Elgato Stream Deck+ Review

Today we have our Elgato Stream Deck+ Review, which will showcase the upgraded version of the Stream Deck. The original spawned a crowd of competitors, but unfortunately for them, Elgato is still the king.

Recently, Elgato released Stream Deck+, the latest upgrade to its Stream Deck. The current version packs a collection of essential updates like a controllable dial, a touch panel, etc.

The product comes with other notable elements, which we will discuss in our Elgato Stream Deck+ Review. These include its features, functions, specs, and performance. But before anything else, let us see what is inside the package.

Elgato Stream Deck+ Packaging

Our Stream Deck+ shipped in a blue-themed package which arrived in time for our Elgato Stream Deck+ Review. It looks like every other box from Elgato, which displays an image of the product, its name, and the company branding. There are details along its rear that you can refer to whenever necessary. 

Inside the box, you will find the Stream Deck+, a USB-C to A cable, and a quick start guide. 

Elgato Stream Deck+ Review – Design and Functionality

To continue our Elgato Stream Deck+ Review, let us look at the product design and functions. The product is excellent since it sports a solid black plastic case featuring the Stream Deck logo.

It comes with eight signature LCD keys, plastic-made buttons, and an attractive glossy finish giving it a premium look. Elgato also offers quiet yet tactile feedback, plus programmable visual feedback. 

Sandwiched at the centre is a touchscreen bar, and then at the bottom of the controller are four tactile dials. The Stream Deeck+ features a matte black plastic shell with metal-made dials. 

These dials feature buttons, allowing you to use them as a dial with buttons for added convenience. If you control lights via the dial, you can switch them off using its button function. You can also use it for adding layers or dial stacks. 

While writing our Elgato Stream Deck+ Review, we noticed the dials did not have the same tactile feel. The one on the far left felt different from the one on the right. On the rear are a USB-C input and a non-adjustable stand. 

Additionally, the Stream Deck+ comes with an integrated stand, allowing you to set it at a 45-degree angle. The controller will be around 110mm high on your desk. This angle feels comfortable, but we suggest having it within arm’s length for better usage.

Stream Deck+ features all the functions the original product has. You can set up buttons to do various tasks like open programs, perform a single/series of actions, etc.

You can program the buttons via basic actions included in the company software. These include open, hotkey, multimedia, etc. And for added functionality, you can download Elgato and creator-made plugins from the Stream Deck store.

This product sports a USB-C port on its rear that links to your computer. However, Elgato states it needs a direct connection and not via a USB hub. Moreover, Steam Deck+ ships fully assembled with a braided 5-foot USB-C to A cable.

Key Features of the Elgato Stream Deck+

With all the content creation controllers on the market, choosing the best one is challenging. But is this product a worthy upgrade from the previous Elgato Stream Deck? Learn the answer as we discuss its key features in our Elgato Stream Deck+ Review.

A Single Interface to Rule Your Setup

The new Stream Deck+ allows you to have complete granular control of your setup. You will have no limits customising with all the available plugins. Make it yours with a better workflow.

Eight Keys and Four Dials for Limitless Actions with the Elgato Stream Deck+

The eight keys of Stream Deck+ can act as folders for quick access to tasks. You can set one for OBS, another for Wavelink or Discord, etc. This product also has four dials that allow equipping multiple actions, and you can push to cycle through these.

Tactile Control and Visual Feedback

The tactile controls and visual feedback of the Stream Deck+ let you know if you executed commands successfully.

Easy to Customise

You can use Stream Deck+ as a production console, studio controller, audio mixer, etc. Personalise your settings easily by dragging actions onto keys and dials.

Be Creative and Make the Elgato Stream Deck+ Yours

Design the keys with icons, use custom caps for the dials, and add backgrounds to the touch strip. You can customise the appearance of Stream Deck+ based on your preferences and make it uniquely yours.

Set and Trigger Chain Reactions

With Stream Deck+, you can launch multiple actions at once or intermittently. One keypress can start a stream, welcome your chat, and then mute your mic as it plays the introduction sequence.

