dlink aquila addon banner D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review - Whole Home Network Coverage

D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review – Whole Home Network Coverage

Today, we have our D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review, which discusses this mesh router from D-Link. It sports a unique design inspired by the Aquila constellation. But it has more to offer than just a distinct aesthetic. 

It comes with elements that resolve several common issues users experience with WiFi connectivity. These include speed, coverage, and usability. 

We have the two-pack version for this D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review, and we will look into its performance, functions, features, etc. 

D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Packaging

The package of this product sports an all-white aesthetic with hints of blue. Its front displays an image of the mesh router, its name, company branding, and features lined up at the base. 

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dlink aquila pro ai review2 D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review - Whole Home Network Coverage

Turning the box, its rear features more detailed information about the Aquila Pro M30. These include its specifications and other features. 

Inside the box are the following:

  • 2x Aquila Pro M30 
  • 2x Power Adapters
  • 1x Network Cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Warranty 

D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review – Design and Functionality

We learned more about its design while looking further into the product for our D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review. Its name means Eagle in Latin, and its aesthetic takes inspiration from the word. 

The product comes in a two-toned white and blue plastic case from recycled post-consumer materials. 

It only features one LED light to indicate the status and add to its aesthetics. 

We expected a large mesh router for our D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review. Interestingly, the product only measures 181.5 x 129.2 x 66mm and weighs 295g. It means you can place it on your desktop or the wall. 

No matter what you choose, there is no difference in its transmission distance. 

Behind the unit is a 1Gbps WAN Port and 4x 1Gbps LAN ports to meet your connectivity requirements. Together, these provide eight LAN ports to accommodate your networking needs. 

Additionally, the unit features an LED on/off switch. It complements the software control available within its administration window.

Key Features of the D-Link Aquila Pro M30 

Another way to learn more about the product is by reading this D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review. We will discuss the features and elements that make it a mesh router worth considering. 

Smart WiFi for a Smart Life

Discover the ultimate and intuitive home networking innovation with the Aquila Pro AI. It sports cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless, high-speed WiFi coverage throughout your home.

Zero Dead Zones

Enjoy close-to-perfect WiFi connection and seamless connectivity throughout your home with the Aquila Pro M30. It uses an advanced antenna configuration to produce a balanced 360° spherical WiFi coverage. It has five powerful antennas and an additional 5GHz one for extended range on faster 5GHz bands. 

The product guarantees top-notch coverage and faster performance, ideal for high-bandwidth applications. These include lag-free gaming and 8K streaming. 

Moreover, the Aquila Pro AI is a solution that lets you add extra units for establishing an entire home mesh system

No More Having to Juggle Multiple Networks

We tend to forget our sample usernames when testing products for reviews like this D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review. So, we appreciate this feature since we did not have to remember multiple passwords and usernames. 

It will allow you to enjoy a smooth WiFi connection in your home with a single SSID (wireless network name).

The Aquila Pro AI also supports 802.11 k/v standards for non-stop roaming. It provides uninterrupted video calls and streaming even when moving around your home. 

No More Lag and Buffering

Upgrade to lightning-fast internet speeds with the AX3000 dual-band WiFi 6 technology. With support for 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM, the Aquila Pro M30 guarantees speeds of 3Gbps max. 

Enjoy seamless performance, especially when simultaneously using multiple devices. It is possible thanks to the AI Traffic Optimiser. 

Prioritising your bandwidth usage minimises buffering and congestion. It improves your performance on bandwidth-intensive applications like 8K streaming, gaming, and video conferencing.

Weak WiFi, Gone

Benefit from seamless WiFi upgrades with the AI WiFi Optimiser. It continuously scans your surroundings to identify the optimal channel for better connectivity. 

The AI Mesh Optimiser offers auto-path optimisation and self-healing elements, ensuring consistent network reliability. Say goodbye to WiFi hiccups and slow speeds to enjoy swift and stable connections across all your devices.

