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Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Our Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review will focus on the STREAK65 LP mechanical keyboard. We’ll discuss the product’s features, specifications, design, functions, performance, etc. 

Fnatic is a versatile brand and is most known for its involvement and connection in eSports. It also dabs in popular titles like Halo, League of Legends, Valorant, FIFA, etc.  

Their catalogue of keyboards is interesting. The brand has a collection of low-profile, compact gaming boards from the usual keyboards.

The STREAK65 LP is the fastest gaming board we tested, and it has all the essential keys every gamer needs. It provides adequate room to move your mouse and sports ultra-durable double-shot PBT keycaps and sound-dampening foam. Additionally, it has a coiled cable to keep the wires protected.

It’s technically a perfect keyboard for gaming, refined by the best gaming pros to bring out everyone’s full potential.

Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Packaging

Excitement got us when we finally received the keyboard for our Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review. It was in a standard-looking cardboard container with the product displayed in front. 

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The front also displays the product’s name, Fnatic’s branding, and the type of keyboard you purchased. Ours is the black-coloured version. 

The back of the box displays a list of the STREAK65 LP’s key features and another STREAK65 LP’s image. 

The keyboard is kept securely in the box with a USB cable, warranty information, and a quick user guide.

Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

Continuing our Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review, we’ll discuss the STREAK65 LP’s design and functions.

It’s a real 65% keyboard meaning it has 68 keys. The keyboard still sports the low-profile and compact linear Speed switches as the original. So you can expect it to feel good under your fingertips. 

Even without the lightspeed technology of optical-mechanical boards, the STREAK65 LP still feels fast. And what the Speed switches lack in deeper and clickier design makes up for agility. 

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The entire cable is now braided, and this feature is a notable improvement. You can still remove the USB-C for more convenience when using the keyboard in different places. 

Plus, there are adjustable feet present. So if you prefer to have the keyboard lower/higher, simply adjust it to your liking. 

We’re also looking into the board’s keycaps and switches in this Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review. Its half-height keycaps help keep the sensation of speed just like what they did with the original Streak65. But this time, Fnatic used higher-quality plastic for these. 

The PBT keycaps give a more durable feel than the original keyboard’s ABS keycaps. And we love the matte but not rough finish that immediately enhances the product’s aesthetics. 

The STREAK65 LP’s keys aren’t oil magnets, plus they’re more silent too. Then, the clickless acoustics of the switches are unchanged, and Fnatic added dampening foam to its internal parts. This specific extra helps eliminate pings when pressing on the keys. 

Together with the thicker keycaps, the foam tones down and controls the clacking sounds. Despite this, there’s still adequate audio feedback when typing. 

Overall, it sounds clean with enough clicking sounds, which we think fits its all-black build. 

Key Features of the Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Textured Keys

The textured keycaps of the STREAK65 LP feel better when gaming and typing than smooth keycaps.

PBT Keycaps

The double injection moulds make the new keycaps denser and more durable for satisfying keypresses.

Coiled Cable

The brand-new coiled USB-C cable with a braided exterior minimises cable clutter on your desk. It’s 1.8m long and neatly packed in its 16cm coil.

Superior Build Quality of the Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The STREAK65 LP features an aluminium metal build, but it’s also lightweight at only 420g. This construction guarantees portability and durability.

Optimised Keyboard Acoustics

With an additional layer of sound dampening foam, the STREAK65 LP has improved overall acoustics. It also has custom lubricated stabilisers to reduce inconsistencies and rattle.

Brilliant RGB Lighting

The STREAK65 LP’s RGB offers 16.8 million colour choices, allowing you to customise its lighting. It’s customisable via the Fnatic OP software, and you can also save profiles directly into the keyboard’s onboard storage.

The Custom Fnatic-designed keycap profile offers more lighting on the switches’ sides to spread illumination across the whole keyboard. We instantly noticed its vibrant lights while testing the product for our Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review. The default lighting was too colourful for us, so we made changes via the software.

