EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset Review

EPOS is known for creating the best-performing products around. And today in our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review, we’ll discuss their H6Pro closed and open back headsets. 

The H6Pro line features two unique designs with different use cases. Their characteristics have an impact on the audio response, noise isolation, and how these products feel when worn. 

These gaming headsets deliver outstanding quality performance across a full-audio spectrum with full accuracy and listening comfort. They feature slim, elongated, and detachable microphone boom arms. Plus, these two sport a sleek design with a lightweight profile, offering outstanding convenience and comfort. 

Interested in these headphones under the H6Pro gaming line? If that’s the case, continue reading our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review for all the details you need about these. 

EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset Packaging

Both the H6Pro open and closed gaming headsets come in similar looking sturdy cardboard boxes. The package features an image of the product in front, while EPOS is written on the upper-right corner of it. On the lower-left corner of the box, you’ll see H6Pro written as well. 

To note, both the close and open headsets come in three different colours, and their packaging corresponds to these. The colours available include Sebring Black, Racing Green, and Ghost White. 

Inside, the headset is kept nicely and securely in place by thick foam which also helps protect the product. This means, you won’t have to bother worrying about any damages or bumps it may encounter during shipping. 

Other than the headset, the package comes with your usual manuals and safety instructions. EPOS even included a 3.5mm jack for connecting the headset to the PC. Also, they have a standard cable jack for connecting the product to your console or any other audio source. 

These included cables measuring 2m and 1.5m respectively. 

We appreciate that EPOS’ packaging includes two plastic covers inside which are used to hide the detachable mic’s contacts. This is in case you plan to utilise the H6Pro as regular headphones. 

Next in our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review, we’ll take a look at the headsets’ functions and design. 

EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset Review – Design and Functionality

As we mentioned earlier, the EPOS H6Pro gaming headset comes in two variations. There’s the H6Pro closed headset and the H6Pro open headset. 

Both of them offer a lightweight, durable, and sturdy frame sporting a slim metal headband. The latter is wrapped in nice soft padding to keep your head comfortable even during long hours of use. 

Both headsets’ adjustable parts are surrounded by thick plastic, and these are connected along the earcups with a 2-axis hinge. Overall, the closed and open headsets’ design are more on the chunky side unlike other alternatives available. But despite that, headsets under the H6Pro line are all attractive and durable. 

When we unboxed these headsets for our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review, we saw their minimalist yet sleek design. EPOS still opted for simplicity which is one of the line’s biggest strengths. 

And with the minimalist approach to gaming audio, it makes for a versatile and efficient experience. With that, the headsets don’t rely on just eye-catching aesthetics or fancy features to be considered great gaming products.

The EPOS H6Pro gaming headsets remain tethered despite everything being wireless nowadays. And what’s great about it is that the products come with a selection of two different wires. 

This makes the H6Pro versatile products. You can easily link to game consoles via mobile handsets, laptops, controllers, and even DAC devices. Or, go for a classic PC audio setup using a secondary lead that can split the audio jacks and speaker. 

It’s good to know that the company sells replacement cables for their headsets. So if something happens to the ones you have, you won’t have a difficult time replacing them. 

Out of the box, the close and open headsets aren’t accompanied by extra software of USB connectivity. This means, the headsets are ultimately plug-and-play across most devices. If you want to be able to tweak and amplify your audio, you can utilise different DAC devices and soundcards. 

You can do this given that these devices have 3.5mm support available.

The differences between the two versions of the H6Pro are the seals and earpads. For the closed back headset, its earpads are similar to those on the H3 headsets.

These are made from suede-like and leatherette materials, have memory foam and add to the design’s passive noise isolation.

For the open back version of the headset, it has a more breathable cloth material for enhanced airflow. Plus, it allows more sound from the environment to enter.

Generally, both the headsets’ earpads do their jobs well and function adequately too. And, both have similar levels of comfort which make the H6Pro gaming headsets great for long hours of use. So, you won’t have to worry about these heating up. 

Keep in mind that the close back H6Pro headset gets warm over time. This is because of its lack of breathability. 

On the other hand, the open back earpads don’t warm up as quickly. But, you should still expect some warmth after extended use. 

Overall, we can say that both the H6Pro gaming headsets are among the most comfortable headsets we’ve tried. Plus, they’re also one of the nicest-looking ones around. 

