Digital Gaming Table Highlights Our Ongoing Interest in Retro Experiences

The video gaming world might offer plenty of thrills and excitement these days, but sometimes it can just be comforting to head offline and tackle a board game instead.

There are plenty of great options out there at the moment and we have already spent some time elsewhere discussing a few that we think you should look out for. However, if you’re keen to save space and avoid having a pile of boxes sat in the corner of your living room, what is the best way to get involved in the world of board games? Well, the Infinity Game Table could prove to be the perfect starting point.

A new way to play

Earlier this month, Gizmodo reported on the new device from Arcade1Up, which allows players to get together with friends and tackle a range of board games on a touchscreen display.

Created in partnership with leading publishers including Hasbro, it is set to be pre-loaded with around 50 games including classics such as Monopoly, Operation, Hungry Hippos and Trivial Pursuit. One of our aforementioned favourites, Pandemic, gets a place on the system too.

The Infinity Game Table is set to be available in two sizes, with one measuring 24 inches and the other being 32 inches. They both feature a 1080p resolution, while there will be more to do than simply playing games with friends too. Some single-player experiences such as solitaire will also be included, while a few games like chess and checkers will come with the option to play against the device itself. Gizmodo adds that Arcade1Up is crowdfunding the project via Kickstarter.

Thriving in the digital age

The device certainly looks set to offer an interesting new take on board games. However, it is also perhaps the latest example of how many traditional forms of gaming are still going strong and even managing to thrive in the digital age.

A host of old-school gaming titles have been effectively adapted into digital offerings in recent times, with the card game classic Uno for example being transformed into an online game and a mobile title too. Earlier this year, it was also revealed that Scopely had collaborated with Hasbro and Mattel on a mobile version of Scrabble. As VentureBeat explains, Scrabble Go was designed with both casual fans and lovers of the original in mind, while it also offers several game modes for players to tackle.

Another retro game which has undergone a modern makeover in recent times is Ludo, with the mobile title Ludo King becoming a massive hit in India this year. In May, the Mumbai Mirror reported on the fact that the game had been downloaded more than 300 million times. Casino games have also been given a digital spin in recent years. Especially table games such as roulette and blackjack have made their way online. Some variations of the games are offered in a digital format, while others can be experienced in the live dealer style. The latter concept gives players the chance to take on a real-life croupier via a high definition video link.

Reflecting wider trends?

So, while the unveiling of the Infinity Game Table is certainly intriguing, it could be argued that the emergence of the system simply reflects wider trends that are being seen in the world of digital entertainment at the moment.

Many classic forms of gaming have been reborn or reimagined on mobile or other devices and it will be fascinating to see what other famous names from the past might get the treatment in the coming years.

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