Fetch TV Mini 4K Review

To get all your favourite entertainment on a single platform is possible, making it easy to enjoy what you love. If you’re wondering how to do this, check our Fetch TV Mini 4K review to know more.

Fetch is known as a platform that puts everything you love and enjoy in a single place. It utilises your internet connection together with an advanced TV box to provide the most popular entertainment today. From there, you can access favourite applications, channels, movies, and shows from the biggest content providers in the world.

Let’s begin our Fetch TV Mini 4K review by checking out its packaging and what’s inside it.

Fetch TV Mini 4K Packaging

This section of our Fetch TV Mini 4K review talks about its box and contents.

Our Fetch TV Mini 4K came in a nice, blue cardboard box that’s sturdy and durable. The front features an image of the product, while 4K is noted on the top-left corner of the box.

The top of the box lists what’s inside, what you need, and instructions on activating the Fetch TV Mini 4K. You’ll also find a QR code that’ll bring you to the quick set-up guide video. Flipping the box, you’ll find a list of channels you can access with the Fetch TV Mini 4K.

When you open the box, you’ll find the Fetch TV Mini 4K that’s kept securely in its own space. It’s even covered with plastic for added protection. Other than this, you’ll also find the Fetch voice-search remote, batteries, power cord, quick start guide, and an HDMI cable.

We suggest that you utilise the provided HDMI cable because Fetch boxes are known to be quite fussy about these. When we tested the Fetch TV Mini 4K, we tried using another HDMI cable other than the one provided. It didn’t enable HDR, so we had to utilise the included cable.

Fetch TV Mini 4K Review – Design & Functionality

Checking out the Fetch TV Mini 4K, it’s a cool and premium-looking black box with “Fetch” written on it. Below it, you’ll find three symbols indicating the functions of the box.

The box’s rear features a set of ports like the HDMI, internet ports, etc., to get it up and running.

This time, our Fetch TV Mini 4K review will talk about its remote.

The Fetch TV Mini 4K’s remote comes with a mic and voice button. It utilises both IR and Bluetooth to communicate with the box.

Their remote is useful and convenient since it can work with any other Fetch box. Just remember that Bluetooth pairing isn’t supported for 2nd generation Fetch boxes. For these, Infrared mode is the option.

With the remote, you can easily use voice control when you pair your Fetch TV Mini 4K. It’s a convenient feature that a lot of people will greatly enjoy.

Key Features of the Fetch TV Mini 4K

Let’s learn more about the box in our Fetch TV Mini 4K review. This time, we’re focusing and talking about the product’s key features.

Watch in Different Rooms

Share channel packs, TV shows, movies, and recordings between these devices in the same household. With the Multiroom feature, you can enjoy Fetch in multiple rooms so you won’t have to fight over the remote. All you have to do is connect three different Fetch boxes to the same account.

Pause and Rewind

Unlike conventional TV’s, you can pause, rewind, and play your shows on Fetch TV Mini 4K. You won’t have to miss any scene when you need to take a break from watching.

7-Day TV Guide and Free-to-Air Catch-up

The on-screen TV Guide lets you know what’s on now and in the next seven days. If you missed a show, you can look back using Fetch’s reverse TV Guide.

In case you missed a show, you can also use Fetch’s integrated Free-to-Air Catch-Up apps. These let you watch shows aired last week or yesterday.

Premium-Channel Catch-Up

Premium-Channel Catch-Up lets you enjoy watching shows from selected premium channels on demand any time you want.

Enjoy the Newest Movies

Fetch offers over 8,000 movies to watch and enjoy, so you have tons of options. Plus, you can rent or purchase the latest movies.

Access Streaming Apps with Ease

With your Fetch box, you can easily access your favourite streaming applications like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hayu, and Stan. You can find all of these from the Fetch menu. Take note that you’ll need subscriptions for Stan and Netflix.

My Media Hub

You can watch videos, play music, and open various image files from your computer, tablet, or phone on your TV. All you need is your Fetch TV Mini 4K box. Simply connect it via direct USB or a networked media player.

Watch Anywhere

You can download the Fetch mobile app via Android or iOS to enjoy Fetch wherever you are. Pair it with your Fetch TV Mini 4K to access all your favourite shows on the go.

This time, our Fetch TV Mini 4K review will give you details about the box’s specifications.


Just like its name states, the Fetch TV Mini 4K supports 4K (Dolby Vision, HDR-10, HDR, and HLG). It features a digital audio output (TOSLINK) plus Ethernet (LAN).

The box allows for MPEG 4 HD H.264 AVC | H265 HEVC AV-1 video encoding, while its tuner is a DVB-T2.

For its measurements, the box is 120 x 122 x 23mm (W x L x H), and weighs 0.24kg. Of course, the company also included a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for the product.

The Fetch TV Mini 4K provides 4K assistance for select movies. These are from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, the Fetch Platform, YouTube, and other 4K-available content.

The box’s Bluetooth version is 4.1 Low-energy and its remote control provides quick, user-friendly built-in searches across Fetch’s platform. What’s great about it is that you’re simply utilising your voice to make it work.

