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HIFIMAN is a company that began in 2007 and is renowned for its range of open-back planar headphones. It also produced portable music players, headphone amps, etc. But today, we will discuss one of its notable headphones in our HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review.

The HE-R10 is a closed-back pair of dynamic wired headphones that you can use without a sonic compromise. It has lots of notable features perfect for audiophiles and the like. 

If you are interested and want to learn more about it, continue reading our HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review. Besides its features, we will discuss its design, functions, specifications, and whether it performs adequately. 

HIFIMAN HE-R10 Packaging

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The HE-R10 for this review ships in a brown cardboard box durable enough to protect the product inside. Other than the headphones, the package includes the following: 

  • Cable with a 3.5mm jack
  • XLR cable with a balanced jack
  • Cable with a 6.35mm jack

HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review – Design and Functionality

The HE-R10 resembles its sibling, the HE-R10P, with the only discernible contrast being the variation in wood colour. We have the dynamic version, and it exhibits a lighter wood shade, which is attractive to the eyes.

The company ensured to give it a purposeful design, and the standout aspect of this product is its distinct shape. 

The HE-R10s feature expansive ear cups that gracefully angle backwards. These ear cups make a bold statement, crafted with meticulous CNC wood carving.

At the time of writing this HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review, we also noticed most parts of the headphones use aviation-grade aluminium. Other parts that use this material include its band and ear cup holders. Moreover, these are solid pinewood-milled. 

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HIFIMAN does not make grandiose claims. Instead, the company focuses on the tonal aspects of the product. However, lots of brands advertise their headphones according to the wood design. 

For the HE-R10, the company gives it an extremely vintage appearance to keep up with its Sony counterpart. 

On comfort, the HE-R10 performs exceptionally well, especially from your perspective. At 337g, it is notably lighter than the HE-R10P, which we noticed while writing this HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review.

The headband excels at evenly distributing the weight across your head. Its cushions are plush and thoughtfully angled, while the clamping force on the sides ensures a comfortable fit. 

HIFIMAN uses its specialised tranquility-angled ear pads with memory foam. These pads feature premium leather exteriors and a ring-shaped inner surface. These elements help absorb sound and prevent audio leakage from the sides of its earpads. 

The contact edge is crafted from highly breathable materials, guaranteeing top-notch comfort.

Key Features of the HIFIMAN HE-R10 

Topology Diaphragm

The diaphragm of this product features a unique nanoparticle coating. The concept for this innovative Topology Diaphragm drew inspiration from the Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Fang Bian. He highlighted that various nanomaterials possess distinct structures, each with unique properties.

By managing the surface structure of the diaphragm, you can achieve acoustic performance outcomes previously unattainable.

Best 50mm Dynamic Driver

You can attribute the high sensitivity of the components to a rare earth magnet. Additionally, the advanced voice coil and the incorporation of the Topology diaphragm contribute to a high-frequency response. It extends up to 30kHz with remarkable detail.

Form = Function 

You will notice the meticulous CNC carving of wood and aviation aluminium that blends artistry and craftsmanship. The wooden ear cup has ample internal space, providing volume and breathing room for the driver to perform effectively.


Our HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review also provides you with this quick list of specifications for the HE-R10. Check it out before purchasing to ensure that it meets your audio demands.

  • Impedance: 60Ω
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz-35kHz
  • Weight: 337g
  • Sensitivity: 103dB
  • Socket: 3.5mm (Balanced)

Hands-on with the HIFIMAN HE-R10

We used these headphones for a week and will share our experience in this  HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review. Here, we will provide all essential details regarding its performance to help determine if this product is for you.

Audio Quality

The HE-R10 does not follow a neutral tuning path. Instead, you will enjoy adequate warmth and softness, resulting in an overall sense of fullness and weight. 

The headphones can lean towards a darker sound based on the audio source. The latter is most evident, especially if you are transitioning from more neutrally-tuned headphones or the HE-R10P. To optimise your listening experience, use a source with excellent clarity and dynamics.

The HE-R10 offers a smooth, musical, and easy-on-the-ear quality. It is a product that provides relaxed listening. Although it maintains clarity, it is somewhat overshadowed by the richness and weight of its bass and midrange.

If you love a powerful bass presence, this product is tailored for you, offering authoritative bass delivery. Its presentation leans towards warmth and a smoother sound profile, making it a comfortable and musically engaging choice. While the bass depth and layering are commendable, they may not be considered exceptional.

Its lower mids offer the same body and fullness as its bass. Plus, the presentation is also softer and warmer. Then, its upper midrange has less presence. 

Vocals sound naturally soft and positioned more to the front. It does not stand out much, while its mids offer a musically pleasant character. Generally, it is easy to listen to while being soft and comfortable on the ears.

It has good mid-depth as the layering, but much better than the bass section. The airiness and spaciousness are adequate, but you can expect the standard closed headphone experience here. 

Its midrange offers outstanding detail levels without being overwhelming. The resolution is adequate to display tinier details. Plus, its overall presentation felt smooth, seamless, and coherent.

When it comes to treble, you will not experience bothersome or overly dominant peaks, which is excellent. 

The treble range exhibits some variations but consistently maintains a smooth, non-edgy, non-sharp, and non-sibilant character from your perspective.

The treble presentation brings a delightful contrast to the robustness of the bass and lower mids. It infuses excitement and liveliness into the audio without ever crossing the threshold into discomfort for your ears.

The treble offers a spacious and clear auditory experience extending up to 6kHz before tapering off. This extension complements the headphones perfectly, contributing to a harmonious and musical performance that aligns with your expectations.

The R10D delivers an impressive soundstage for a closed-back headphone. However, its presentation is denser and more intimate than the planar version. It provides the familiar sound of closed-back headphones yet still offers a commendable soundstage experience.

HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review Summary

The HE-R10 is another pair of capable closed-back headphones from HIFIMAN. It delivers superior audio quality with excellent detail, warm & smooth bass, spacious midrange, and natural treble. Plus, it has a satisfying soundstage with its intimate presentation.

We enjoyed listening to music while testing these headphones for our HIFIMAN HE-R10 Review. This product made numerous details more audible while keeping the audio natural and smooth.

We highly recommend the HE-R10 to anyone wanting a pair of headphones with high-quality audio. Its warm and detailed sound quality makes it excellent for enjoyable listening experiences.

Visit the official product page of HIFIMAN for more details about the HE-R10.