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Fractal Design Terra Review

Today, we are writing our Fractal Design Terra Review to discuss the chassis. The company is known more for its Define line of products, but it introduced the latest mITX case, the Terra.

Instead of the case supporting water cooling radiators, the latest product instead sports a space-saving and compact design. 

The Terra also has a small footprint but can easily accommodate full-sized graphics cards. It also has an anodised aluminium case with a walnut-trimmed front face with three colour options. 

With these notable aspects, does Terra have more to offer? Continue reading our Fractal Design Terra Review to know if it is easy to build. Also, determine if its cooling is efficient and worth purchasing. 

Fractal Design Terra Packaging

The Terra arrives in a conventional brown cardboard box adorned with the brand logo and name on its sides.

Fractal packed the Terra with two corrugated cardboard pieces to guarantee protection during shipping. These are at the ends, with an additional fabric cover enveloping the case.

Upon opening the package, a note in an envelope expresses gratitude for selecting the Terra case from the Fractal team. Accompanying this message is a detailed blueprint on the right-hand side, adding a welcoming touch to the unboxing experience.

As for accessories, Fractal has thoughtfully included several items. These include Velcro ties, zip ties, an SSD/2.5-inch HDD mount, an assortment of screws, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Fractal has built a reputation for providing comprehensive user guides, and the Terra case is no exception. Furthermore, the company encourages customers to contact them first should any issues arise. 

Fractal Design Terra Review – Design and Functionality

Let us continue our Fractal Design Terra Review and focus on its functions and design. 

The Terra is a remarkably compact mini-ITX chassis, boasting a mere 10.4L capacity. It measures only 343 x 153 x 218mm (LxWxH), positioned at the smaller end of the mini-ITX scale. 

On its construction, Fractal opted for a combination of wood and anodised aluminium for the exterior. And then, they utilised a steel internal chassis frame.

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The version for this review is the silver-finished chassis, but Terra offers other finishes, including jade and graphite. The jade variation presents a light green tone, while the graphite version exudes a nearly black appearance. 

As for the silver option we have, it embraces a classic silver hue which is appealing and attractive.

Fractal Design Terra Exterior 

The chassis panels of the Terra feature outstanding ventilation, ensuring efficient airflow and effective cooling.

The front design of the case exudes a subtle elegance, characterised by a sleek graphite fascia. It has a walnut wood section at the bottom, which houses the visible input/output ports. 

The front I/O panel includes a centrally placed power button adorned with the Fractal logo. You will also find a USB 3.0 Type-C port and a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port. It supports fast charging and offers speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Both left and right side panels feature ventilation slots that enable the components to draw in fresh air.

On the bottom of the case, you will notice two screw points. These are for easy removal and secure motherboard installation. 

Additionally, two other screw points are along the spine of the Terra. You will find these just beneath the top panel. 

The Terra accommodates two 120mm fans in specific locations, although you might need help to install one. Alternatively, opting for a shorter GPU could be a viable solution. These locations on the floor also provide the option to mount an SSD.

Moving to the rear, we noticed its compact design and loved it. The left side is dedicated to the motherboard section, while the right side houses the GPU section. 

Both sections can be adjusted to seven positions, providing increased clearance and flexibility. The top is also detachable, featuring a convenient leather pull tab. 

Moreover, the power cable is now at the rear via an extension. The repositioning enhances cable management and overall aesthetics.

Fractal Design Terra Interior

Getting into the chassis is easy since its top panel features a protruding strap. Giving it a gentle and rearward tug releases this section.

You can lift off the third panel for better access to internals like the power supply. A ball stud is on the side panel to keep things in place. So, giving a tug on the base pops them loose. 

Directly underneath is its threaded receiver for screws to secure the panels during transport mode. 

Its sides swing upwards, slightly over the centre, remaining open and providing access to the internals. If you prefer the panels out of the way, you can use the spring-loaded hinge pin located at the rear. 

Overall, Terra is among the most convenient SFF-style chassis to work with. It is all because of the slide-off top and swinging detachable side panels. 

Sandwich-style Layout

The internals of the Tera features a sandwich-style layout inspired by a movable centre divider. It features an adjustable central spine to tailor and customise the Tera to your hardware. 

Since it features a sandwich layout, you need a riser to link your GPU to the motherboard. Fortunately, Fractal Design includes a PCIe 4.0 riser pre-installed on the chassis. 

Another notable aspect of the Terra is it can handle GPUs that have gotten thick. It can support up to 72mm-thick max GPU configurations or 3.5 slots thick.

If your GPU is not thick, it is best to lean towards the maximum CPU configuration. This specific setup can accommodate 77mm tall CPU coolers. 

It is worth noting that there are seven pre-market positions for adjusting to. However, you can fine-tune and go for any arrangement ideal for your needs. 

Power Supplies and Extras

The chassis can support SFX power supplies/SFX-L if you require the current high-output PSUs for your hardware. If you cannot get all storage space into an M.2 drive, do not worry. You can opt to install two 2.5-inch drives in the case. 

Do note that the entire case is well-ventilated save for the front part of the Terra. 

Its front panel is slightly hollowed-out inside and has Velcro cable management straps. We appreciate the company since they employed these to secure the power cord during transit. Additionally, you can utilise these straps to hold 2.5-inch drives whenever necessary. 

