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HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review

TWS is all over the audio market, so more brands produce audiophile-based TWS devices. In this HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review, we will look into one of the iterations from HIFIMAN.

The TWS 800 is a sophisticated piece with an amping circuit on each side. It has a 150-ohm high-impedance driver and the classic topology diaphragm from HIFIMAN. This product also features an IPX4 rating, battery life that lasts up to 35 hours, and more.

You will find more details about the product in this HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review. These include its features, design, specifications, functions, and performance. But before anything else, let us look into its packaging and what contents HIFIMAN added. 

HIFIMAN TWS 800 Packaging

These earphones ship in a plain-looking white box that keeps a minimalist approach to aesthetics. The front shows an image of the product, its name, and the company branding. It also tells us about its Bluetooth compatibility. 

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On its rear, you will see information on what HIFIMAN used for its technology. 

Opening the box, you will find the TWS 800 shipped with other accessories, such as the following:

  • Eight pairs of differently-sized ear tips, not including those on the earphones.
  • A carrying case made from cloth

HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review – Design and Functionality

While writing this HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review, we noticed the difference in its design from other IEMs/TWS earphones. This product does not sport the usual bullet-type IEM since it appears more like a universal IEM based on size. As a result, it may be one of the biggest TWS earphones, but conveniently lightweight.

It sports an average seized housing that uses plastic except for its sound nozzle spout. Using such material helps make the TWS 800 lightweight.

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On the front part of the monitor shell, you will find a plastic faceplate with a glossy metallic finish. This part features the HIFIMAN logo in black. Underneath is a LED status indicator that turns blue/red, which you can find on the glossy metallic surface.

The TWS 800 surface is a touch control interface for commands such as play/pause, volume up/down, etc. Giving it a long press will activate the voice assistant. 

The primary portion of the product is plastic featuring a soft rubber-like coating in black. Its second part looks different with its glossy metal-like finish. You will also find the letters R (right) and L (left) marked on top. 

Additionally, its nozzles feature small lips for extra grip on the ear tips because of its short spout. Finally, above the sound nozzle is a metallic mesh for preventing unwanted particles like earwax, dust, and the like from entering. 

The charging case of the TWS 800 has a compact size and shape. It weighs only 57.7g, making it portable and ideal for commuting.

The top and bottom surfaces of the case are black, with a smooth metallic finish, while the rest is made of plastic. You will find the USB-C port on its rear for charging its built-in battery. 

When opening the case, you will find designated seats for the earphones, each labelled with left and right indicators. In addition, these have a magnetic surface to ensure proper connection when charging and to prevent the earphones from dropping.

The centre has four LED dots that light up orange when placing the earphones in the case. It also brightens when connecting it to the charger. Furthermore, the bottom features some branding and details about the certifications and industrial standards.

HIFIMAN TWS 800 Controls 

Like most Bluetooth devices, the TWS 800 has LED indicators that flash when pairing with other gadgets. The earphones have responsive touch controls, which involve multiple control actions, including the following: 

  • Play/Pause – Tap the left or right earpiece once
  • Activate voice assistant – Hold either side of the earphones for around two seconds
  • Increase/decrease volume levels – Tap left/right earphones twice
  • Play the previous or next track – Tap either earphone thrice.

Comfort and Fit

The form factor of the TWS 800 is sizeable, like several high-end earphones. Yet, despite the size, they are comfortable to wear. 

The earphones insert deeply into the ears, allowing them to sit firmly without stress on the outer portion. Plus, the package has assorted sizes of ear tips so all users can find which has the best fit. 

Moving forward, our HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review will discuss the product features to explain why these earphones are worth purchasing.

Key Features of the HIFIMAN TWS 800

Hi-Tech Magnet for Outstanding Audio

The built-in amp and audiophile-grade drivers of the TWS 800 use Hi-Tech Magnet, which provides exceptional performance and audio quality. Its 150 Ohms high-impedance Alloy Voice Coil also delivers unparalleled full-range sonic clarity. 

Excellent Audio with the Topology Diaphragm

Topology Diaphragm is a proprietary technology from HIFIMAN that significantly enhances audio. Its surface has a unique nanoparticle coating with particular geometric patterns.

The nanoparticle coating has various surface patterns and compounds to manipulate sound wave formation. As a result, it achieves the best audio effect with natural high-frequency reproduction that is rich in detail.

Metal Casing for Low RHD and Frequency Response

The metal casing of the TWS 800 offers better frequency response and lower total harmonic distortion. 

Long-lasting Battery with Additional Stored Power

The TWS 800 can last up to 4.5 hours on a single charge. Plus, its charging case has up to 31.5 hours of playback time.

Ergonomic Design for a Comfortable Fit

Earlier in our HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review, we mentioned that the earphones feel comfortable when worn. Its ergonomic and lightweight design provides maximum comfort for long hours of listening. 

The design and ergonomics of the TWS 800 show that HIFIMAN is an experienced brand in manufacturing custom-fit earphones. Plus, you can customise its size with the included eight pairs of ear tips.

