Creative aurvana trio sxfi review

Creative SXFI Trio Review

If you’re looking for a great set of earphones coming from a well-known brand, we’ve got something for you. Here in our Creative SXFI Trio review, you can read all about its design, specifications, features, and performance. This review will help you decide if it’s something essential for your needs.

Creative SXFI Trio is the company’s all-new in-house Super X-Fi headphones. It’s powered by digital audio and USB-C to give you superior and excellent sound performance.

Not only that, but these are fit with the same hybrid triple driver system like its predecessor, the Aurvana Trio. With that, you’ll get to hear every single detail with outstandingly perfect acoustic performance, as well as powerful bass.

But is it as good as what Creative claims? Does it really produce excellent sounds? We’ll find out in our Creative SXFI Trio review, but first, let’s check out its box and what’s included inside.

Creative SXFI Trio Packaging

This part of our Creative SXFI Trio review talks about the packaging and its contents.

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When we received our Creative SXFI Trio, it came in a clean and premium-looking package. The front portion features an image of the SXFI Trio, then above and below it is the name of the product.

There are more details about the earphones on the box’s rear which you may find essential before purchase.

Inside, the earphones are set neatly and securely in place. These include the extra silicone ear tips which are placed according to their size.

Other than the earphones and its differently-sized silicone ear tips, there are other items inside the box. These include a carrying pouch, secure clip, warranty leaflets, and a quick start guide.

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Creative SXFI Trio Review – Design and Functionality

Here in our Creative SXFI Trio review, we will discuss the design and functions of the earphones.

Aesthetically, it’s an extremely attractive and premium-looking pair of earphones. It comes with the SXFI Trio which looks similar to the company’s Aurvana Trio.

It features a triple driver system housed in a flat cone-shaped body. The earphones come with a reflective gold metal plating on its rear, plus an angled nozzle for its ear tips.

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We appreciate that Creative included 5 differently-sized ear tips. It’s to make sure that you’ll get the perfect fit for the SXFI Trio.

Another element we love about the earphones is its black and gold aesthetics. It not only makes the SXFI Trio functional, but also an amazing accessory that complements your look.

We also took note of its Kevlar cable since it’s durable and tough. You won’t have to worry about it breaking easily, especially when you often bring your earphones as you head out.

Talking about its comfort and fit, the SXFI Trio comes with the company’s proprietary AuraSeal Noise Isolation (ASNI) ear tips. These greatly helped provide a full and secure seal to guarantee that the SXFI Trio fits snugly in your ears.

Plus, these ensure that the earphones offer optimised noise isolation functions.

Key Features of the Creative SXFI Trio

On this part of our Creative SXFI Trio review, we will discuss the product’s key features. Here, you’ll know what makes the earphones unique compared to other models in the market.

Super X-FI Technology

The SXFI Trio features Creative’s exclusive Super X-Fi technology, which significantly improves your listening experience. It provides the audio quality of an expensive multi-speaker system in a professional studio. With these headphones, you’ll hear the same depth, realism, detail, and immersiveness.

The technology does this by using computational audio to personalise your listening experience based on how you hear sound. As a result, it offers highly optimised audio for a realistic listening experience.

Work, Learn, and Play from Home

With “Stay Home” being the new normal today, Super X-Fi technology’s unparalleled audio realism has become more essential. When using these earphones, online lessons and conference calls will sound like they’re happening in the same room.

Also, the SXFI Trio will significantly improve your listening experience whether you watch movies, listen to music, or play games. It’s an all-rounder pair of earphones that is highly versatile, so you can use it for working, learning, and playing. Due to its versatility, you can use it indoors and outdoors.

USB-C Digital Audio

Featuring USB-C digital audio, the SXFI Trio delivers impressive acoustic performance. It works together with the exclusive Super X-Fi UltraDSP chip to provide clear, detailed, and high-quality audio.

Triple-Driver Headphones

The SXFI Trio features an in-house hybrid triple-driver system, to deliver detailed audio. These drivers are tuned to handle various frequency ranges, unlike most earphones with only a single driver.

Custom Kevlar USB-C Cable

The Kevlar-reinforced copper cable of the SXFI Trio is finished with a nylon braid. As a result, the earphones’ cord is strong, durable, and flexible.

