Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review

Today, we are writing our Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review, which discusses this Dune HD product.

In the home theatre segment, media players are still unique products. And today, streaming has influenced the market, so most TVs offer integrated streaming services and dedicated media players. 

With that, these media player hubs are primarily for users who need more than just standard functions. In this Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review, let us see what makes the player so popular. We will also see how it stacks up against the current media players. 

Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Packaging

Our Real Vision 4K arrived in a blue-themed cardboard box displaying an image of the product in front. You will also find the unit name, company name & branding, plus its features listed here. 

We also checked its package contents for our Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review. Inside, you will find the Real Vision 4K, two WiFi and Bluetooth antennas, a Bluetooth remote, plus two AAA batteries.

You will also see a power supply 12V 2A, one HDMI cable, and an A/V cable 3.5mm – 3RCA. Then lastly, there is an IR extender and a quick installation guide. 

Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review – Design and Functionality

For this Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review, we compared this media player with other Dune HD players. And based on our observation, the company did not change the overall appearance of its Real Vision 4K.  

It still sports the same simple yet compact design in earlier releases of the company. But size-wise, the Real Vision 4K is smaller than its predecessor since it only measures 160 x 26 x 115mm.  

What we love about its build and design is its metal case, giving the product a more premium vibe. Aside from being attractive and eye-catching, the metal case also helps dissipate heat. 

On the left portion, you will notice some ventilation holes despite the integrated SoC not requiring high ventilation needs. The reason is that there are no passive solutions and no active fans. 

You will find its functions on the front of the player while having a 4-position HH:MM setup. However, since the digits are too small, its size makes it ineffective.

Depending on your preferences, its screen can show details like the time, remaining playback time, etc.

Ports and Connectivity of the Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player 

The front houses two USB 3.1 ports and a single micro SD slot on the right side. When checking its rear, you will see a single HDMI input, a SPDIF optical output, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. 

You will also find an IR input port and an audio/video output with composite video and analogue stereo audio. There is also a standard 12V power connector, plus dual WiFi and Bluetooth emitter antennas.

The HDMI output is 2.0b, which can support up to 4K @ 60Hz. It is also sufficient for most available video material. 

As you might expect, there is no HDMI 2.1 here. But honestly, there is no need for 4K @ 120Hz. Why? Because HDMI 2.0b is sufficient for materials with HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ passthrough, BT.2020-wide colour range, etc.

For wireless capabilities, the Real Vision 4K utilises a Dual Band 2.4+5GHz 802.11 b|g|n|ac 2T2R. It goes along with two big external WiFi antennas that guarantee stable connections.

It is also worth mentioning the additional long antennas. These types seem to be the standard for media player hubs and are often on Bluetooth and WiFi modules.

The antennas add extra height to the unit. But luckily, you can position these at your desired angle to save space.

Remote & Control Options

While writing our Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review, we learned something about Dune HD. The company did not only update the unit, but it changed the included remote control too. 

The remote included in the previous Pro 4K II was IR-based, and the current one features Bluetooth connectivity.  

Its design also changed since the new remote sports lesser buttons, thus making it look and feel less cluttered. Moreover, it has more organised buttons for convenience and ease of use. 

With its Bluetooth functionality, the remote can now let you use voice search in apps supporting the feature. It can also utilise commands without a line of sight, which makes it more practical. 

Key Features of the Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player

Many manufacturers release media players, but what makes this product better than the rest? Let us find out by discussing its key features in our Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review.

RTD-1619DR Media Processor

The Real Vision 4K uses the RTD-1619DR from Realtek, the most advanced media processor with Dolby Vision support.

Dolby Vision and HDR10+

Like previous Dune HD products, the Real Vision 4K supports HDR technology. Plus, it works with the latest and advanced HDR10+ and Dolby Vision technologies.

HDR10+ offers a varied brightness range for each frame to provide maximum picture detail in all scenes. Only light or only dark elements will be visible.

Dolby Vision VS10 Video Processor

Dolby Vision VS10 is an advanced video processing engine that guarantees the highest image quality. Whether you are playing HDR, SDR, or Dolby Vision, it will improve the conversion quality and minimise posterisation. It is beneficial when using the media player with older TVs that do not support Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision ISO/Folder Structures

The Real Vision 4K enables direct playback of movie ISO/folder structures in Dolby Vision formats (FEL and MEL). It uses and sends extended Dolby Vision information to the TV to enhance picture quality. 

Widest Support for Dolby Vision File Formats

The Real Vision 4K supports most variations of Dolby Vision file formats of other media players. 

Dune HD Dolby Vision Purifier

Dolby Vision Purifier is an exclusive technology for Dune HD media players. It optimises Dolby Vision files for maximum compatibility with the RTD-1619DR processor and ensures the most stable playback. Even incorrectly encoded files that often cause stuttering or freezing will play correctly.

