Galaxy S22: The New Samsung Breaks All The Rules, But Do You Need One?

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2022. This new top of the range model developed by the Korean brand promises to revolutionize the market. The S22 merges the Galaxy 6 series with the Galaxy Note and incorporates the S Pen for productivity and work.

On the outside, the new S22 offers an elegant design. It features a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen, but underneath there are several key innovations. Inside, the 4nm chip is the fastest ever to be integrated into the Galaxy series and it features a new structure that optimizes heat dissipation to avoid excessive heating. At the same time, several innovations related to photography and video have been introduced. This includes the incorporation of Adaptive Pixel technology, which combines 108 MP images into a more detailed 12 MP photo with increased brightness, radically changing the final result of a photo.

Overall, the S22 is expected to be one of the most important releases in Samsung’s history. The enthusiasm around this release is mostly because the S22 represents the latest step towards the development of smartphones that can compete with computers. But then again, is that a crucial aspect for buyers?

Entry-level Phones

While the S22 and other devices were developed to deliver top-tier performance and represent the most powerful smartphones available, entry-level phones still dominate the market. This results from the fact that, nowadays, models such as Samsung’s FE model can operate most tasks with no issues. For instance, users interested in accessing casino on mobile devices will find that most entry-level phones can offer smooth and fast playing experiences. Even other more demanding forms of gambling, such as live casino games, can be played on regular smartphones.

In practical terms, this means that entry-level phones are more than enough for anyone interested in using their mobile phone for generic and day-to-day tasks. Then again, this comes with little surprise as the smartphone market has always had different offers according to specific market demands. In recent years, manufacturers have increasingly focused their efforts on specific technological areas. Take Huawei as an example. The Chinese company entered a 5-year partnership with Leica in 2016 as part of its larger commitment to creating the best smartphone cameras in the world. Although this has now expired, the partnership bore many series of smartphones for the brand.

Simultaneously, Red Magic, owned by Nubia Technology, has specialized in developing gaming phones that rely heavily on powerful and long-lasting batteries and top-the-art graphic cards. Other manufacturers, such as Asus or Xiaomi, have also focused on this niche, developing different types of gaming phones, including premium and budget options.

The large majority of manufacturers work to build entry-level phones that offer basic functionalities plus a stable experience while accessing online entertainment, gaming, social media, streaming, among others. Ultimately, it is important to realize that smartphones like the Galaxy S22 are premium versions that offer more than the average phone and are targeted at buyers interested in specific functionalities. For those who want the most affordable and essential experience, we recommend sticking to entry-level phones which are already extremely powerful machines.