Discrete Amplification of the HIFIMAN TWS 800 

Amplification bottlenecks significantly affect the performance of wireless earphones. Manufacturers often minimise the amount of current used in amping to provide more playback hours. As a result, most TWS earphones use sensitive drivers that lack punch and dynamic.

To solve this problem, HIFIMAN provided the amping circuitry of the TWS 800 with a discrete power supply. Plus, the company added capacitors with increased size to handle fast current draw while offering enhanced bass impact.

The massive shell size of the TWS 800 allows the earphones to maintain playback time without compromising audio power.

IPX4 Protection 

The TWS 800 has an IPX4 protection rating, which means it is splash-proof and safe from damage caused by sweat. In addition, you can use the product under light rain since it can handle most scenarios.

Single/Double-sided Connection

The TWS 800 supports connection with any side of the earphones. Unlike most TWS headphones that only work when you use both earpieces, this product can work with one.


  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0 
  • Effective Range: 10m to 35m 
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Passive Noise Cancelling: 23dB
  • Encoding: AAC, SBC
  • Environmental Resistance: IPX4
  • TWS 800 Charging Time: 1 hour (earphones)
  • Charging Time of Case: 2 hours (charging case)
  • Case Charges: A total of six full charges
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Playback Time: According to HIFIMAN, the total playback time for its TWS 800 is 4.5 hours

Hands-on with the HIFIMAN TWS 800

We tested the product for this HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review and used it for over a week. Here, we will share our experience with it to help determine if these earphones are what you need. 

Audio Quality of the HIFIMAN TWS 800

The TWS 800 has a balanced sound signature giving a linear bass response. It also provides a natural and detailed mid-range, plus treble presentation with adequate transparency. 

These earphones also have a musically balanced tuning that is not offered on typical TWS that is unpowered. As a result, the product has more dynamic, airy, and energetic audio for better music listening with optimised amplification. 

We can describe its bass as soft, smooth, and controlled. It has effortless low ends that provide warmth to the overall audio. 

The extension was also present in the sub-bass, with articulation along its mid-bass. What we appreciate is it is always controlled and never too overbearing. 

The TWS 800 features a highlighted, fast, and controlled mid-bass response without muddiness, mid-bass humps, or mixings. Generally, it displays more intensity and quantity than the sub-bass area. Plus, it is successful in separation and tightness, especially for an IEM.    

The mid-range of earphones is essential, so we looked into it here in our HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review. That one of the TWS 800 was transparent, detailed, and natural because of its well-tuned Topology Diaphragm. 

Its mid-range displays an amount of warmth coming from the lower mid-range area. The upper mid-range has safe tuning, which is pronounced and bright. Moreover, it provides enough detail extension and retrieval without sounding harsh. 

The treble range of the TWS800 offers sufficient intensity and moderate extension. The lower treble range seems more highlighted than the upper area, presenting a controlled roll-off. 

With its smooth and fairly detailed overall treble, this an excellent pair of TWS earphones. Also, it is best for extended listening periods on the go without sounding sharp or peaky.

The HiFiMAN TWS800 performs surprisingly well with the instrument and vocal separation and placement. The stage has moderate airiness and delivers a slightly better soundstage wideness than its depth.

Connection Quality and Microphone Performance

The connection stability of the TWS 800 is excellent, and we did not notice any drops while using the earphones. These earphones have an extensive range since they can transmit signal and audio at a distance of 6m. Also, we did not experience connection issues even with two concrete walls blocking the sound source.

Based on our experience, the connection of the TWS 800 is stable. It only dropped when we went further away from the source.

The sensors of these earphones worked well. Although these were not lightning-fast, they were responsive enough to accomplish the job, so we have no complaints. 

The onboard microphone performs well and captures most sounds, so we had to cover it during calls in crowded areas. But despite that, we were impressed with its clarity in our test recordings. 

HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review Summary

The TWS 800 is a unique pair of earphones that aims at audiophiles rather than the mass audience. This product has exceptional features that allow the earphones to deliver better fidelity and amplification. In addition, the audiophile-quality drivers of the TWS 800 will make your audio more enjoyable than ever.

HIFIMAN stepped into the TWS industry with the previous TWS 600, which had advantages and disadvantages. Fortunately, the company implemented many improvements on the TWS 800. 

When we tested the earphones for our HIFIMAN TWS 800 Review, we enjoyed its naturally refined sound. This audio quality from a pair of TWS earphones is rare, which makes the TWS 800 highly impressive. Its battery life is slightly lower than the competition, but its audio is good as wired earphones. Plus, the product does not compromise other factors like comfort, water-resistant protection, durability, etc.

Overall, we highly recommend the TWS 800 to audiophiles who want to enjoy using audiophile-grade earphones. Although it comes at a cost, its sound quality, durability, and comfort make this product worth purchasing.

Visit the official HIFIMAN product page to learn more about the TWS 800.