Say Goodbye to Network Worries

Sometimes, you need to control the internet usage of your children, which you can do with Advanced Parental Controls. It lets you define rules based on your preferences. Moreover, you can create profiles while managing website access restrictions and scheduling internet schedules for your kids.

Ensure round-the-clock security for your home network, complying with the ETSI-EN-303-645 cybersecurity standard. It also uses the latest WPA3 encryption protocol for enhanced safety and security. 

These measures fortify the protection of connected devices, safeguarding your network against potential threats.

Never Get Your Hands Full

Control guest WiFi, verify credentials, and reboot your WiFi system effortlessly using voice commands (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled devices).

No More Buffering or Lagging During Streaming 

Benefit from the Gigabit Ethernet backhaul of the Aquila Pro M30, ensuring lightning-fast network speeds. Experience optimal network performance by linking your wired devices like TVs, PCs, or game consoles. Link them to this mesh router for top-notch performance. 

 No More Challenging Network Management

Immerse yourself in seamless network management via the Aquila Pro AI App. Allow the AI Assistant to oversee network performance and suggest enhancements. 

Establish a guest WiFi network for sharing and activate Parental Controls for child online safety. Also, schedule automatic WiFi shutdown at bedtime for tranquil sleep. 


  • NBN/UFB Support: FTTP, HFC, FTTC, Fixed Wireless, Satellite
  • WiFi Technology: WiFi 6 (802.11ax)
  • WiFi Speed: AX3000 (574 + 2402 Mbps)
  • Wireless Bands: Dual Band
  • WiFi Range: 2-3 Bedrooms
  • WiFi Security: Standard and Enhanced (WPA3)
  • WAN Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Ethernet Ports: 4
  • Ethernet Speed: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Parental Controls: Schedule, Internet Access Control, Custom Profiles
  • Firmware Upgrade: Automatic, Manual, OTA
  • Warranty: Three-year Limited Warranty

Hands-on with the D-Link Aquila Pro M30 

We tested the product to discuss how well it would perform in this D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review. Before sharing our experience, we will focus on setting it up and using the web interface & mobile app.

You can set up the Aquila Pro M30 via the router interface on the web. Another option is the Aquila Pro AI mobile app, which you can access via iOS and Android. Any of these methods make setting up the mesh router a breeze since the instructions are straightforward.

Connect your PC or Mac via Ethernet to the router if you set it up using the web interface. Go to the administration page and run the Wizard. All you have to do is follow the prompts and update the firmware if necessary.

The administration page in the web interface resembles most routers. You can access various features, block devices, and more.

If you prefer using the mobile app, download the Aquila Pro AI, then create a D-Link account. Like when using the web interface, follow the prompts to set up the Aquila Pro M30.

The Aquila Pro AI offers a more convenient and user-friendly interface. You can access parental controls and set schedules for device usage, block devices, configure downtime, etc. You can also access these settings remotely, as long as you have an internet connection. 

After configuring the primary router, you can activate the second unit and place it in your desired location. The Aquila Pro M30 automatically detects the second unit and adds it as an extender. Detection takes around one minute before the LED emits a white light to indicate it is running.

The D-Link Aquila Pro M30 immediately picked up and connected all devices at our property. We tested its speed and range to share our experience in this D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review.

CleanShot 2024 03 28 at 10.03.25 D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review - Whole Home Network Coverage

Another impressive thing was the availability of high-quality signals in all areas of our property. We had no dead WiFi zones, and load times were short.

The Aquila Pro M30 is an excellent mesh router with broad coverage and stable, high-quality network signals.

D-Link Aquila Pro M30 Review Summary

The Aquila Pro M30 is another high-quality WiFi mesh product from D-Link. We love its unique design that differs from typical routers since it makes integrating it into home aesthetics easier.

Setting up this router is straightforward, thanks to the user-friendly web interface and mobile app. It is also rich in highly customisable features that will meet your needs.

This mesh router offers reliable signals and fast network speeds without leaving dead WiFi zones. We highly recommend this product if you want improved network speeds and extended connectivity within your home.

Visit the official D-Link product page for more information about the  Aquila Pro M30.