It’s also capable of fast data transfer to drive the earphones’ greatest potential.

Noise Isolation Seal

The SXFI Trio’s isolation seal excellently blocks out unwanted noise from the surroundings. It enhances your listening experience by allowing you to hear the audio with reduced environmental interference. Also, the earphones come with noise isolation ear tips.

Comfortable for All-Day Use

Creative’s SXFI Trio is designed for comfort, so you can use it for extended periods without fatigue. Its angled in-ear design is fine-tuned after numerous tests to achieve the perfect fit.

For you to achieve the best fit and comfort, Creative included six additional silicone ear tips in different sizes.


Creative redesigned the original SXFI AMP and created the SXFI WIRE, which is integrated within the SXFI Trio. Compared to the SXFI AMP, the latter is 40% smaller but delivers the same excellent performance. With that, you can enjoy powerful audio performance wherever you are.

Additionally, you can switch the Super X-Fi audio holography on or off, control music playback, and quickly adjust the volume. All these controls are easily and directly accessible on the SXFI Trio.

Clear Voice Communications

The cable of the SXFI Trio features a built-in MEMS mic that provides low noise, low-distortion, and wide dynamic range. With that, the person on the other line will hear you clearly.

The Super X-Fi technology offers the sound quality of face to face communication.

SXFI Trio’s Sound Signature

The SXFI Trio offers an excellent sound signature that lets you hear your audio like never before. Even at low volumes, the SXFI Trio delivers impressive audio clarity. You will clearly catch all the details that you’ve never heard in most earphones.

These earphones are also engineered to reproduce rich yet accurate and balanced audio. Aside from that, it lets you enjoy natural and lifelike sounds with little audio colouration.


2020 09 17 11 07 06 Creative SXFI® TRIO Triple driver In ear USB C Headphones with Built in Super X

This section of our Creative SXFI Trio review focuses on the earphones’ specifications.

It has dual balanced armature drivers, specifically 10mm Bio-Cellulose Drivers. These are in-ear earphones with an operating temperature of 0–45°C. IMD reaches 0.008%, and its crosstalk is lower than -90dB.

We greatly appreciate that Creative included a 1-year limited hardware warranty for the SXFI Trio.

Hands on with the Creative SXFI Trio

This is the part of our Creative SXFI Trio review where we get hands on with the SXFI Trio. But before we focus on its performance, let’s check out its SXFI application.

If you’re new to the SXFI, you’ll need to download the SXFI App for android and utilise it for mapping.

2020 09 17 11 07 37 Creative SXFI® TRIO Triple driver In ear USB C Headphones with Built in Super X

You’ll need to take photos of your face and ears to acquire your own customised sound profile via mapping.

After linking the SXFI Trio to the application, it will upload your head mapping profile. Then, you can utilise these with any device and toggle the SXFI Mode.

The earphones produced deep, powerful, well-rounded, and controlled bass. It didn’t sound too strong or muddled when we used it for listening to various audio. This is all thanks to the dynamic driver that’s present with the earphones.

For the highs, they were also well-detailed. They were punchy and forward enough without it being over the top.

The SXFI Trio offered strong treble details with adequately controlled sibilance. The bass didn’t sound too overwhelming and didn’t drown us in any way. Despite that, it delivered great booming sounds that perfectly balances its powerful treble.

Do note that you need to use the perfect ear tip to get the right seal. It’s to guarantee that the bass is forthcoming and tight.

Overall, the SXFI Trio performed perfectly and the sounds it produced were clean and crisp. No matter what genre of music we tried, everything sounded amazing.

Creative SXFI Trio Review Summary

The Creative SXFI Trio works astoundingly in delivering an impressive listening experience. With its triple-driver system and Super X-Fi technology, the earphones ensure that every audio is excellently reproduced.

Aside from its impressive performance, the earphones are well-designed and are sure to last. They’re also comfortable to wear, and we didn’t experience fatigue even after long hours of use.

The SXFI Trio is great for users looking for earphones that deliver great bass and trebles, as well as surround sound.

In conclusion to our Creative SXFI Trio review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to have these headphones, you can purchase it from the company’s official website.