Powerful Plugins

Use countless powerful plugins like Elgato Wave Link, Camera Hub, OBS, Control Center, Spotify, Discord, Philips Hue, Twitter, etc. Aside from those, you can access Stream Deck App and Store to download plugins, icons, SFX, royalty-free tracks, and more. Elgato updates it regularly and adds new plugins frequently.

The Elgato Stream Deck+ – a Hybrid Mixer

Stream Deck+ and Wave Link work together to create a hybrid mixer. This way, you can tap to mute channels and trigger SFX easily. You can also turn the dials to adjust the mic volumes and more.

Your All-in-One Solution

Whether it is video creation, live production, podcasting, photo editing, or graphic design, Stream Deck+ streamlines your workflow with ready-made plugins and keyboard shortcuts. 


Stream Deck+ measures 140 x 138 x 110mm and weighs 465g. Its controls include eight customisable LCD keys, four multifunction dials + push function, and a 108 x 14mm touch panel.

It uses a USB 2.0 interface and works with Windows 10 (64-bit) and macOS 10.15 or newer.

Hands-on with the Elgato Stream Deck+ 

We used Stream Deck+ for over a week to see how well it would perform. And we will share our hands-on experience with it in this Elgato Stream Deck+ Review. First, let us look into the Stream Deck+ software and what it offers.

To function, Stream Deck+ requires the Elgato Stream Deck software. It has two sections: the programming screen and the store. 

The programming screen is where you program buttons and dials. You can also set up and assign profiles in this section. The store is where you can download/install Elgato and third-party plugins, icons, music, and sound effects.

The Elgato Stream Deck software is excellent since it allows you to assign functions without consulting guides. However, there may be some difficulties if you want to use more complex functionalities. 

You can create multiple profiles for Stream Deck+ via the Stream Deck software. Each has its own 10-page set of dials and buttons. 

You can switch profiles manually by first programming a key. After, you can set profiles to open specific programs. This process will allow you to create custom Stream Deck configurations for Photoshop, OBS or games.

Programming the buttons and dials of the Stream Deck+ involves drag-and-drop. Also, you can right-click buttons to create folders or multifunction stacks. Stream Deck+ software also allowed the programming of visual feedback using icons and titles to indicate on, off, and toggle.

The LCD touch panel and four multifunction dials work together. The screen mirrors some functionalities of the dials if you set up the latter in a stack.

Programming a dial stack assigns multiple functions or commands to a single dial. With this setup, you can cycle through functionalities by pressing the dial. You can tap the section of the LCD panel above the corresponding dial to enable the click function.

The dials also have visual feedback, but it is not yet customisable.

You can also personalise the background of its LCD touch panel with presets from the Elgato background library. For something more unique, you can choose from your available photos.

We had an enjoyable experience customising our Stream Deck+. The controller was easy to set functions on each button and dial because of its drag-and-drop feature. Aside from setting commands, we also designed the buttons with unique icons that matched the aesthetic of our setup.

We used other Elgato products during our tests, including its microphones and cameras. The software immediately recognised these streaming accessories, and we could control the streaming accessories via Stream Deck+.

Overall, Stream Deck+ performed flawlessly and is ideal for content creation. It is an excellent product, especially if you plan to upgrade from a previously released Elgato controller.

Elgato Stream Deck+ Review Summary

Many content creators have been waiting for Elgato to add more buttons to its Stream Deck products. And the company released Stream Deck+ with dials and an LCD touch panel. Stream Deck+ is a perfect addition to your setup if you have been using the Elgato streaming ecosystem.

This product works excellently with Elgato products like microphones, webcams, and lights. We tested it for our Elgato Stream Deck+ Review, and it performed flawlessly. Also, we enjoyed customising the buttons and dials since the product offered complete control.

Stream Deck+ is a premium-grade solution for content creation, and we highly recommend it. Although it is expensive for the average consumer, professionals can maximise its features and functions.

Visit the official product page of Elgato for more details about Stream Deck+.