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eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System

Today we have our eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System, which focuses on this wireless security system. In this review, get details related to the security camera, such as its performance, specifications, features, design, and functions.

We will provide everything necessary to help you determine if the product is worth purchasing. But before we get into detail, let us unbox this security camera and check what other extras the company included. 

eufyCam 3 Packaging

Our package arrived in a standard-looking cardboard box, and we appreciate it came right on time. When we got it, we immediately worked on this eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System.

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We loved its blue and white theme since it was not too loud or painful to the eyes. The front of the box displays an image of the products, the name, and the eufy branding. 

When we unboxed the security kit, we saw two S330 cameras and the mounting bases. The box also included the HomeBase 3, an Ethernet cord, and one USB-C inside.

All items were securely packed, plus these shipped with all the necessary inclusions to start using the product. 

eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System – Design and Functionality

Our eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System will now discuss its functions and design. First, let us look into the S330 cameras of this security kit. 

The S330 cameras feel solid and durable to the touch. We did not hear any creaks or feel flexing or looseness when applying pressure directly/diagonally to the cameras. 

These also feature an IP67 rating, allowing the cameras can work throughout the seasons. 

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Behind each camera is a weather-sealed USB charging port to help prevent water from reaching the camera body. The seal also protects the mounting port and sync button of the cameras. 

The front portion of the S330 cameras houses the F1.4 lens with a rear-illuminated CMOS sensor. It allows the sensor to have more light while simultaneously increasing light sensitivity. Additionally, various motion & IR sensors, a microphone, and a powerful spotlight are available.

The top portion of the cameras houses a fairly-sized solar panel, while the base features a loudspeaker. It is necessary for communicating with visitors knocking on your door.

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The HomeBase 3 is a hub where the camera connects wirelessly. This version includes local video processing to send alerts when it detects a person, pet, or vehicle. 

It also has facial recognition to determine whether the person at your door is a stranger, friend, or family member.

Conveniently, you can utilise up to 16 cameras with the HomeBase 3. 

Key Features of the eufyCam 3 

Let us delve into the product features to continue our eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System. These aspects make the product worth purchasing and better than its competition. 

Forever Powered via Solar Charging

With enough sunlight, the solar panel of the S330 collects and stores up to 300mAh in a day. As a result, the camera only needs 50 to 100mAh to keep running for 24 hours. 

Built for All Weather Conditions

With IP67 weatherproof protection, eufyCam 3 stays safe against dust storms and rain. 

A Simple Wireless 4K Security System- Easy Setup for All-Around Protection

The eufyCam 3 is easy to install since it does not require complicated wiring. You can keep your home security within a few minutes with the 135° wide-angle lens of the cameras.

Daily Security Briefings of the eufyCam 3

BionicMind provides a custom security report, allowing you to know vital information ahead of time.

4K Ultra HD – Unparalleled Video Quality 

4K video quality offers exceptional sharpness that lets you see more detail. That means recording at night or during extreme weather will still provide outstanding video quality.

Understand Your Security Easily with the eufyCam 3

Categorised events help you quickly get in-depth knowledge of your security. You can also search for information by faces and objects.

Motion-sensing Spotlight

The eufyCam 3 has a motion-activated spotlight that ensures clear images even under dark lighting conditions. 

Seamless Expansion Bay Cover with a Simple Wireless 4K Security System

You can expand your storage conveniently with the accessible expansion bay. Add a hard drive with a press and enjoy your additional storage space.

Colour Night Vision

The eufyCam 3 has a high-sensitivity sensor and motion-triggered spotlight, offering next-level colour quality in night vision. With its CMOS sensor and Starlight Level Photosensitive System f/1.4 aperture lens, it has 40% increased photosensitivity.

The integrated motion-triggered spotlight detects motion and offers added night clarity.

No Monthly Fee

What makes the eufyCam 3 one of the best is it does not require you to pay a monthly fee. It records all data on a hard drive, and you can watch all footage and record via the app. You do not need to pay anything to use it, but you can purchase cloud storage.

