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HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review

Today we have our HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review, which focuses on the just released ANC-equipped TWS models in their collection. The Svanar Wireless integrates notable tech specs like the R2R Himalaya DAC section plus a Topology driver.

When the company first entered the TWS market, it released its TWS600. It had a few hits and misses here and there, but we believe they will eventually perfect their offerings. With this model, we are expecting HIFIMAN to raise the bar, and we are looking forward to what it offers.

In this HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review, we will discuss everything related to the product. We will look into its features, design, functions, specs, and how it performs. 

Is it worth considering? Is it better than other similar speakers around? Let us find out. 

HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Packaging

HIFIMAN shipped the Svanar wireless in a black-clad cardboard box featuring an image of the product, its name, and company branding. The back displays more information, such as features, specifications, and a product image. 

Hifiman Svanar wireless1 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless2 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless3 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review

Inside, you will find the following items: 

  • The Svanar Wireless
  • Carrying Case
  • Foam Tip Sets (4x Rubber Tips and 2x Double Flange Tips)
  • Charging Cable

HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review – Design and Functionality

The company features some of the most unique shapes for its IEM designs. We can claim this while creating our HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review since we noticed the Svanar sporting an unorthodox style. 

Its shape is unique but still offers outstanding comfort, which matters. 

Hifiman Svanar wireless4 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless5 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless6 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless7 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless8 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless9 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless10 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless11 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Hifiman Svanar wireless12 HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review

Its earpieces are on the larger side, consisting of three distinct parts. Fortunately, it remains lightweight, so wearing it for hours will still make it unnoticeable. 

We took notice of the full touch control functions of the Svanar while writing our HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review. They give you standard operations necessary for everyday wireless functions, which is convenient, especially for people on the go. 

The touch pads work with a quick press, a long press, and one, two, or three-touch operations. Available features on the touch controls include voice assist, forward/previous track and pause/play. 

You can operate the ANC and transparent modes on the left side. Moreover, it is also possible to answer and reject/hang up calls when necessary. 

However, one feature we could not find on the touch system menu are its volume controls. That means you will have to control the volume from its source, which defeats the idea of a full-wireless theme. 

We are hoping things get implemented with the help of a firmware update. 

Other than that, everything else is perfect. Its pads have adequate sensitivity; plus, they work effectively 24/7. 

Key Features of the HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless 

Headphone Amplifier Module + R2R Custom Ladder DAC

Each Svanar earphone features the R2R DAC. HIFIMAN designed this product to feature a complete audio chain adequate to provide space for each ear. It results in a more than average size, but they are still lightweight, comfortable, and with a good fit. 

HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless – Best Personal Audio

The Svanar gives us 24-bit/192kHz HD audio listening comparable to those that cost thousands more. And this? You get the feature for less than $1000. 

HIFIMAN Topology Diaphragm

Let us also discuss the Topology Diaphragm in our HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review. It features a special Nanoparticle coating that HIFIMAN applies to the product surface. 

This feature provides more detailed and natural audio, often achieved on TWS earphones. The Topology Diaphragm lets you enjoy top-notch acoustic performance and optimised audio listening. 

7 Hours + 28 Hours in the Charging Case

The Svanar offers up to seven hours of uninterrupted listening. Plus, the charging case has extra 28-hour battery life, so you can replenish the Svanar before recharging the case.


  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-35kHz
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.2
  • ANC Spec: up to 35dB
  • HIFI Mode: up to 4 hrs
  • ANC Mode: up to 6 hrs
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Transparency Mode: up to 7 hrs
  • Charging Case Weight: 83.7g
  • Single Head Weight: 8g
  • Transmission Distance: up to 15m (barrier-free transmission)

Hands-on with the HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless

We used the Svanar for over a week to see if it performs ideally for our needs. We will summarise our experience in this HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review and share how it performed. 

The sound signature for the Svanar was energetic, balanced, punchy, musical and audiophile oriented. We mostly listened using high-fidelity mode since its ANC setting subdued its sonic aspects. 

The tonality has a fun signature and outstanding bass presence that is not overpowering. Its midrange production was as ideal and unequalled to other TWS models. The product offered constant highs that remained within an enjoyable range. 

And for a TWS, this product provides a notable high-frequency definition that everyone will enjoy. 

The rest of its frequency was impressive for a TWS, and its high frequencies overpassed our hearing capacity. Interestingly, it produced the upper regions with astounding extension. 

The Svanar gave us a textured and full-bodied bass response that works with its ability to present bass notes distinctly. Its bass has a semi bloom about 100Hz, which is the primary source of its punchy character. 

Moreover, the drivers can produce heavy wallop and punch, making them ideal for bass heavy music. Fortunately, the Svanar can still be composed, balanced, and technically capable. 

The Svanar have a slightly V-shaped sound signature, with the midrange exhibiting a little bit of restraint.

Despite this, the product excels in providing excellent midrange definition and detail. However, the vocal presentation leans towards a warmer tone, especially with female vocals. It adds a tasteful touch of off-tune to the sound. 

On the other hand, male vocals are more neutral, approaching a more realistic tone.

Interestingly, the overall tonality of Svanar is warm. It is most evident when ANC is activated. 

While testing the product for our HIFIMAN Svavanar Wireless review, we noticed the treble of the Svanar. It offered a relaxed tonality with a controlled character. 

With the treble below in output, it delivers a warm overall sound. The presence of these high frequencies was also impressive and improved our listening experience. Its treble is one of the best we heard from a TWS.

The soundstage of the Svanar was massive, three-dimensional, and well-rounded. As a result, it delivered excellent separation and positioning of voices and instruments. 

This version of the Svanar captured the sound of the original model. It had a balanced tuning that enhanced bass and treble but did not forget the mids. 

HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review Summary

Today, many HiFi audio companies have been releasing TWS IEMs with significantly better sounds than mainstream options. However, none of these was as impressive as the Svanar Wireless from HIFIMAN.

This new wireless variant of the Svanar is one of the best True Wireless Systems to date. It combines superior sound quality, excellent construction, and efficient ANC. During our tests for this HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless Review, we enjoyed all its features, functions, and high-quality audio.

We highly recommend this product since it combines excellent sound, build quality, features, and comfort. Learn more about Svanar Wireless by visiting the official HIFIMAN product page.