To continue our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review, the only on-device controls on both H6Pro headsets can be found on their ear cups. 

On the right ear cup, you’ll see the volume wheel that’s easy to adjust with just your finger. Do remember that tuning this wheel all the way down won’t mute the headset. On the lowest settings, you’ll still be able to hear the audio that’s playing. 

If you want to completely mute the audio, you’ll need the controls of the device it’s plugged into. 

When it comes to the outer portion of the left ear cup, you’ll find the microphone situated here. It’s sturdy, extended, and rests at a comfortable position and distance from your mouth. Thus, it rests firmly in the right spot for sound pickup. 

Key Features of the EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset 

What makes the EPOS H6Pro gaming headset unique from other products on the market? Let’s discuss its key features and find out.

Professional-grade Sound for Gamers

The H6Pro series of gaming headsets are designed for gamers who seek full immersion or increased in-game competitive edge.

The closed-back H6Pro gaming headset is made to deliver high-fidelity performance with a controlled yet focused sound signature. It has an exceptionally full audio spectrum and is highly accurate while it minimises listening fatigue. 

The open back model of the H6Pro, on the other hand, has an expansive and open sound signature. It delivers unmatched realism and natural gaming audio, making it excellent for quiet environments. This headset is also best when you want to enjoy high-fidelity audio while being aware of your surroundings.

Both open and closed back gaming headsets feature a slim elongated detachable microphone boom arm for all users’ convenience. Plus, the headsets’ seek design and lightweight profile provide the highest levels of comfort.

Enhanced Ergonomics and Comfort

The H6Pro gaming headsets are excellent for the longest gaming sessions. That’s because extended gaming hours require exceptional comfort, and these headsets are the solution. They’re lightweight with hinged ear cups and improved padding that adjust to your head’s shape.

Comfort, Durability, and Aesthetics

Aside from the H6Pro’s overall form and function, EPOS ensures that the headsets feel good. And other than comfort, the company pays attention to giving their products the tactile feel of premium materials and finishes. 

To do this, EPOS utilises high-quality materials that are built to last. As a result, they are able to produce the H6Pro gaming headsets which offer aesthetics, durability, and comfort. 

Tuning Microphones for Performance, Versatility, and Quality

When we tested the products for our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review, we noticed the microphones’ exceptional performance. Here, we’ll also discuss why these headphones have great microphones.

For EPOS, excellent microphone performance is an essential factor for their headsets. That’s why the H6Pro’s boom microphone delivers high-quality performance for capturing crystal clear voice.

The H6Pro gaming headsets have been developed to offer unparalleled performance with its redesigned lift-to-mute mic. It’s easily detachable and elongated for better and precise voice pickup.

Lifting the mic arm instantly mutes yourself. When not in use, you can replace it with the cover plate. It’s an excellently convenient solution for streamers and gamers.

Compatible with All Major Platforms

Each H6Pro gaming headset comes with two cables. With these, it’s compatible with all major platforms. These include PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Designed to Excite

EPOS is dedicated to bringing the best solutions for all users who want excellent audio devices. That’s because the company knows that great design forms a bond between the brand and the product users.

To come up with high-quality headsets, EPOS combines their audio engineering skills and the finest materials. As a result, the headsets look great and feel comfortable when worn. Also, these offer superior audio quality.

EPOS’ audio engineers maximise their products’ functional performance through ergonomics specialists who ensure that the headsets are comfortable for wearing. The company also works with visual designers who give an aesthetic appeal to the products.

All of these elements interacting is complex, but EPOS works with teams to create excellent headsets. They ensure that each product has a harmonious balance of form, function, fit, and feel.

An Intuitive User Experience to Miss no Detail

EPOS is committed to making simple and intuitive user experiences by making the headset controls feel natural. For the H6Pro, you can easily flip to mute the mic boom on the left. On the right side is the volume wheel you can adjust volume levels.

Adaptable To EPOS Surround

Pairing the H6Pro headset with EPOS’ sound cards can further enhance your game audio quality. When used with dedicated sound cards, you can enjoy binaural surround sound with precise details.

Proprietary High-quality Speaker System

The high-quality speaker system is tuned to deliver EPOS’ signature balanced audio for the highest level of immersion.