Low-profile Switches of the Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The STREAK65 LP has the ultimate eSports switches that give you full speed with only a 1.0mm pre-travel. These low-profile switches allow for flawless and smooth keystrokes while gaming. 

With these, you can focus on your gaming performance without issues. 

Ergonomic Perfected Switches

Fnatic’s low-profile switch is 35% lower than classic mechanical switches. The reduced height of the keys promotes a healthier and more natural position for your wrist. 

You won’t need to use a wrist rest which can be convenient for some. 

Designed by Professionals, for Professionals

Professional eSports players designed the STREAK65 LP based on what they need on a gaming keyboard. And with that, you can ensure that this keyboard can help you perform at the highest level.

Fnatic OP Software to Level up Your Game

Fnatic OP is Fnatic’s cross-platform software for customising the STREAK65 LP. Customise RGB, map buttons, create custom macros, and more.

Compatibility with Most Devices

The STREAK65 LP is an HID-compliant keyboard that works with USB connectivity, so it should work with most devices.


Our Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review will focus on the keyboard’s specifications. It measures 10.85 x 31.75 x 2.2 (LxWxH) and weighs 426g. 

It has a 45g actuation force (1mm pre-travel), an ANSI (US) ISO (UK) layout, and 69 keys in total. 

Fnatic opted for a USB-C cable for this keyboard, and it even included a two-year warranty on all Fnatic gears. 

Hands-on with the Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

We’ll now share our hands-on experience with the product in our Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review. Is it as good as the original keyboard, or is it better? 

Let’s find out after we discuss Fnatic’s OP software. 

Fnatic OP Software

The Fnatic OP software has a simple interface, and there’s not much to talk about in terms of functionality. With minimal menus and options, it’s easier to use. 

It also has a quick start guide that provides more information on changing the lighting settings without accessing the software.

The software will allow you to key bind, create macros, and customise the keyboard’s RGB lighting. Choose from 16.8 million colours and find what’s best for your setup.

Performance of the Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

When we typed on the STREAK65 LP, we first noticed the keys’ tightness and excellent build quality. With lubricated stabilisers, there was less noise and rattle on the keyboard.

Despite keyboard smashing during intense gaming sessions, the STREAK65 LP showed it withstands rough handling.

After long hours of using it, we can confirm that it worked as Fnatic advertised. Aside from its solid construction, the STREAK65 LP was also consistently quick and responsive. These are some of the essential elements when gaming.

Since the switches require little actuation force, there were times when we missed pressing some keys. In some instances, we accidentally pressed the Windows + Tab buttons and then added a new desktop. We even opened the task manager by accident. 

The keys were sensitive, so some may take time to get used to the keyboard.

But as we continued using the STREAK65 LP, we found it more comfortable to type on. We also made fewer errors after some time of adjustment to the keys, switches, and low-profile keycaps.

Overall, the STREAK75 LP is an excellent mechanical gaming keyboard that’s easy to recommend. It’s durable enough for the most intense gaming sessions and has all the features needed for superior performance,

Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review Summary

The STREAK65 LP is Fnatic’s most recent keyboard that impresses people with its functions and stylish design. It also has the trending 65% form factor, allowing for more desk space.

In terms of features, it has all the nice touches you’d look for in a mechanical gaming keyboard. And what’s unique about this smaller keyboard is having dedicated macro keys. With that, you can customise more buttons for a better gaming experience.

When we tested the product for our Fnatic STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review, we enjoyed using it. The keys offered a notable typing and gaming experience since they were responsive and had no delay. Also, the Fnatic OP software was user-friendly, and we had no difficulty using it.

We highly recommend the STREAK65 LP if you’re looking for a downsized keyboard that upgrades your game. It has an excellent design and construction, but most importantly, it delivers superior performance.

To know more about the STREAK65 LP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, visit Fnatic’s official product page for more details.