Its 16GB storage space can keep up to three months of videos. When you expand to 16TB, you can save years worth of recordings.

BionicMind – Accurate AI Technology

While writing our eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System, we learned that the product features AI. It is an efficient element that can accurately determine if the person at your door is a stranger. 

Expandable and Optimised Local Storage of the eufyCam 3

Instead of waiting for the cloud to upload your data, let local security boost your system speed and efficiency. You can save videos for years by simply adding storage.

Safe and Private

With the eufyCam 3, you can ensure your data is secure and private. It uses a three-step military-grade AES-128 encryption, and only you have the key to access it.


Before discussing its performance, our eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System will focus on its specifications. We will divide this section into two categories: one for the S330 and the other for the HomeBase 3 specs.

S330 Camera Specifications

These have a 4K video resolution (3840×2160) with a 130-degree viewing angle and F1.4 aperture with BSI CMOS sensors. Colour Night Vision and IR are present. It has an IP67 rating, which makes the cameras resistant to water and dust.

These cameras have a 100 Lumen motion detection spotlight and two-way audio, and the battery can last up to 365 days. To note, the battery used for the product is a 13400 mAh rechargeable type.

Connectivity-wise, the S330 camera has a Type-C USB port, SATA 3.0, and a 1000Mbps LAN port. Additionally, it has a quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU and works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. 

Lastly, the product measures 6.5 x 12.9 x 6.5cm.

HomeBase 3 Specifications

The HomeBase 3 comes with 16GB of integrated storage that is expandable up to 16TB. It measures 7.8 x 10.9 x 14.4cm and supports continuous 24/7 recordings while utilising indoor cameras.

Hands-on with the eufyCam 3 

The HomeBase 3 has to be linked to the router or switch to connect to the internet successfully. Before installing the cameras, it is always good to install the eufy app, then add the HomeBase 3 and cameras. After installing the app, sign up or log in to proceed with the installation process. 

Next, you need to link the HomeBase 3 with an Ethernet cable. Once connected to the HomeBase 3, you need to add the two S330 cameras to the eufy app. Here, you need to choose the S330 and press the Sync button positioned along the rear of the camera body. 

Follow the same steps for the second camera, and you have finished adding hardware to the app. 

Installing the S330 is simple since two screws for each camera are the only things necessary to secure them. 

Just set the positioning guide, then drill two holes for the screws. From there, secure the two mounts before attaching the S330 camera. You will need to rotate it until the camera body threads into place. 

A stopper is also present for rotating the rear camera body to ensure it stays firmly in place. There is even a knob on the mount base that lets you secure the tilt and camera angle. 

The company suggests angling the camera to seven degrees for a 130-degree view. 

The eufy app has plenty of settings, and we successfully configured everything as we wanted.

All added cameras were easily accessible from the main dashboard, and we liked that we could change the camera order. Devices, Events, and Security were the most used tabs.

Face Management in HomeBase 3 allows adding “Familiar Faces.” It enables the AI system to recognise people in the house/office and tag them with specific names.

It is possible to review faces detected by the AI camera. Also, taking selfies with the app or choosing images from the phone media library is possible. 

There is an option to ignore notifications from familiar faces, allowing optimised alerts when strangers enter the house or office.

You can also use the HomeBase 3 to add AI analysis with other compatible eufy cameras. The company will optimise this capability later via firmware updates.

While the HomeBase 3 comes with 16GB of onboard storage, it is expandable up to 16TB. That is one of the most generous storage expansion options we have seen, and it is very much appreciated.

In the Events tab, you can choose from a few filters. These help narrow down video events using the Smart Filter option.

Sorting is possible based on the following criteria. You can sort based on the event types, detection types, connection devices, and video storage location. 

There are two familiar elements in the screenshot we added to the HomeBase 3 settings. So when reviewing the events tab, we can tap on a familiar face to narrow down clips. It will only show videos with that familiar face in them. 

