aorus h1 review Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset Review

Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset Review

Better equipment in game and real-life can affect the performance of a player in a game. Having such tools can provide the necessary keys to win in a game. In our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset review, we’ll talk about a headset that can do just that and more. 

Gaming equipment like mouses, headsets, keyboards and more are just some of the devices that are always updating and upgrading. With the gaming industry investing in these devices, it is important for one to stay updated with the latest patch notes.

With that, let’s get right into our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset review.  

Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset Packaging

Before we can talk about our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset review, we have to show you the items that go with the product. 

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Our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset comes in a medium-sized black and orange themed package. You will see the image of the product and the brand on the front of the package.

On the sides, it shows the compatibilities and some minor specifications. At the back, you will find a diagram of the product and more of its features and its functions in different languages. 

Looking inside the contents, you will find the headset, which is placed neatly compact together with the instruction manual. 

With that, we can see that Gigabyte takes the necessary considerations regarding the safety and quality of their products.  

Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset – Design and Functionality

Now, let’s check on the product’s physical properties and its functions in our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset review. 

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset is coated in a dark metal finish that brings a modernistic look to its physical features. It puts on the new-gen AORUS aesthetic with a metal texture. This reduces the wear and tear, which makes it last longer.

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Going to the earmuffs, they are made with high-quality leather, which makes them soft and breathable. This adds comfort to your ears as they can sit back and relax. Its oval shape provides a shelter function that completely covers the ears.

Thanks to that, it avoids excessive ear pressure, which can be straining for the user. With that, you can enjoy your gaming experience with a snug fit on your head. It is also very lightweight that makes it generally easier for your head.

Above the earmuffs, you will observe the ear caps that provide flexible components that fit various types of face contouring. This makes sure that anyone can wear it and find it to be comfortable. 

On top, the headphone contains a flexible headband that adjusts to the users’ head shape. This can manually be adjusted to fit the user. The foam on top also alleviates the pressure from the band. 

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset contains a stylish metal frame that makes the headset more sturdy and durable. This supports the entire headset, which makes it more resistant to collisions and erosion. 

Attached to the headset is the bendable microphone piece that can easily be adjusted at various angles. It has a metal sleeve that protects the wiring inside and makes it flexible. This protects the microphone and extends the lifespan.  

With these in mind, the Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset ensures comfort and durability during heavy gaming sessions. This boosts the overall gaming experience for everyone.

Key Features of the Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset

Aside from the product’s design, we turn towards the features that make the product stand out in our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset review. 

Virtual Surround Sound

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset features 7 surround sound directions. This simulates the environment the gamer is in and brings them to a realistic sound experience. AORUS wanted to bring the reality of games for the gamers’ experience. To do this, they used sound for the base.

Sound can heavily affect a gamer’s performance during gaming. That is why it is important to choose a headphone that can transport you to the battlefield. These sounds grant players accurate positioning during play, thanks to the delicate and precise spatial directions.

Having this in your arsenal can give you the advantage you need to take the competition down. 

Environmental Noise Cancellation

Communication is key when trying to win objectives when playing with teammates. It is important to have clear and consistent communication. Sometimes, the quality of the microphone can get in the way of winning or losing. 

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset features an environmental noise-cancelling microphone. This eliminates the ambient acoustic noises in your background when communicating with friends. As a result, it makes your sound clearer and more distinct.

Thanks to that, your team can receive a more accurate strategy when playing games. This function is always optional with the audio controller provided on the cable. 

In-Line Audio Control

Our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset contains a physical audio remote that can help you manage your RGB lighting, volume, microphone and ENC. This remote allows the user to reconfigure certain settings during gaming sessions.

This makes it much more efficient for the user than to go to the in-game settings and change the settings from there.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset works with multiple devices. Whether it be your console, computer, laptop and more, the headset is sure to work wonders. 

Software Support

AORUS has provided audio software support that can assist the user in many ways. From equalising sounds, environmental modes, ENC levels and even voice effects, the program optimises your settings to the best of its ability. 


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Physical Components

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset weighs only 290 grams and has a cable length of 2.2 meters. Its cable features a USB 2.0.

Its headphone river diameter spans 50 millimetres, and the microphone, 4.2 millimetres. The microphone is a unidirectional type, and the headphone has a virtual 7.1 channel. 

System Components

For the impedance, the headphone contains 32 ohms and the microphone at 2.2K ohms. It has a frequency response rate of 20 Hz to 20k Hz for its headphone and the microphone 100 Hz to 10k Hz. 

Regarding the sensitivity level, it goes 112 +/- 3dB at 1k Hz for the headphone and 42 +/- 3dB at 1k Hz for the microphone. 

You can find all this information and more from the instruction manual provided.

Hands-on with the Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset

Going away now from the technical details, we press on to learn more about the product. In our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset review, understanding the product means observing them. We do this by testing the product.

By that, we are going to test the product in ways that will help us understand its design and features. 

For the tests, we want to figure out if the surround sound is as accurate as they say. Next is the environmental noise cancellation feature to check if it eliminates such sounds. Last but not least is the in-line audio control to see how reliable it can be during gaming. 

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset offers a 7 directional surround sound. This is something we wanted to see for ourselves. When testing the headset, we were able to detect the location of our enemies, teammates and entities that appeared because of the sound. 

This is because the characters in the game create “footsteps” when moving. With the headset on, we could detect their presence. This gave us an unfair advantage in the game. The headset is precise in providing us with accurate locations with the directional surround sound.

With the environmental noise cancellation feature, it made it much easier for us to communicate with one another. Outside noise was reduced to an extent where we had no trouble indicating strategies to win over our objectives in the game.

It was much more fun to play with friends without having to deal with outside disturbances. This allowed us to focus on the tasks at hand and created a more enjoyable environment to play in. 

Thanks to the remote control, we could adjust our settings easily. There were times when the volume was too loud or too soft, so having the remote gave us quick access to the settings.

Other than that, we could change the lighting easily to fit our styles. This allowed us to pick our own preferred styles from time to time. 

Overall, the Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset is a brilliant device that can accurately detect sounds in-game, which give us that unfair advantage to win. AORUS gives us another excellent product that fits well in anyone’s gaming rig for that look and style. 

Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset Review Summary

Before we end our Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset review, we will give you our final thoughts on this product.

The Gigabyte AORUS H1 Headset is a headset that brings forth an unreal realistic experience through sound. It gives you the edge to win any game with the features it provides. With this in your arsenal, you expect to overcome any battlefield that comes your way. 

If you are interested in purchasing such a product, then click here for more information.