Flicker-free Frame Rate and Resolution Switching

Dune HD media players use advanced flicker-free technology for automatic frame rate and resolution switching. It performs video-mode switching before file playback starts, unlike most Realtek-based media players that do after, causing unwanted flickering.

Automatic Frame Rate and Resolution Switching for Android Apps

Only the Real Vision 4K and other Dune HD media players implement automatic frame rate and resolution switching. It works not only for file playback but also for Android applications. It supports all frame rates, including 23.976 and 24.0.

Professional Controls for Video Output Parameters

With advanced setup controls, you can tweak the video output parameters perfectly for a specific setup. Plus, you can configure the chroma subsampling modes for every HDMI video mode.

Widevine L1 and Premium Video Services

Widevine L1 DRM support allows watching premium online video services with HD and Ultra HD video quality. Media players without this feature can only output Standard Definition videos using these services.

Linux-based Dune HD Operating System

The Real Vision 4K runs a hybrid OS with Android and Linux-based operating systems working simultaneously. Linux platform ensures stable operation and smooth media playback, while the Android OS provides support for Android apps.

Dune HD Android Playback Accelerator Technology

The unique technology manages the Android OS resources to reduce its influence on the media playback engine. As a result, you can enjoy smoother and higher-quality video and audio playback.

Dune HD Ecosystem

Plenty of TV-optimised plugins, apps, extensions, GUI skins, collection management solutions, and other elements are available on the official Dune Store. You can also find these from third-party sellers and the user community.

Dune HD Movie Encyclopedia and Organiser

The My Collection function organises your movie collection in a catalogue. This comprehensive movie encyclopaedia offers information for each film. Plus, the advanced file browser recognises movies automatically.

Dune HD Mobile App

Dune HD offers the Dune Control mobile app for Android and iOS. It provides complete access to all functions of the Real Vision 4K and other Dune HD media players for convenience. It replaces the standard remote and allows browsing or choosing media to play. Plus, it has a Now Playing section for easy playback control.

Smart home

The Real Vision 4K offers a powerful IP control interface and more options for Smart Home integration. These options include Crestron and Control4.

Proven Software Updates Over the Years

Customers appreciate Dune HD for listening to user feedback and providing software updates over the years. The company has been updating the software of older models for over ten years with continuous improvements and developments. These consistent upgrades prove that the Real Vision 4K is an excellent long-term investment.

Integrated Bluetooth

With its built-in Bluetooth interface, you can easily connect various remote controls, mice, joysticks, wireless keyboards, and other peripherals.


The specifications corner of our Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review first focused on its media processor. The Real Vision 4K uses a Realtek RTD-1619DR with an operating and flash memory of 2GB and 16GB, respectively. 

Dune HD uses a Dual Band 2.4+5 GHz 802.11 b|g|n|ac 2TR for the player. The company also included two external WiFi antennas and Bluetooth 5.0 for the Real Vision 4K. 

The player sports a metal casing with a front panel display that offers a multi-segment LED screen. It also uses DC 12V (2A) and AC 100-240V for power supply. The operating systems supported by the product are Android 9.0 and the Linux-based Dune HD OS.

Connectivity of the Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player

The player has two USB 3.1 ports, a micro SD slot, and an HDMI 2.0b output. It also has an A/V output (composite video and analogue stereo audio) plus an optical S/PDIF. 

Moreover, the Real Vision 4K has Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s and an IR input port + extender. And lastly, it has a 12V DC power input. 

Hands-on with the Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player

We have learned various details about the product, but does it perform well? The success of media players depends on good features, but they will also need good playback support. It is possible to include many impressive features, but these will not be handy if they cannot playback files well.

We tested the product to share our user experience in our Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review.

First, we tested its file playback support to see if it would deliver high-quality video and audio seamlessly. We noticed its excellent performance, regardless of the file type we played. Also, we tried playing low-quality and high-bitrate files with Dolby Vision and HDR.

During the tests, we did not experience issues with the product, and everything worked seamlessly. We also enjoyed the high-quality details of all the films and videos we watched. 

In its previous media players, Dune HD made the mistake of using the RTD1619DD SoC that only supported HDR10+. Fortunately, the company corrected this by using the  RTD-1619DR on the Real Vision 4K, making it equal to the competition. It supports the latest codecs, video files, and Dolby Vision.

Whether we controlled the media player via remote or mobile app, the Real Vision 4K was responsive. We liked the convenience of mobile app control since it allowed for easy configuration of settings.

Overall, we were satisfied with the performance of the Real Vision 4K, and we highly recommend it.

Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player Review Summary

We were pleased with the design, build, features, and performance of the Real Vision 4K. Dune HD released an excellent media player that is on par with its competition and offers value for money. 

This product is highly versatile since it is compatible with most file formats, can play music, and more. Plus, the media player can last since the company provides software updates for continuous upgrades through the years.

With its unique features and excellent performance, we highly recommend this product. It is the ideal choice if you plan to invest in a media player.

You can find more details about the Real Vision 4K  Media Player by visiting the official product page of Dune HD.