Get to watch all your favourite streaming applications using your box. You’ll get to enjoy quick access to your subscriptions on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Stan, and more.

Hands-on with the Fetch TV Mini 4K

Now, our Fetch TV Mini 4K review will discuss how the Fetch TV Mini 4K performed. But before that, let’s talk about the Fetch TV Service.

Generally, Fetch TV is an entertainment platform. It makes it easier for you and everyone to enjoy the media you love, all in one place. The service utilises your internet connection, together with their advanced TV box.

From there, it delivers applications, channels, films, and shows from the best and biggest content providers around. All of these are accessible through a single remote and menu.

Fetch TV Service is a competitor of Foxtel. But it has grown and progressed to match the popularity of services like Stan and Netflix.

Compared to Foxtel that utilises an HFC or hybrid fibre coaxial for channels, Fetch TV is different. It’s an IPTV or internet protocol television set-top box that relies on your internet connection to provide entertainment. In addition, the service offers a companion application that allows you to stream content as well.

Fetch TV Service provides a lot of applications and channels that can house numerous services in one operation. You won’t need multiple devices for this to happen, which makes it Fetch’s biggest selling point.

With Fetch TV, you can watch a wide range of apps like ESPN, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, Nickelodeon, and more. You can also subscribe to premium channel packs to enjoy access to more shows.

So if you want to avoid a growing collection of remotes, then Fetch TV Service is definitely your best option.

Now, let’s talk about the setup process for the Fetch TV Mini 4K. It’s easy and quick since we only needed to link the back of the box to our TV’s antenna cable. We also connected it to the HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, and power lead.

We also tried linking it via Wi-Fi, but we preferred using our network cables for any of the allowed devices. Optical audio output is possible as well.

After pairing the remote, we entered the activation code then chose advanced remote options. Then, we went for audio output type and scanned for free-to-air TV channels.

Once done, we checked the internet and TV signal if they were strong enough.

The HDR 10 output was not enabled until we utilised the provided HDMI cable from Fetch. So again, make sure to use what the company provided.

When we finished setting up the Fetch TV Mini 4K, it aimed to be our default TV interface. It was quick, easy, and hassle-free, and navigating through the interface and apps was quicker. To put it simply, it was great.

Interface, Performance, and Video Quality

Using the Fetch TV Mini 4K was as easy as setting it up, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Although it updates frequently, we have no complaints about this since it worked fast and smooth.

To see the effect of 4K and HDR, we tried watching various programs and movies on Netflix, Britbox, and more. We enjoyed the enhanced detail and the quality of each show we’ve seen. Plus, we truly enjoyed sci-fi movies since 4K HDR delivered impressive visuals that made the scenes more immersive.

Voice Remote

Pairing the remote with the Fetch TV Mini 4K was quick too. It was automatically paired upon setting up the Fetch TV Mini 4K, so we also activated the Voice Remote feature. All we did was follow the prompts on the welcome screen.

Next, we needed to connect to the Wi-Fi network to complete the process. When it was paired, we entered the activation code for the Fetch TV Mini 4K. Fetch also prompted to set up the remote to control the TV.

We simply followed all the instructions that were shown on the welcome screen to complete the setup. All the steps were easy, so setting up the voice remote was also a quick process. After completing the steps, the box restarted to reload the menu.

Once we finished pairing, we used the voice control and voice search features to see how responsive it was. We tried searching apps by saying “Netflix” and “Stan”, which were immediately launched. We also searched various movie genres, and it showed a lot of results in a snap.

The Voice Remote was responsive, and it provided search results immediately after our voice commands. We appreciate this feature since it made using the Fetch TV Mini 4K easier than it already was.

The voice remote had a lot of possible commands like “Play Netflix first” or “find comedy films”. We also tried saying the name of the app, channel, or program, and it worked just as well.

Our search results were then displayed on “Search” when multiple results appeared.

Take note that when using the voice feature, you’ll need to press and hold the remote’s microphone button. While doing this, the remote should point at the voice box. When you see “I’m listening…” written on the screen, that’s when you start speaking.

When using voice control, keep in mind that you can only launch apps or search shows. You can’t utilise the voice commands within Netflix and other apps.

Fetch TV Mini 4K Review Summary

The Fetch TV Mini 4K is a powerful box that acts as an all-in-one entertainment solution. It offers various live TV channels and movies, plus you can catch up on previously aired shows.

The best thing about this is it combines free & premium TV channels, media apps, and other unique features. Additionally, its user-friendly interface makes it excellent for both young and older people. Most importantly, it delivered the superb video quality that we expected from a 4K media box.

This box is an excellent option if you want to enjoy a smart TV and access various streaming apps. Plus, you can enjoy a wide range of movies and take advantage of features like Multiroom.

To summarise our Fetch TV Mini 4K review, we highly recommend it. If you want to have this product, you can purchase it from various NBN providers and leading retailers. To know which offers the TV Mini 4K, check out Fetch’s official website.