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Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM Review

Crucial shares with us one of their latest offerings in the DDR5 segment. And in this Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM review, we’ll be looking at the company’s DDR5 memory kit. 

Currently, this DDR5 4800 RAM only comes in a single speed, hence the 4800 in its name. And, it has three module densities which are 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. What we have for our review sample is the 32GB version (2x16GB).

As you’d expect, these can be purchased as one UDIMM or in dual-channel/module kits. These will provide you with a lot of options when setting up your build. 

If you’re interested in this product, our Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM review has everything you need to know about it. 

Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM Packaging

Our Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM review will first focus on the product’s packaging which is something extremely plain and simple. It arrived in a plain-looking plastic container without anything on it save for the sticker displaying Crucial’s branding. The sticker also displays the capacity of this kit, what it’s for, and its serial number. 

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As for inclusions, don’t expect anything since we only got the kit in the mail. With that, we’d definitely call this the ultimate minimalist packaging.

Since there are no package inclusions, you can check out Crucial’s support page If you need instruction manuals and guides.

If you’re worried about it breaking or getting damaged when being shipped to you, don’t. When we received ours, the kit was kept securely in a package that had a ton of bubble wrap inside. 

We were also quite worried when we first got our hands on it. However, we were relieved to see the memory kit when we got the product out of the package. But honestly, it would’ve been so much better if Crucial included a secure box or cardboard protector with it.

Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM Review – Design and Functionality

Earlier in our Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM review, we mentioned that these come in three capacities (8GB, 16GB, and 32GB). Also, they’re sold separately or as two bundled sticks in a package. This makes a lot of sense since the newest Intel chips come with dual-channel operation. 

Like other Crucial memory modules, the DDR5 4800 RAM is sold bare. However, it’s an excellent option for system builders who are planning to upgrade their OEM machines.

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The module’s centre is where you’ll find its supporting circuitry. That also goes for the location of on-module voltage regulation and PMICs. 

To keep it looking presentable, all these components are concealed behind a fancy-looking heat spreader. Interestingly, a lot of other memory producers make you believe that this is vital for any performance application.

All in all, this kit is basic in terms of aesthetics. You won’t find a heat spreader on it, and its DRAM chips are visible. To note, this bare and simple PCB design is a bit common in OEM PCs.

So, it’s quite interesting to see a DDR5 kit looking like a DDR3.

The memory modules of Crucial utilise the built-in circuits or ICs from Micron. The UDIMM module showcases a single-sided design with four 2GB memory ICs. 

For the SO-DIMM module, it retains the dual-sided design that has up to 16 memory ICs with the same size. Based on the JEDEC specifications, DDR4 is expected to go for and push the envelope when it comes to capacity.

Since that’s the case, the expected ceiling for it would be 128GB for each module. 

The New DDR5 Standard and Its Benefits 

We all know that Alder Lake brings a new DDR memory standard. This is made to handle all the memory demands of modern systems and processor architectures. It guarantees increased memory speed though at the expense of higher latencies.

In addition, the DDR5 architecture supports higher chip densities that allow manufacturers to create bigger memory modules. What’s good about it? Well, they’ll only be using a few chips to produce these. Doing so boosts performance across the board while simultaneously lowering manufacturing costs. 

To note, DDR5 comes with tons of notable benefits including increased load times and file transfers. Other than these, there’s also optimised innovation for stable and balanced performance, more responsive multitasking, and enhanced power efficiency.

Although lots of earlier benefits come from obvious sources like a speedy memory bus, optimised power efficiency is quite interesting. 

All DDR5 memory modules begin with operating voltages of 1.1V. Plus, it introduces an onboard power management integrated circuit or PMIC. It vigorously monitors memory voltages and allows changes based on the module’s needs.

When the frequency is low, the voltage drops. Combine this with on-die ECC and you’ll get an extremely power-efficient and stable memory system. 

What the Memory Kit Can Work With

When it comes to compatibility, don’t forget that the DDR5 memory is still a brand new technology. With that, it will only function adequately with DDR5 motherboards. 

To make sure of its compatibility with your system, you can check Crucial’s “Selector Tool“. It’s a section on the company’s official site that’s updated with all the newest DDR5 motherboards today. 

Now, let’s continue our Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM review and see what makes this product better than its competition. 

Key Features of the Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM 

It’s important to know the different features of any product you plan to purchase. This is the reason why we won’t skip on giving you the elements that make this memory kit click. 

The Ultimate Speed for Your Next-generation, Multi-core Processor

Crucial’s DDR5 4800 RAM offers the high speed that next-generation multi-core CPUs need. It’s faster and better than DDR4 since its architecture comes with efficiency improvements that deliver 36% more system bandwidth. That’s all thanks to the high bus efficiency of DDR5 combined with lower voltage and superior performance.

With this DDR5 RAM from Crucial, you can seamlessly multitask, load, edit, render, and analyse faster. That’s because the memory kit offers higher frame rates, significantly reduced lag, increased speed, and improved power efficiency. 

Enhanced Bandwidth with the Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM

DDR5 4800 delivers 1.87x more bandwidth due to double burst length, as well as double banks and bank groups. It’s designed to handle scaling memory performance with boosted channel efficiency even at high speed. Plus, it works for both testing and real-world conditions as established by JEDEC which develops open standards for microelectronics.

