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GoPro HERO11 Black Review

GoPro updated their HERO Black camera, which we will discuss in our GoPro HERO11 Black Review. The HERO11 Black has an aesthetic that is similar to the HERO9. But despite the similarities, it comes with plenty of internal changes and improvements. 

The shape of its sensors is nearly square, allowing you to pull out vertical/horizontal frames from the same clip. Now, the camera supports horizon levelling without bothering with add-on lenses.  

Other features include 5.3K60 and 4K120 video, rugged, waterproof construction, and tight integration with the GoPro cloud service.

The camera comes packed with other notable features, which we will look into in this GoPro HERO11 Black Review. Aside from these, we will also discuss its design, functions, specifications, and performance. 

To begin our review, let us check what GoPro has in store for us and start unboxing. 

GoPro HERO11 Black Packaging

When our HERO11 Black arrived, we noticed its sleek black and premium-looking box. The front of the package displays an image of the camera plus the product name. 

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The box has a flip-open cover that opens up to a vibrant image, which is pleasing to the eyes. Behind the flap, you will find HERO11 Black written in bold letters. Below, you will find some details about the product. 

Inside the box, you will find the HERO11 Black, a rechargeable Enduro battery, and a curved adhesive mount. GoPro also included a mounting buckle, a USB-C cable, a camera case, and a thumb screw. 

GoPro HERO11 Black Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our GoPro HERO11 Black Review focuses on the functions and design of the HERO11 Black. Design-wise, there are no specific changes made to its design, so it looks like the earlier models from GoPro. 

Its exterior is still the same, save for an 11 printed on its side. But despite that, the HERO11 Black still has a compact and rectangular form similar to the HERO10. 

The camera sports a matte black finish extending around its exterior. Plus, it has two displays: one in front and one on the camera rear for both viewpoints. 

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The HERO11 Black also has mounting tabs, side covers, and the same GP2 processors from HERO10. Fortunately, the new product comes with an upgrade to the Enduro battery. 

While its capacity is still the same at 1720 mAh, the company optimised the chemistry, which makes it last longer. 

The camera is still portable with a sleek and slim design. It means you can slip it into a pouch or a sling bag to take with you without problems.

Overall, the HERO11 Black did not add new design improvements. However, this should not be an issue if you are after its features. 

Key Features of the GoPro HERO11 Black 

Here is a list of features that the HERO11 Black has for you. These make the product stand out and also a great option to go for, for an upgrade. 

The Long-lasting Enduro Battery

The Enduro battery is one of the notable features we saw while writing our GoPro HERO11 Black Review. It dramatically improves the camera performance while in cold temperatures. 

The battery also helps extend recording times by 38% in moderate temperatures compared to the earlier GoPro cameras and batteries. 

Water-Repelling Lens Cover

This feature helps keep your shots stunning and crystal clear even when things get wet. 

Dual LCD Screens of the GoPro HERO11 Black

These provide quick and smooth playback on its extremely responsive rear touch screen. Then, flip to its front screen for framing selfies. 

Award-Winning Video Stabilisation

The HyperSmooth 5.0 feature raises the bar for in-cam video stabilisation. It offers you smooth and seamless footage no matter how rough the scenario.

Integrated Horizon Lock

Your horizon will stay level even if the HERO11 Black tilts during recording. And now that this feature is built-in with the HyperSmooth 5.0, things are more convenient. 

A steady and consistent horizon is possible when the HERO11 Black rotates 360 degrees. 


HERO11 Black uses HyperSmooth 5.0 to determine the amount of video stabilisation required. Your speed and movement for the smoothest and wide shots are the basis.

Cinematic 5.3K

The resolution of the HERO11 Black is 27 megapixels, and it can capture a billion different colours. This camera makes capturing incredible image quality a breeze. 

With a 5.3K video at 60FPS, you can acquire a professional look for everything you shoot. Plus, you can easily share your high-resolution videos on various social media platforms. 

All-New HyperView

While writing our GoPro HERO11 Black Review, we also noticed the presence of the HyperView feature.

This exclusive digital lens converts the new image sensor 8:7 aspect ratio footage into a wide-angle 16:9 shot. It results in an ultra-immersive video with an epic feel to each point-of-view shot.

Up to 24.7 Megapixel Photos from Videos

With this feature, you never have to be concerned about getting the perfect shot. It is simple to capture high-resolution, shareable, and frame-worthy photos directly from videos.

Enjoy Over a Billion Colours with the  GoPro HERO11 Black

Capturing 10-bit colour will enhance the realism of your videos. It works by adding vivid detail, smoother gradations, and more realism.

