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DaisyDisk Review

Losing disk space is a pain, and finding ways to create space is challenging. But in our DaisyDisk Review, we will discuss a solution to your space concerns. 

DaisyDisk helps Mac users optimise their disk space. It is a user-friendly app with a simplified method of finding large files and removing them.

Our DaisyDisk Review will discuss its design, features, specs, and how well (or not) it performs. 

DaisyDisk Review – Design and Functionality

DaisyDisk integrates a distinct circular style to display various files that waste your disk space. These data are colour-coded for easier identification and differentiation. 

DaisyDisk can do a comprehensive analysis of any connected drive. It also offers helpful recommendations on which files to remove to free up space. 

The software is available for free in a restricted trial mode. You can purchase it for $9.99 after the free trial to access all its features. It is a one-time payment app, so you do not need to commit to a monthly/annual subscription.

DaisyDisk Interface

We will also describe the app interface in our DaisyDisk Review to help you understand how it works.

DaisyDisk visualises all content stored in your hard drive using a colour-coded diagram. It resembles the petals of daisies to help distinguish directories. 

On the sidebar, you will find a description of the colour codes. The one on the right provides updates with contextual details like file/folder names when you hover your cursor.

On the bottom right corner of the interface is an icon where you drag and drop files and directories for deletion. It gathers your trash until you are ready to delete them.

Key Features of the DaisyDisk 

Our DaisyDisk Review will discuss the features of the app. By getting into detail, we can help you determine if you need it for your Mac device.

File Collector

DaisyDisk uses a large dot towards the bottom left corner of the screen to show the file collector feature. You can drag and drop files here for deletion. 

The app monitors how much storage you can recover and provides options to uninstall items. Once you have gathered all the unnecessary data, you can permanently delete them.

Preview Before Deleting

DaisyDisk makes seeing files faster, allowing you to determine if you want to delete them. The built-in Quick Look provides a file preview, while Finder takes you to the file location.

Countdown to Deletion 

When you drag and drop files to the file collector, all items will stay until you click the delete button. Afterwards, DaisyDisk will initiate a 5-second timer before it deletes all files. It is a good feature, especially when you press the hit button prematurely.

Cloud Account Scanning

With DaisyDisk, you can mount cloud accounts like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox and have these scanned. We enjoyed using this feature in our DaisyDisk Review since connecting to a cloud account is simple. Plus, DaisyDisk accessed our files quickly and scanned these.

Disk Selector

DaisyDisk examines the hard disk of the Mac and other attached drives. It also displays the data and directories on them. The Scan Folder feature allows the app to focus on a single folder to save time.


We will also discuss the product specifications in this part of our DaisyDisk Review. These details will help determine if the app will work with your system. 

Your device will need macOS 10.6 or newer to use the stand-alone edition of DaisyDisk. The Mac store version of the app works with macOS 10.6.6 or later.

DaisyDisk also offers legacy versions for older Macs running macOS 10.5 to 10.9. The company no longer updates these versions, but they are handy for maintaining your older hardware. 

To acquire a legacy licence, all you need to do is contact the support team of DaisyDisk.

The Quick Look feature of the app works with macOS X 10.5 Leopard and later. 

Hands-on with the DaisyDisk 

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We used the app for a week to share our experience with you in our DaisyDisk Review. Here, you can decide if it is worth paying for the full version.

DaisyDisk was a convenient and user-friendly app. It displayed our files in a sector diagram and showed which took up more space.

We loved how this app made managing our disk storage simple by using the same colour for identical file types. Plus, it had cloud storage integration, which worked well in our tests. 

Overall, DaisyDisk gave us an enjoyable experience managing our files, and we recommend it.

DaisyDisk Review Summary

DaisyDisk is an interactive and user-friendly disk manager for Mac users. It uses colourful visual presentations to help you understand which files take up most of your storage space. 

We had the best experience while testing this product for our DaisyDisk Review. It performed excellently and as promised by the company. Plus, its interface is well-designed and user-friendly too. 

The full version is worth purchasing since it is a one-time payment tool that offers everything you need.

To learn more about this disk analyser tool, visit the official product page of DaisyDisk