So, when you upgrade your computer with Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM, you can enjoy lightning fast speeds. With this, you won’t need extreme performance memory to reach high speeds.

Significantly Faster Loading and File Transfer with the Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM

At launch, the Crucial DDR5 offers 4800MHz data rates which is faster than 3200MHz, the maximum standard of DDR4. Because of this, the desktop memory allows your computer to transfer 50% more data than DDR4. That equates to faster load times, downloads, file transfers, and refresh rates. 

Also, it reduces lag time, giving you a better overall experience.

More Responsive Multitasking

Crucial DDR5 offers 50% faster speeds than DDR4, that’s why it delivers extreme performance out of the box. The 4800MHz launch speed is comparable to DDR4 memory speeds under extreme performance and is two times faster than 3200MHz.

Since it’s optimised for multitasking, your computer will be more responsive. This RAM will allow you to open more browser tabs and switch between programs or apps seamlessly.

Extreme Innovation for Stability

With the DDR5 4800 RAM, Crucial took a big step forward in engineering over the previous generation. The latest memory now uses independent 32-bit channels per module to deliver optimum performance.

Crucial DDR5 4800 is a non-ECC memory so it doesn’t require additional DRAM at the module level. It’s designed with on-die ECC or ODECC at the component level for prolonged stability. This memory is engineered to maintain the same reliability of Crucial’s previous modules even with the most demanding tasks.

Optimal Power Efficiency of the Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM 

Crucial uses the on-module voltage regulation for the DDR5 to enhance its efficiency and stability. This feature comes with a PMIC (power management integrated circuit) which was on the motherboard with previous memory technologies.

As a result, the RAM offers improved signalling and cleaner power for the DIMMs. Plus, the on-module operating voltage of the DDR5 is only 1.1V which is lower than DDR4’s 1.2.

Micron’s Quality and Reliability, Tested and Proven

Crucial is Micron’s vertically integrated brand, and millions of people trust their performance, reliability, and compatibility. Unlike module assemblers, Crucial has a unique relationship with Micron which involves a deep level of engineering collaboration. So, they can make the most out of their products without compromising quality.

With Crucial and Micron’s long years of proven excellence, the DDR5 4800 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It delivers powerful and stable performance that you can trust.


To continue our Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM review, let’s focus on this DDR5 4800 kit’s specifications. Just as its name states, it has a DDR5-4800 speed. And, its PC speed or peak data transfer rate is PC5-38400. 

What we have is the 32GB kit, so there are two 16GB modules included. It has a UDIMM module and an unbuffered DIMM. When it comes to CAS latency, the DDR5 4800 RAM has 40, while its extended timings are 40-39-39. 

For voltage, the memory kit has 1.1V. And as we mentioned previously, this is a two-quantity memory kit. (2x 16GB). For the dimensions, it measures 133.35 x 4.07 x 31.25” (L x W x H).

Additionally, the DDR5 4800 RAM comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, do note that this warranty is valid everywhere except in these places: France and Germany. 

These two countries have different warranty policies going on. Theirs is valid for 10 years from when they purchased the item. Either way, it’s good that Crucial added the warranty to their product. 

Hands-on with the Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM 

This time, we will talk about our hands-on experience with the memory kit in this Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM review. We put it through a couple of tests when we used it for about a week. Did it perform adequately or is there something else better out there? 

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Let’s start with the system performance. We all know that game updates can toss surprising results. And based on Crucial’s claims, their DDR5 4800 RAM is considered as an excellent option for gaming. 

Of course, we tried this out to see if it’s true. And just as what the company claimed, the memory kit was able to deliver. 

Yet based on our summary, the Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM was able to execute and perform how it should. 

Generally, this product isn’t the flashiest kit available. Nevertheless, it was able to function at rated speeds right out of the box, and we’re happy about that. Plus, we also didn’t encounter any issues with it.

These results make the kit something easy to recommend for a no-frills but extremely solid and quality option. 

Crucial DDR5 4800 RAM Review Summary

With all the flashy designs, RGB effects, and ultra-high frequencies, it can be challenging to choose memory kits. That’s especially true when it comes to DDR5, the newest RAM on the market. These memory kits cost a fortune and not everyone is willing to throw money on them.

But if aesthetics don’t matter and your main focus is performance, then the Crucial DDR5 4800 is a great option. It takes a different approach compared to other memory kits on the market. Rather than fancy lighting, designs, and other bells and whistles, it focuses on price to performance ratio.

Since it’s DDR5, it’s naturally still expensive but despite that, its price is lower than its competitors. This RAM may not have decorative RGB lighting, but it’s not an issue if you don’t care about aesthetics. In fact, it’s excellent if you’re only looking for stable and reliable performance right out of the box.

Finding an affordable DDR5 RAM is almost impossible and most have outrageous price tags. But this memory kit from Crucial is definitely a steal since it does a great job and delivers excellent results. With that, we highly recommend this RAM.

If you want this memory kit to upgrade your system, you can easily purchase it online. Check out Crucial’s product page for more information.