light and easy enough to carry and position to fit your home’s architecture.

Power Output

Regarding the power, its main unit goes 2 by 20 watts subwoofer around 1 by 40 watts which gives us a total system power of up to 80 watts. Sound systems like the Creative Stage V2 Soundbar don’t usually require enormous amounts of power to run efficiently.


The Creative Stage V2 Soundbar already has built-in drivers integrated into its system. For the soundbar, it has a Dual 2.25” soundbar speaker driver and a 5.25” subwoofer speaker driver.

System Properties

Our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar has a frequency response range from 55 to 20,000 Hertz. This range is adjustable in the system settings. Speaking of which, the system configuration is a 2.1 system, which is the latest system model.

Moreover, the signal-to-noise ratio is around greater than or equal to 75 dB. The same goes for the Bluetooth operating frequency at 2402 to 2480 MHz which means that it provides lower latency for your devices.

In relation to Bluetooth, the operating range for Bluetooth devices stands around 10 to 33 feet with no walls in between.


The Creative Stage V2 Soundbar supports Bluetooth, AUX-in feature, Optical-in and USB Type-C. This provides a wide range for devices to be connected to the sound system.

Bluetooth Profile

Other than the key components, like the soundbar and the subwoofer, we also have the AVRCP, which is the Bluetooth remote control and the A2DP. The A2DP is the wireless stereo Bluetooth profile that enables wireless transmission of full stereo sound to other Bluetooth devices.

Hands-on with the Creative Stage V2 Soundbar

The technical aspects of this product only tell us what the product is on paper. By that, to fully comprehend the product’s quality, we have to learn more about the product by testing it.

In our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review, we will tackle this issue by examining the features and components. This is done by testing the product. That way, we can learn more about where it fails and succeeds.

For our tests, we want to know if the Clear Dialog and Surround features are true to what they say. We would also want to figure out the range of the soundbar and subwoofer. With that, let’s get right into it.

To test these audio features, we had to set up the Creative Stage V2 in our offices. It was simple enough to install the product, and the connections provided no hassle for us.

We first tested the Clear Dialog by running an action movie that had large amounts of powerful bass as well as dialogue.

When watching the movie, we had no trouble with the vocal or spoken intonations that came from the Creative Stage V2. We could hear it clearly, but as soon as the bass came it, the Clear Dialog came into play to equalise the sounds. It lowered the bass by just a bit and boosted the acoustic details.

This made it much easier for us to hear the vocal audios spoken by the characters during the scenes of the movie.

Next was the Surround audio feature. The Surround feature during the movie was capable of improving and strengthening the spatial information of all the incoming audio from the movie. It optimised the audio the movie provided and expanded the soundstage.

This made the experience more enjoyable and fun to listen to as the audio quality was distinct and clear. It also kept us immersed in the content of the movie.

The Creative Stage V2 contains two products which are the soundbar and the subwoofer. The soundbar’s role is to provide excellent quality for the acoustic, vocal and delicate sounds while the subwoofer handles the low-pitched bass sounds.

In our office, when testing the devices, we found the sound system to have an extensive range in its audio. It brings the theatre to your home and makes it come alive. Everywhere we sat in the office, we could clearly hear the audio. This ensures us the listening experience we would want to hear when watching or playing games with this sound system.

Overall, the Creative Stage V2 is a brilliant product designed to bring life and joy into your home without taking away the immersive and comprehensiveness in listening and watching.

Creative Stage V2 Soundbar Review Summary

Before we conclude our Creative Stage V2 Soundbar review, we will provide you with our final thoughts regarding this product.

The Creative Stage V2 Soundbar is a sound system, unlike anything we have experienced or seen before. It fully encompasses the listener to stay attuned with the sound. It also brings life into your home as you enjoy listening to each and every sound that comes out.

Thanks to the Clear Dialog and Surround audio features, it boosts the listening experience together with Sound Blaster’s audio technologies into the mix.

With that, we have enjoyed discussing and examining this product with you, and we happily recommend this product to anyone looking to make their homes alive. If you want to purchase this product or any of Creative’s products, then click here.