Up to 8x of Slo-Mo

Slow things down to 8X slo-mo while maintaining a high 2.7K video resolution. This feature captures details you never see at standard speeds. 

Alternatively, increase the resolution to 4K at 4X slo-mo.

More Creativity with New Night Effects

The camera has three new modes that will take your Time Lapse game to greater heights. These night modes include Star Trails, Light Painting, and Vehicle Light Trails. 

Build the Ideal Setup with the HERO11 Black

The HERO11 Black is compatible with over 40 mounts, mods, and accessories. You can capture even better photos and videos by combining the best products.


Before upgrading to any new product, it is good to know its specifications. So we will discuss the product specs of the camera in our GoPro HERO11 Black Review. 

The camera measures 71.8 x 50.8 x 33.6mm and weighs 154g with the mounting fingers and battery. Its touch LCD rear display is 57.658mm while the colour LCD front display is 35.56.

GoPro uses a removable Enduro battery for the HERO11 Black and 1720 mAh. It also has a removable, 2mm-thick Gorilla glass cover with a hydrophobic coating. 

The camera uses a GP2 system processor and a 1/1.9” CMOS image sensor. It has 27.6 MP active pixels (559 x 4927), an F2.5 lens aperture, and an MP4 file format.

It supports H.265 (HEVC) codecs and a maximum video bit rate of 120Mbps. 

Hands-on with the GoPro HERO11 Black 

To complete our GoPro HERO11 Black Review, we put the HERO11 Black to the test for a hands-on experience. 

The GoPro Hero 11 features the same user interface as the Hero 10. The overall menu design is straightforward, with convenient menu buttons for everything. 

You have standard sliders for switching between FOV modes. Other options, such as shifting video modes and adjusting image settings, are easily accessible and well-organised.

Overall, the UI of the GoPro Hero 11 is simple and easy to use, even for beginners.

GoPro simplified the shooting process with the help of its Easy Mode – a refreshing change for newbies.

This mode allows users to choose between the highest quality and length of battery life. 

After that, the camera will adjust all the other settings, and you can start shooting the video. However, the HERO11 camera retains its Pro Mode for professional photographers.

Switching to Pro Control Mode gives access to every video option and presets for video, time-lapse, and photo modes. You can modify the presets or create your own depending on your needs.

 GoPro has adequate video defaults like Standard, Full Frame, Activity, Cinematic, and Ultra Slo-Mo. The Easy Mode is appealing. However, it is worth spending time in Pro Mode configuring your presets to utilise what HERO11 can offer.

New software modes are available, like Light Painting Mode and Vehicle Light Trails Mode. The first mode lets you enjoy and have fun with a flashlight. The second mode turns night car lights into white and red lights. 

The upgraded sensor of the HERO11 Black allowed it to capture 27MP high-definition photos. We took several shots under different lighting conditions and were satisfied with each picture. 

This camera emphasised quality and colour accuracy, and it did not matter if we took normal or wide-angle photos. 

GoPro always keeps the quality consistent, whether taking regular or wide-angled shots. From there, we readily switched back and forth between the modes and received the same photo quality. Additionally, the HERO11 Black successfully handled light despite being sunny during our tests. 

Overall, we found its photo-capturing capacity to be excellent. 

The HERO11 Black has three available colour profiles: Natural, Flat, and Vivid. By default, it uses the Natural profile, which is best for non-pros like us. 

The Flat profile worked best for photos with reduced contrast and saturation, which gave more room for editing. Since it offers a dull look, it is ideal for colour correction. 

When we wanted a colour profile that benefited from saturated colours, we chose Vivid. 

The HERO11 Black has 10-bit colour support. As a result, it offered more flexibility in adjusting the colour and saturation of photos than its predecessors supporting 8-bit.

GoPro HERO11 Black Review Summary

The GoPro Hero 11 Black is an impressive action camera with new and improved features. With several upgrades and a new 8:7 sensor, it can take higher-quality photos and videos. Features like HyperSmooth, HyperView, and 360 Horizon Locking make this product worth purchasing.

When we tested the product for our GoPro HERO11 Black Review, we enjoyed the combination of performance and portability. We could take it anywhere without worrying about the product getting wet since it uses a water-repelling lens. Plus, we enjoyed using the software interface of the camera to enhance our photos and videos.

If you plan to purchase your first action camera, the HERO11 Black is an excellent choice.

Visit the GoPro official product page for more details about the HERO11 Black.