The AI will automatically include unfamiliar faces even without adding a familiar face. From there, we could filter through these faces to see if the person went up close to the camera. 

The Security tab features particular modes you can set for the cameras. It also allows assigning custom modes for different situations. 

For example, it is possible to disable notifications during short-term activities. Or, you can disable the system for long-term renovation/construction jobs.

Motion Detection has a variety of sensitivity settings, but we left ours on default mode. There were moments of false triggers like swaying tree branches. But despite these, we enabled an activity zone to only capture motion in specific areas. 

AI processing allowed us to change the types of motion detection.

Power Manager allowed us to change the length of video clips. It ranged from as low as five seconds to as high as 120 seconds. Plus, you can set a re-trigger/cooldown time between video clip recordings to avoid multiple video clips and notifications.

Do note that longer video clips will drain the battery faster.

The spotlight function offered excellent illumination and low, medium, or high levels. It also worked as a deterrent. 

As for deterrents, the eufyCam 3 also has a theft alarm. These can ring on the S330b and the HomeBase 3 if someone attempts to steal the cameras.

By default, the recording quality of the S330 is 4K, but it can also capture at lower resolutions. The 2K and Full HD options are ideal for saving battery and storage, which is essential during winter. However, these will not have the same image quality as 4K. 

Video Quality

The SS330 offered the best video quality among all the cameras we used. Its image was sharp, and the video resolution was what we expected from a 4K camera system. Additionally, its videos during both day and night were all clear.

Aside from the high-quality videos, the audio was good. The microphone even captured some conversations with passersby.

At night, the eufyCam 3 allowed changes in the spotlight colour. And to our surprise, the quality of images and videos was the same as the captured footage in day vision. We left the spotlight on medium or high brightness levels, and everything came out perfectly. 

We also tried capturing videos with 4K resolution, and these were also clear, even when zooming in by 8x. Conveniently, faces and licence plates were easy to see.

AI Performance of the eufyCam 3

One of the features of the eufyCam 3 is the integrated AI that can detect familiar people, pets, and vehicles. We took photos of ourselves via mobile and selected who we wanted the camera to recognise. When we used this feature, we assumed it would not work perfectly since AI technology in cameras is often inaccurate.

Surprisingly, the facial recognition feature made things more convenient. We got detailed notifications stating who the camera spotted instead of only saying it detected someone. Aside from people, it also recognised pets accurately when they walked out around the area.

App Notifications and Responsiveness

We also appreciate the speed and responsiveness of the eufyCam 3 when sending app notifications. eufyCam 3 immediately sent alerts, and once tapped, the app quickly loaded the associated live video in seconds. It was impressive since it set the stream to 4K quality on mobile.

We never received unnecessary notifications or false alarms since its AI technology accurately detected faces and pets.

eufyCam 3 Review – A Simple Wireless 4K Security System Summary

If you are looking for a 4K camera system, the eufyCam 3 is an excellent option. The market has more choices, but you need to consider various factors other than video quality. This product has a unique feature that will help increase the security of your home while keeping things convenient.

Most security cameras offer Full HD or 2K video quality, but these usually take forever to load live views. Also, they send late or unnecessary notifications caused by detecting the wrong people. We were impressed with the eufyCam 3 since it delivered high-quality videos, performed fast, and sent real-time alerts.

Aside from its excellent performance, setting it up was easy, thanks to its wireless design and user-friendly app. It is undoubtedly expensive, but it delivers quality and complete control. Plus, all videos are safe in your local storage since you will not pay for cloud storage or subscriptions.

We loved its other features, including the solar charging feature that keeps it charged and the accurate AI technology. Also, elements like motion-triggered spotlights and IP67 protection make it worth the purchase.

The eufyCam 3 is an excellent security camera kit for monitoring properties with its 4K video. Since it is compatible with other eufy cameras, you can expand your security system to keep all areas safe.

We highly recommend the eufyCam 3 because of all the superb features and unrivalled product performance.

Visit the official product page of eufy for more details on the eufyCam 3.