Intuitive Volume Control of the EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset

The right earcup of the H6Pro features a volume wheel that allows for quick adjustments on the fly. It’s a plastic metal-ringed volume wheel with lines that provide some grip.

Durable And Long-lasting

EPOS used highly durable materials to create the H6Pro gaming headsets and these went through extreme quality control. Since the products are proven to be durable and long-lasting, they come with a two-year warranty.


Of course, our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review won’t be complete without discussing the product’s specifications.

Both open and closed back headsets have a frequency response ranging from Hz to kHz. These models are also equipped with dynamic transducers and 42mm neodymium drivers. Plus, they have an impedance of 28 Ohms.

For the connectivity options of the H6Pro gaming headsets, these are both wired. You can use the 2-metre PC cable or the 1.5-metre console cable.

These products use a bidirectional microphone with a frequency response that ranges from 10Hz to 10kHz.

For compatibility, both open and closed back headsets can be used with a wide range of platforms. These include PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The headsets are also compatible with various Bluetooth devices like smartphones and more.

These H6Pro headsets differ by weight. The closed back model weighs 322g, while the open back is 309g. Again, each of these come with a 2-year warranty.

Hands-on with the EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset 

The drivers for both the H6Pro gaming headsets produce outstanding results. We were able to hear satisfying bass levels and mids that make everything sound beautiful and natural. 

Do note that we didn’t get the same audiophile quality experience from the likes of Sennheiser’s HD 600s. That’s especially because these headsets cost higher than the EPOS H6Pro. But despite that, the H6Pro gaming headset’s performance is adequate for those who aren’t headphones enthusiasts. 

They produce balanced and clear audio compared to other gaming headsets available on the market. 

Generally, EPOS isn’t targeting audiophiles with its product range. Instead, it wants to cater to everyone which is why they offer both open and closed versions of their H6Pro. 

With this move, everyone will be able to select between what they want. Users can either go for a higher-fidelity audio experience or an efficient passive noise cancelling element without settling for less. 

The open back headset gave us a light and airy soundscape which helped because of the breathable mesh ear pads. This specific version is more expansive, softer, and tonally ideal. 

When it comes to the close back design, its leatherette ear pads give it a slightly harsher touch. But despite that, we felt more of the low-ends with this pair. So if more bass, resonance, and volume is necessary, the close back H6Pro gaming headset is the way to go.

None of the headsets are overwhelming, and tuning these were more balanced compared to other gaming headsets we’ve tried. 

Because of that, we can definitely say that the open back headset was aurally clear. With it, we could hear everything going on around so we still had a sense of awareness of our surroundings. For the close back version, the cups blocked out most of the background noise which was pretty neat. 

During our tests, we found the close back H6Pro headset to be ideal for FPS games. And when it comes to the open back one, it’s just as good since it can turn games into a spine-tingling and exciting experience.

Now, choosing which version to go for all boils down to your personal preferences and needs. If you usually game or listen to music in a quiet spot, the open back H6Pro gaming headset is ideal. 

But, if you usually bring out the headset during travels and the like, the close back version is the best. It’ll be a treat and a great way to block all the noise from the outside world. 

We also tested the microphones to discuss their performance here in our EPOS H6Pro gaming headset review.

No matter what platform we used, the microphones of both headsets performed excellently. We were able to communicate with our friends in various games or through chat apps like Discord.

The noise cancellation feature worked well too which was surprising for a compact microphone. It captured our voices clearly and eliminated the noise of the fans and A/C.

Lifting the mic immediately muted ourselves. When we placed it back down, it produced a clicking sound that indicated the mic was unmuted.

EPOS H6Pro Gaming Headset Review Summary

The EPOS H6Pro gaming headsets are extremely versatile products. While these are simple, they offer comfort, durability, and superior audio performance like the company claimed. Plus, the headsets come with a microphone that performs excellently.

EPOS improved its game with the H6Pro series, and both versions of the gaming headset deliver excellent performance.

The H6Pro may be expensive, but they’re worth the purchase given its features and quality. We loved the headsets’ performance during our tests, so we’re highly recommending these products.

To get your hands on the closed back model of the H6Pro gaming headset, it’s available from EPOS’ official site. For the open back version, you can purchase it online via the product page as well.