dfrobot boson science kit review

DFRobot BOSON Science Kit Review

Our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review will focus on this learning kit, its tools, and its different uses.

DFRobot BOSON Science Kit is a set of electronic building blocks for STEM education. Since it doesn’t require coding and soldering, it’s an excellent learning and teaching kit for students today. This BOSON kit turns complicated circuits into simpler modules that are straightforward yet functional.

Now, let’s proceed to our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review, but first, let’s see what’s inside the box.

DFRobot BOSON Science Kit Packaging

On this section of our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review, let’s check out the kit’s packaging.

The DFRobot BOSON Science Kit comes in a blue rectangular box. At the top, you will find the logo of BOSON and its tag line, “play & learn & invent” beneath it. On the upper right corner of this panel, the type of kit in the package is indicated.

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For the package contents, you’ll find eight types of sensors. These include a light sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, soil moisture sensor, waterproof temperature sensor, pH sensor, and conductivity sensor. Additionally, there’s also a heart rate monitor inside.

For the display, there is one OLED display module available. Power modules include one 1IO mainboard, one 3IO mainboard, and three AAA battery holders.

The accessories in the box include eight project cards, a pack of velcro, and a pack of screws. There are also a total of 30 cables that come in three different sizes. You’ll find ten 5cm cables, ten 10cm cables, and ten 15cm cables.

DFRobot BOSON Science Kit Review – Design and Functionality

This time on our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review, let’s check out the design and functionality of each tool.

The DFRobot BOSON Science Kit is a set of scientific exploration tools that young scientists can use for STEM education. Each module in this kit allows you to create various inventions. You can also use it with different things like cardboard crafts and LEGO to enhance your projects.

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The sensors in this BOSON Science Kit are excellent for chemistry, biology, and physics. These are also widely used in modern IoT applications, and all of these meet the industrial standard. Additionally, you can combine these sensors with the Arduino, micro:bit, and other BOSON modules to improve your project.

Unlike other kits, these BOSON modules all provide accurate results instantly using an electric signal. Setting it up is also an easy task so that you can reuse the sensors for other projects.

The helpful activity guards are straightforward and easy to understand, which make these a perfect guide for children.

Key Features of the DFRobot BOSON Science Kit

On this part of our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review, we will focus on the key features of this product.

More than 50 Modules for Limitless Possibilities

BOSON’s platform offers more than fifty different modules, which include actuators, sensors, logic gates, and more. The modules are intuitively colour-coded by category to make it easier to use.

The input modules are blue while the output modules are green. For function modules, these are yellow, and the power modules are red.

Plug and Play, Simple yet Secure

Flexible cables with unifying 3-pin headers connect BOSON Science Kit, so these do not require soldering. Its classic design makes both signal & power transmission simple and stable while preventing short circuit and reversed connection.

Hook up to Everything

The modules included in the DFRobot BOSON Science Kit are all magnetic. With that, you can easily stick these on a fridge, whiteboard, or other magnetic objects. Each of these also features mounting plates that are compatible with screws and LEGO blocks.

No Coding with BOSON

The logic modules (AND, OR, and NOT gates) with other function modules allow children to program their projects physically. These let them instantly understand the logic flow.

Programmable Modules

You can upgrade the modules in the BOSON Science Kit to platforms like micro:bit and Arduino. These also support MakeCode, Scratch, Python, JavaScript, and C programming languages.

Digitized Scientific Exploration

BOSON’s platform comes with a series of sensors that meet industry standards but are straightforward and user-friendly. The BOSON scientific sensor is useful for entry-level experiments and unattended environmental monitoring. Also, you can upload the data to an IoT server.

Available Tutorials and Course Materials

To help children begin using the DFRobot BOSON Science Kit, it comes with a quick start guide. It features diagrams and sample codes that are easy to understand. Also, the company continues to update course plans, tutorials, and other learning materials.


This part of our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review will focus on the specifications of the tools in the kit.

The operating voltage of the DFRobot BOSON Science Kit ranges from 4.5V to 5.5V. The package’s dimensions are 60 x 220 x 300mm, while its overall weight is 1.8kg.

Take note that the pH sensor included in this BOSON Science Kit contains liquid. Because of that, it’s highly recommended to provide adult supervision when children under 12 years old use this kit.

Hands-on with DFRobot BOSON Science Kit

This time on our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review, we will get hands-on by using the learning kit. With the BOSON Science Kit card, we performed a variety of experiments.

Using the items in the kit, we were able to find out the reasons why flowers die quickly after planting. To do this, we followed the directions on the card and used the Boson electrical module to detect soil humidity. After that, we recorded the germination status of the seeds under different moisture conditions.

We also determined the impact of soil temperature on different plants with the waterproof sensor. Using the electrical modules, we also detected sunlight intensity and ambient temperature to see if these impact plant growth.

Moreover, we used humidity sensors to detect air humidity in a room. This is to see if plants can reduce moisture in the surroundings.

BOSON Science Kit allows you to do a lot of things, making it an excellent set of tools for learning. You can also find out the conductivity of materials with the modules or detect the pH value of certain substances.

DFRobot BOSON Science Kit Review Summary

STEM courses are becoming a part of the primary curriculum in schools around the globe. Because of that, large tech companies encourage the use of their hardware and software products as learning materials. However, it’s good to remember that a lot of options are available for STEM education.

DFRobot is one of the companies that prepare students for a future filled with tech and robotics. With the company’s products, they show that children require more than cloud-based learning materials. Also, DFRobot’s learning kits allow students to have a better understanding of today’s technological advancements while having fun.

The DFRobot BOSON Science Kit consists of colour-coded magnetic modules that are ready to use. These user-friendly materials allow children to work on projects with ease, as well as come up with amazing inventions.

In conclusion to our DFRobot BOSON Science Kit review, we highly recommend this kit. If you want to purchase this product, it’s available from the company’s official website.