What other aspects make the chassis worth considering? Does it have features that are worth noting? Continue reading our Fractal Design Terra Review to find out. 

Key Features of the Fractal Design Terra 

Elegant Design for Modern Homes

The Terra is a well-designed, engineered small form-factor PC case that enhances your gaming experience. Plus, Fractal Design draws inspiration from the homes of modern gamers by incorporating boutique design features. These include thick anodised aluminium exterior panels and the natural FSC-certified solid walnut front-facing panel. 

Aside from its unique design, this PC case maximises natural airflow with its ventilated top, bottom, and side panels.

Convenient Access

You can slide open the top of the Terra using the integrated tab. The removable side panels allow quick access to your components.

Made for SFF Gaming

The Terra allows installing up to 322mm GPU with its 10.4L space-saving case. It also has PCIe 4.0 riser cable and 2.5-inch dedicated drive bays for storing two SSDs.

Choose from Three Colours of the Fractal Design Terra

The Terra has three variants: Silver, Jade, and Graphite. Choose which perfectly complements your build aesthetics and gaming space.

Adjustable Motherboard Plate

The step-less movable central wall of the Terra provides 30mm internal flexibility, allowing you to find the ideal build balance. All you have to do is slide to strike your preferred ratio. And then, you can adapt the space for graphics card width and CPU cooling.

Highly Portable

One of the things we noticed about the product while writing our Fractal Design Terra Review was its portable design. Aside from its compact design, it has a lock at the top and side panels, making transporting the build safer.

Fractal Design Terra – Natural material

Enjoy the unique and natural finish of the Terra with its front panel cut from solid walnut.


Our Fractal Design Terra Review will list the product specifications of the chassis for your reference. 

  • Form Factor: Mini-ITX
  • Dimensions: 343 x 153 x 218mm (LxWxH)
  • Motherboard support: Mini-ITX
  • Front I/O:
    – 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C
    – 1x USB 3.0
    – Power button with LED
  • Expansion Slots: 3 (max GPU Config), 2 (max CPU Config)
  • Drive Bays: Two 2.5-inch bays
  • Fans: 1x 120mm bottom mounted
  • Radiators: 120mm, side-mounted (121mm wide with 200mm GPU and no SSDs)
  • Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 77mm (max CPU Config), 48mm (max GPU Config)
  • Power Supply Type: SFX, SFX-L
  • Maxi PSU Length: 130mm

Hands-on with the Fractal Design Terra

The crucial part of our Fractal Design Terra Review is how convenient it was to install/set up the chassis. We will also examine how the fans performed and whether they could maintain low temperatures. 

Installing your hardware in Terra is a straightforward process. To begin, carefully detach the two side panels and the top panel. 

Next, you may need to adjust the centre spine based on your specific hardware configuration. However, in our case, such modifications were unnecessary.

In the initial phase of the installation process, our primary focus was on setting up the solid-state drive (SSD). We chose to attach it using the Velcro strap on the front side of the computer case. However, ensure the connections are directed to the left if you face the SSD.

The power supply bracket on the central spine of the case offers convenience and easy removal. It allows installation onto your power supply and reattachments as well. 

Before reinstalling the bracket, ensure the connection of all cables you intend to utilise with your power supply. Before proceeding further, connect all the wires to your motherboard.

From there, you can install your graphics card and ensure it connects to the power source. 

We used our PC to test how well this product performs when keeping components cool.

In the default configuration, the Terra produced good thermal results. Our CPU temperature was 81°C while gaming, which was high but within an acceptable range. Fortunately, the PC case has room for installing massive coolers to provide adequate cooling.

The GPU temperature was 70°C, which was excellent.

When we removed the side panels of the Terra, our components had consistent temperatures. These results prove that the ventilated panels provide adequate airflow even in the default configuration. And with a high-performing cooler, it will likely deliver better thermal results.

Overall, the Terra is a versatile PC case that makes PC building more convenient than other mITX chassis. Its ventilation also allows consistent low temperatures and noise levels, making it ideal for gaming and offices.

Fractal Design Terra Review Summary

The Terra is an appealing mITX PC case that targets the SFF market. It is an excellent product for users wanting superior performance in a compact build.

Despite reducing its size, Fractal did not compromise its quality and standards. Aside from its aesthetics and compact design, its flexible internal layout offers versatility. We noticed this while writing our Fractal Design Terra Review because installing our components was highly convenient.

mITX builds often have size limits when you install components, but Terra solves that problem. Unlike other cases that only give you two options, Terra opens the area between the chassis.

Another impressive feature of this PC case is it removes panels with only a screwdriver. It has no rivets or glued-on parts that make assembly and disassembly difficult. Plus, the side panels add to the portability of the case and make travelling with it more convenient.

While installing the Terra, we also noticed the excellent cable management in this PC Case. It can hold 2.5-inch drives, which is ideal for those who still refuse to move to use M.2s.

We highly recommend the Terra for its compact design with unique aesthetics, and it can maintain low cooling temperatures. Plus, it makes building convenient, thanks to its versatile sandwich-style layout and removable panels that provide easy interior access.

Learn more about Terra by visiting the official product page of Fractal Design.