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Fnatic React+ Headset Review

Today, we are writing our Fnatic React+ Headset Review to focus on this headset from Fnatic. The company is new to the market compared to its competitors. However, Fnatic has constantly impressed everyone with its collection of products.

Also, despite its affiliation with eSports professionals who require quality gear for competitive gaming, Fnatic has budget-friendly products. And React+ is no exception. 

Fnatic React+ Headset Packaging

We received our package just in time for this Fnatic React+ Headset Review. The headset came in a cardboard box sporting a black theme with hints of orange. 

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You will find the usual features on the box, such as the product image. There is also the product name, company branding, and a few details related to the headset. 

Inside, you will find the React+ headset and an extra set of ear velour pads. There is a 7.1 sound card, a USB cable, a detachable broadcaster mic, and a splitter cable.

Fnatic React+ Headset Review – Design and Functionality

Let us continue our Fnatic React+ Headset Review and discuss its functionality and design. The headset features an understated yet tasteful aesthetic that lacks the elements you would consider “bling”. 

You will not find RGB lighting on it, just an attractive matte black plastic finish with hints of white. The Fnatic logo is on each earcup. Also, you will see the company name embossed on the side and top of its headband. 

The only hint of colour is the bright orange mesh material in the earcups, which have “R” and “L” present. These simple features will help you wear the headset correctly when you unplug the mic.

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You will receive React+ with comfy ear pads that are memory foam-filled and faux leather. 

The earpads that come with the React+ are soft, memory foam-filled, and faux leather-covered. However, you can use the velour earpads included with the headset instead. These will make it feel lighter, which is especially beneficial for gamers who become sweaty while playing.

The movable metal hooks that feel sturdy support the circular, closed earcups. Plus, these can withstand frequent use. Your ears are enclosed entirely by the earcups, which offer excellent passive noise isolation.

The headset has no horizontal swivel axis for folding and flattening the earcups for easy transport or storage. However, these can vertically swivel while you wear them.

The React+ headset will feel comfortable even on large-sized heads. It weighs 40g, which is heavier than typical corded headsets. Fortunately, using React+ did not give us any discomfort.

Its clamping force is solid enough to offer effective noise isolation. Meanwhile, the interior of the headband has a strip of memory foam cushioning for comfort.

XP Sound Card of the Fnatic React+ Headset

While writing this Fnatic React+ Headset Review, we saw that the headset also features an XP USB soundcard. It comes with the 7.1 Virtual eSports gaming surround sound that lets you enjoy surround sounds in a snap. Plus, Windows 10 supports it, which is pretty convenient. 

For non-PC gamers or people who dislike using surround sound, you can opt to get the React+ without its sound card. Either way, it will still sound good when listening to music or gaming. 

Key Features of the Fnatic React+ Headset

What elements are present in React+ that make it a favourite among the crowd? We listed these features in our Fnatic React+ Headset Review for you to determine if it will suit your needs. 

Plug-and-play Design

React+ is a plug-and-play headset that does not require you to download and install extras before using it. Also, the custom virtual 7.1 surround sound is in the powerful XP sound card. 

Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

The eSports-tuned surround sound technology of React+ provides a highly immersive gaming experience. Fnatic designed this headset based on the sound signature of the original React model. With USB virtual 7.1, you can enjoy reduced sound distortion.

Complete Control of Your Audio with the Fnatic React+ Headset

The React+ has dedicated buttons for adjusting the sound and microphone volume levels. It also has a mute switch that you can easily access when necessary.

Choose Your Earpads

When using the React+, you can use velour pads or PU leather ear pads. Velour is a soft cloth that allows the headset to stay comfortable and breathable when worn. This material makes the sound more open, allowing you to hear your surroundings better.

PU leather is soft and grainy, which pro players prefer since it provides optimal passive noise isolation.

Amplified Audio of the Fnatic React+ Headset

The powerful USB sound card features a DAC with volume and audio amplification. It upgrades the built-in sound solution of your motherboard, giving you a better listening experience.

