Essential Tips You Must Know Before You Begin Your Online Bingo Game

There has always been a lot of enthusiasm for bingo in the UK in particular. Almost from the moment it arrived in the country during the 1950s, the general public embraced it in their droves. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, a visit to the local bingo hall was a very common choice for women who wanted a night out.

Bingo is still a big deal now, but the difference is that it is the online version that the younger generation are playing. Online bingo began to take over from the halls in the 1990s and the current century has seen its popularity go through the roof.

This article will outline what players need to know before playing bingo online.

Online Bingo Boom

They say that success breeds success and that is certainly the case with online bingo. Its immense popularity is drawing ever greater numbers to sign up with 888Ladies and similar sites to try the different bingo games that are on offer. 

The range and variety of games that online sites feature vastly outstrips those of old fashioned bingo halls. Typically, the fare at those is restricted to the basic 80-ball and 90-ball versions.

The various themed bingo games that can be found online have played a big part in making it seem more exciting to young people. They have helped it to shed its image as a game primarily for older women, which has been central to its revival in this century.

That choice of games does make it slightly more daunting for first-time players though. As with any form of gambling, it is important to know what you are doing before you bet money.

These tips should help to ensure that you have a good experience playing online bingo.

  • Pick the right bingo site

This is the first and most important point of all. The rise of online bingo has led to a veritable raft of sites springing up apparently offering an unbeatable choice of games and bonanza bonuses.

If it all looks too good to be true, that is probably the case. Sticking with a well-known and firmly established bingo site such as 888ladies will guarantee you fair gaming plus safe and secure payment options.

  • Pick the right time to play

Lots of people try to avoid going into town during the rush hour, because the traffic makes the experience less enjoyable. Well online bingo sites have rush hours too and avoiding them will help you win.

These rush hours are when the numbers using the sites increase, which makes the competition more intense. Sticking to quieter periods will ensure you are up against fewer players and have a better shot at being the winner.

  • Buy plenty of bingo cards

Buying several bingo cards instead of just one is a good tactic. If you were playing an online slot you would find that the more pay lines you bet on, the greater your chances of a win.

Well the same rule applies with online bingo. Playing lots of cards multiplies your odds of a win, which is what everyone ultimately wants from the game.

If a call-out does not feature on one of these cards, there is chance that it might be on one of the others.

  • Use the chat rooms

One of the features that you will find at online bingo sites is chat rooms. These are areas where players go to talk about the games and other subjects and it will be well worth taking advantage of them.

For one thing, some of the players will be very experienced and can give you useful pointers that will improve your play and increase your winnings. For another, chat rooms offer the chance to make friends with new people, which will make visiting the site even more fun in the future.

  • Learn some strategies

Bingo was always regarded as a game of pure chance and that is still true in this online era, but there are a few strategies that can swing the odds in your favour. Aside from buying lots of cards, there is the Tippett strategy.

This is named after the man who devised it, who was statistician from the UK, and it was devised for 75-ball bingo. The basic idea is that games that go on for longer increase the probabilities of drawn balls being near to the 38 medium number.

On the other hand, in games of shorter duration, there is a greater probability that the balls drawn out will be closer to 75 and 1. It is a pretty simple idea, but one that is worth bearing in mind.

  • Take breaks

Online bingo is a lot of fun, but it also demands close concentration to play it well. Therefore it is a good idea to recharge your mind and body by taking breaks for something to eat and drink between games.

If you are planning an evening of playing at a bingo site with friends, why not set out snacks in advance? That will add to the party atmosphere and pleasure of the whole thing while ensuring that everyone stays alert and mentally focused.

If you have never tried playing bingo online before, you are in for a treat. Just remember these simple pointers and you will have a great time.