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Elgato Stream Deck Review

Applications like streaming platforms, computer games, OBS programs, and more can be tiring for just one streamer to manage during a session. It can be a burden for a person to juggle such programs. Well, in our Elgato Stream Deck review, we’ll discuss a device that can do it all with style. 

The Elgato Stream Deck is a creative device made to strengthen the setups of streamers. Its purpose is to support their creative minds and help them achieve their creative needs. With that, let’s get right into the review. 

Elgato Stream Deck Packaging

Before we discuss our Elgato Stream Deck review, we have to tell what things come with the product. 

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The Elgato Stream Deck is featured in a small dark blue package that themes Elgato’s primary colours. You will see the image of the product as well as the name on the front. 

Towards the right side, you will see some details regarding its features. On the back, you will find several diagrams depicting the functions of the product as well as the descriptions. 

To open the package, remove the seals at the bottom and gently slide the cover upwards. Doing this will reveal the contents of the box. 

Inside are the instruction manual, the Elgato Stream Deck and its adjustable stand. Both the Elgato Stream Deck and adjustable stand are placed together inside a black styrofoam mould.

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This keeps the product’s smooth surface safe from scratches that may happen during accidents. Other than that, it acts as a barrier that holds the product in place. This prevents movement inside the package.

Regarding the cable, it is already integrated with the Elgato Stream Deck. This means that you won’t have to worry about the cable coming off as it is built connected. 

All right, let’s now head on to the next section of our review.

Elgato Stream Deck Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s now take a good look at the design and functions in our Elgato Stream Deck review. The Elgato Stream Deck is made to fulfil all your content creation needs.  

In most cases, people would say that bigger means better. In this case, that may not be the situation anymore. The Elgato Stream Deck is only 118 millimetres in height and 84 millimetres in length. Its size makes it seem like a hand-held item. 

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Although it may not appear much, the Elgato Stream Deck packs a lot of utility in its arsenal. It contains multi-functional options you can use for your streaming services. It works well with platforms like Twitch and YouTube for easy content management.

Its portable size fits any gaming or streaming rig. It is slanted like a keyboard to provide a better angle for your hands. With its integrated cable already attached, you won’t need to worry about cable management.

The Elgato Stream Deck contains 15 individual LCD buttons that are made for all your content creation needs. You can reconfigure each key for specific functions within your streaming setup. 

Thanks to this, you can map out specific functions you will need for your streams without memorising various keyboard shortcuts. They are tactical switches that react well and provide easy access. 

Key Features of the Elgato Stream Deck

Apart from its looks, we now check the product’s features in our Elgato Stream Deck review. The Elgato Stream Deck offers a wide variety of options for your streaming services. 

Take Control 

Our Elgato Stream Deck offers 15 fully customisable LCD buttons made to handle as many options as possible. You can choose the specific tasks for each button, and it works well with your system programs too. 

You can have Twitch, Spotify, in-game functions and more all connected to the Elgato Stream Deck. This alleviates all the keyboard shortcut memorisation required as it adds an extra hand to your setup. 

Having visual feedback provides more elaborate and distinct management for your sessions. By that, you can hope to rely on this device as it makes things much simpler for you.    

Streamline Setup

Unlike most devices, Elgato Stream Deck integrates your tools and systems into your applications. It can help in detecting the scenes, media, audio sources and more during your streams.

The Elgato Stream Deck allows you to reconfigure the tasks in real-time. This reduces delays before and during your sessions. As you assign each key a function, you can eliminate any problems that may happen.  


Just like a smartphone, the Elgato Stream Deck provides automated alerts which notify you or your audiences. You can use it as a cue card for certain events on your stream. Or rather, it can help entertain your audience with onscreen antics. 

This will ultimately help you become a better streamer as you get used to all the functions provided. With that, it opens your creative mind and puts your tastes to the test as you sharpen your creative edge. This makes your stream versatile and ready for action with your own personal touch.

Make It Yours 

Setting up your Elgato Stream Deck is made easy with the simple features the stream deck provides. You can simply drag and drop your actions on the keys. Designing the button is also possible, so go ahead and have fun with your own style. 

Creating your own icons for the buttons can be done with Key Creator. You will find this on the official website of the product. 


With the Elgato Stream Deck, you can easily navigate your way through multiple applications. You won’t need to have these applications on your screen as it only takes a press to take action. 

That’s it for the key features part of our Elgato Stream deck review. Let’s now move on to the next section.


Our Elgato Stream Deck review will also talk about the product’s specifications. These little details are a part of a whole system that makes up the product. With that, let’s take a look inside.

The Elgato Stream Deck is a small black board that has about 15 fully customisable LCD keys. Its dimensions are 118 by 84 and 21 millimetres. That is the height, width and length, respectively.

It only weighs a total of 190 grams. This makes it easy to bring around. Regarding the ports, it only has the integrated USB 2.0 cable, which is 150 centimetres. 

You can easily attach the adjustable stand to the stream deck for better positioning. It also does not require much space. 

Hands-on with the Elgato Stream Deck

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Going away now from the product’s physical properties, we have to see for ourselves if the product remains true to its claims in our Elgato Stream Deck review. 

This is where we talk about the product’s properties by running tests to figure out where it lacks. These tests examine several aspects that make this product reliable and efficient. 

We want to know how much we can customise our keys, its effectiveness during streaming and its reliability. 

Customisation Options

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When checking the 15 LCD keys, we were stunned by just how many options there are. The options just come endless with how many functions we can pair with each button on the Elgato Stream Deck. 

You can run apps, have specific keys for that app, adjust audio input and output, in-game features, OBS features and functions, program utilities and more. It offers a wide range of possibilities. 

We could tell that Elgato put in an extensive amount of work into this product. 

When running our tests, we found it effortless to navigate through programs without having to go to them individually on our screen. We could manage our sound and video options while playing games during the streaming sessions.

The Elgato Stream Deck is like a small keyboard made for just keyboard shortcuts and unique key functions.

During the examination of the Elgato Stream Deck, we observed that we relied much on the product. As it made it easier, we started to depend on the functions of the stream deck provided.

We slowly got used to its utilities, and in turn, it made it painless for us. I guess we can say our only issue was that it lacked a profiling feature where you can have multiple profiles for specific users or functions for various events.

Other than that, the Elgato Stream Deck made our streams much more bearable to deal with. 

Elgato Stream Deck Review Summary

Before we come to the closure of our Elgato Stream Deck review, we will provide you with the insights we have learned from checking this product. 

The Elgato Stream Deck is a product with the design to support content creators and the value they bring to media. It makes it much easier for streamers to manage multiple applications at once and provides efficient usage.

Elgato knows their products and how to make the best out of them. By that, we are proud to say we truly recommend this product to anyone looking for better ways to stream. If you are interested in purchasing this product, then click here