Wide Compatibility

Boost your headphones with the XP sound card, which works with most 3.5mm combo-jack audio devices. But remember, XP USB Sound Card is only compatible with Windows.

Absolute Comfort with the Fnatic React+ Headset

The React+ has thick memory foam padding embedded in the earcups and the headband. It forms a comfortable shape around your head and ears for all-day gaming without discomfort. eSports athletes from Fnatic have proven that this headset offers the ideal comfort for serious gaming situations.


Let us continue our Fnatic React+ Headset Review and look at the product specifications. Is the headset compatible or adequate for your gaming needs?

Well, it has a 53mm headphones driver and wired connectivity too. Specifically, it uses a 3.5mm jack and a USB sound card, plus it utilises Virtual 7.1 surround sound. 

The headset has a 20Hz to 40kHz frequency response and an impedance of 23 Ω. 

This over-ear headset uses a 1.2m cable and a 1.6m USB extension. Also, it has multi-platform compatibility for all devices with a 3.5mm interface. For the USB sound card compatibility, we like that Windows is fully-supported. 

The React+ weighs 840g and comes with a 2-year warranty. 

Hands-on with the Fnatic React+ Headset

We had the chance to test the headset for more than a week for our Fnatic React+ Headset Review. So, we will share our experience with it to let you know how well (or not) it performed. 

The React+ headset features 53mm drivers calibrated for gaming. That means it has a chamber for bass frequencies to categorise mids and lows. The latter is essential since it prevents bass from gunshot and explosion sounds from overwhelming other in-game sounds. 

Although it produced a relatively pure sound, its highs and mids were slightly optimised, thus, resulting in enhanced audio clarity. 

We tried a couple of games like Apex Legends, CoD, etc. Voices and environmental sounds retained their clarity even during heavy combat scenarios. 

We did not lose clarity when we used its virtual surround sound. Its effects were convincing, plus it increased its enveloping qualities to the sounds without altering other elements. 

In some games we tested, the surround sound feature of the headset optimised immersion while we walked around the area. While panning in external views, the directional audio was more enveloping when compared with the default stereo, even in sedated areas. 

The in-game soundscape of the headset was excellent. That is because we did not miss vital dialogues due to bass separation, huge drivers, and clarity across frequency presence.

It is a significant improvement over utilising headsets aimed at music playback while gaming. That is because music headsets have muddy audio due to heavy bass emphasis. 

Additionally, React+ also sounded excellent when we watched movies on our computers. Everything was clear despite heavy action sequences.

The PU leather ear cushions offered excellent noise isolation. We only heard the loudest outdoor noise, but all other sounds were not audible. Plus, it prevented noise from leaking and disturbing people nearby.

The detachable cardioid microphone has a flexible pop filter with a stiff arm. It was stable in its position and never became loose when we were testing the product. Although the mouse did not have noise cancellation, it perfectly targeted our voices without capturing environmental sounds.

Our friends reported that we had clear vocals that sounded natural, like what we expected from high-end headsets. When we listened to the audio, we noticed our voices were pure. 

Adjusting the mic sensitivity was easy with the microphone-level rocker. We did not need to access the audio settings on the computer, and we could make changes immediately.

Fnatic React+ Headset Review Summary

The React+ is an affordable gaming headset that works like expensive headsets. Its performance pleased us during our product tests for this Fnatic React+ Headset Review.

This headset offers clear, sharp audio with an immersive 7.1 surround sound experience. Noise isolation works best with the PU leather ear cushions, while the XP USB sound card enhances the audio quality. Aside from the satisfying audio quality, its microphone also captures voices perfectly.

This product is impressive since it has a 3.5mm jack that makes it compatible with other devices. It is a versatile headset that you can use almost anywhere.

With features, quality, and performance, we highly recommend this product.

To learn more about the React+ Headset, visit the official website of Fnatic for more details.